The Best Nail Salons Near Me in NYC

Making time to have your nails done can be one of the best beauty rituals – an opportunity to unwind, pamper yourself, and force yourself away from technology for a few minutes!

Here are the best spots in New York to get a mani-pedi, whether just simple gel manicures or intricate nail art designs that interest you; here are the ideal places for mani-pedis.


Bisou Nail Salon provides nontoxic nail services using 10-free polishes and gels that are gentle and beautiful, in addition to offering massages and facials as natural beauty treatments. Their team is committed to wellness, so their clients feel comfortable and relaxed during their experience at Bisou.

Bisou Nail Salon in NYC features modern art on its walls and offers manicure and pedicure services. Their rotating roster of artists specializes in intricate designs, while press-on nails can also be custom-designed to meet individual customer needs. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly while prices for services offered here are very reasonable.

This nail salon in the city’s heart strives to offer top-quality service and exceptional customer care. Additionally, they use clean and sanitized tools and provide customers with comprehensive information regarding the products used. Indulge in some self-care time while you’re there – taking this momentary break will allow you to relax and enjoy away from daily stressors!

This Black women-owned nail salon, decorated with Barbie pink armchairs and gold side tables, exudes sophistication and playfulness. Services provided at this women-owned establishment include nail art with charms and rhinestones and repairs/removals/pedicures; Apres Gel X extensions offer long-term wear without damaging the natural nail bed.

Brooklyn’s eco-friendly nail and waxing studio focuses on having a positive environmental impact while offering guilt-free pampering for city folk. When guests first step inside, they are welcomed with organic herbal tea to relax. From there, they can choose among a selection of minimalist nail looks created using toxic-free products and gels available at this salon.

MoMo Nail & Spa

Those seeking nontoxic and eco-friendly manicures that last at least three weeks (while improving their nails through damage prevention) will appreciate this SoHo location. Their nail technicians use parallel instead of traditional acrylics, eliminating toxic fumes soaking into your skin or filling the air; plus, their gel polish is free of formaldehyde and toluene, which have been linked with nail polish allergies. In terms of appearance and experience, this salon features blonde wood tables, putty pink leather chaise chairs, and soothing indie music playing in the background.

If you love Japanese nail art, this editor-recommended salon is your destination. From neon flame designs to designer logos and gems, the artists here have mastered creating works of art on nails – and their Instagram is always full of new inspiration for your next manicure design!

This Brooklyn nail salon is an oasis filled with plant life that feels more like a spa than a traditional nail shop, featuring warm wood furniture from Recycled Brooklyn and thickets of green foliage. What sets this salon apart is its focus on hand health; its menu of nourishing pedicures includes treatments like the Rose Petal Float, where hands and feet soak in rose petals, or Summer Oasis, which provides refreshing cucumber and mint bath soaks to hydrate both feet at once! They also offer targeted hand massages focused on thumb and cuticle care to strengthen nails while strengthening nails overall!

At this nail salon, conscious products and an exceptional experience come first, which is why you’ll find an array of nontoxic nail polishes from Londontown Kur, Dazzle Dry (a fast-drying gel alternative), Veque, and others like Londontown Kur. Employees don’t use drills when removing old acrylics to reduce harmful dust and fungus build-up and cure shellac using LED lights rather than cancer-causing UV rays.

Hortus Nail Shop provides eco-friendly nail polishes and other cosmetics to complement its luxurious salon services, so that you can recreate an at-home manicure with equal quality and safety. Their products feature certified organic and vegan ingredients, and their welcoming atmosphere will have you never wanting to leave.


New York City’s best nail salons offer everything from relaxing atmospheres to carefully selected polish selections. But for something particular, look no further than this Lower East Side spot: Their staff of expert nail artists trained in Japanese techniques for crafting intricate press-on nail designs is on hand and ready to assist. (They even offer pre-designed press-ons as a take-home option.)

Tenoverten stands out from other nail shops with its clean, minimalist space focusing on wellness–specifically hand health. Their services utilize nontoxic products and 8-free polish during manicures and pedicures; LED curing lights instead of UV; plus Suntegrity products tailored explicitly for hand health before polish removal are used – we rarely see such holistic care offered at nail salons! Seeing an establishment’s holistic approach toward manicure and pedicure care was refreshing!

Tenoverten offers their nail technicians the care and respect they deserve, including providing masks when working with clients and encouraging them to wash their hands with soap before every appointment. In addition, a staff nurse is on hand to oversee sanitation, flu education to stay healthy, and an available free-standing tub for foot soaks that ensures its water remains pure.

This stylish new nail salon’s team has done an outstanding job designing an environment to suit its clientele. This modern space is covered with copper pipes and exposed plumbing and electrical lines for an industrial feel. All service areas remain visible; each station contains custom-designed pedicure stools featuring cork tops to double as ottomans while receiving their nails done. Utilitarian hanging light fixtures of hardware components and bulbs complete the aesthetic, while large ventilation fans keep this luxurious space as healthy and comfortable as possible for its visitors.

One downside of this Brooklyn nail salon is that its atmosphere may be too cozy and trendy for our budget; however, its quality of work cannot be rivaled elsewhere. Here, you will get unmatched polish applications in this modern space. They also provide gel polish, nail art, waxing, and facial services.

Hortus Nail Shop

Hortus Nail Shop in NYC specializes in natural nail work and sugaring. Their clean and hygienic environment utilizes food-grade and organic ingredients, while their staff employs food-grade cleaners. Services they offer include manicures, pedicures, eyebrow threading, and threading with a gentler alternative called sugaring, which has less painful results and side effects than regular waxing; their prices are affordable, and a variety of colors to select from!

At this nail salon, their soothing music and relaxing ambiance will leave you feeling rejuvenated after an exhausting day. Their membership program offers unlimited mani+pedis for only $100 per month–one of the best values in town and their exceptional service, using a special gel that is safe for nails and highly trained technicians.

On the Upper East Side lies this nail salon, which has been operating for over ten years. The founders believe wellness is a personal journey and aim to provide an atmosphere where guests can relax and feel good about themselves. Non-toxic polishes and products and staff trained in Japanese nail design techniques are available here.

Glosslab offers luxurious nail salon services throughout New York City and features several locations equipped with modern devices for maximum safety and convenience. Their nail technicians are knowledgeable and friendly; plus, there are also eyelash extensions and facials.

This upscale nail salon has long been known for its quality services and welcoming atmosphere. Situated on the second floor of a luxury building in Manhattan, they have been in business since 2001. They are members of the American Nail and Spa Association with highly qualified and experienced technicians providing manicure services at slightly higher than average costs – but their service makes up for this shortcoming!