Exploring Upcoming Exhibitions in Madrid

Madrid boasts one of the world’s most comprehensive artistic offerings, from historic museums to contemporary galleries and immersive installations. Art exhibitions open up new worlds for visitors ranging from photography paintings, sensorial experiences, and immersive installations. What do you need to consider about exposiciones en madrid.

At this year’s fair, entire cooperatives or communities of owners will gather to buy and sell homes as well as use this opportunity as a business development platform to increase sales.


An unforgettable visit to Madrid would not be complete without exploring its variety of art and cultural exhibits, from modern galleries to historic museums. There is something here for every art-lover from cutting-edge trends to timeless inspiration; whatever your preference or curiosity.

VETECO will feature innovations in solar, windows, facades, and roofs at its trade show this coming September. Leading companies from these sectors will showcase their products and services on display during this exhibition – expected to draw over 90,000 visitors – providing businesses a platform to promote themselves to customers while building lasting customer relationships.

As part of the VETECO exhibition, exhibitors will also have an opportunity to meet and network with industry leaders. Held at Madrid’s IFEMA trade fair center, this event will host various exhibitors from cleaning, construction, and interior design industries as well as seminars covering their latest technological innovations.

VETECO will take place from 5-8 November 2024 and is a biennial trade event that showcases innovations in gifts, decoration, and interiors. It provides an invaluable opportunity for business leaders to network and find products for their companies while at the same time benefitting from cutting-edge technologies that support the gift and decor industries.

If you love Pixar movies, Mundo Pixar in Madrid should be on your itinerary. This immersive experience takes visitors inside some of their favorite film scenes (Andy’s room in Toy Story; the Mexican village from Coco; etc). Any fan should make this visit.

Metal Madrid is a trade fair designed for manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of products and solutions for metal processing industries worldwide. Exhibitors will come from around the globe. Additionally, there will be seminars about business management and accounting. Tens of thousands of professionals will attend this event to stay abreast of current trends within this sector.

Horeq will showcase specialized commercial offerings within its industry, connecting buyers and sellers in lasting relationships. Furthermore, this show will offer numerous conferences, workshops, and lectures. All are welcome to attend for free at Madrid’s IFEMA trade center.


Intergift, the Madrid International Gift and Decoration Fair, provides an event showcasing new products and trends within the gift and decoration industries. Held twice each year at IFEMA Feria de Madrid – in spring/summer and autumn/winter respectively – Intergift serves as a barometer of market activity as a reference point for decorative industries in Spain and Portugal. Divided into nine sections High-end Decor, Home textile, Deco solutions for Interior Design projects, Regalomania Handcrafts Neo, and Textile editors

Intergift will feature various products related to cleaning and hygiene, such as detergents, disinfectants, and air conditioning equipment. Additionally, this fair will showcase products and services offered for hotels, restaurants, and other facilities as well as provide buyers and sellers the chance to meet directly. IFEMA Feria de Madrid will host this show that is open to the public from November 14 – November 16, 2024.

This year’s Esclean Trade Show will welcome over 100 exhibitors from all around the globe and feature educational sessions and seminars. Additionally, organizers have designed this trade fair to attract a broad spectrum of professionals. Furthermore, its focus will be on protecting the environment with attendees experiencing cutting-edge green cleaning technology.

One of the most exciting upcoming exhibitions in Madrid maybe this tribute to Teatro Espanol’s 440th anniversary as Europe’s oldest theater. It includes documents and anecdotes related to this historic venue as well as 150 color photographs by Jacques Henri Lartigue.

MATELEC Madrid is an annual electrical trade exhibition. Attracting over 90,000 professional visitors and 1.6k exhibitor companies from 100+ countries each year, this event provides opportunities to learn the latest industry technology while discovering business prospects. Furthermore, visitors can see how electricity is being transformed.


Madrid is famous for its art museums, but temporary exhibitions in Madrid are just as noteworthy. Upcoming shows range from Czech comics to surrealist sculpture – and whether you’re searching for your next piece or discovering something about yourself, Madrid offers exhibitions that can take your experience further than ever.

MATELEC 2024 is one of the largest trade fairs for electrical industry professionals in Southern Europe, drawing over 90k visitors and 1,600 exhibitors from 180 different countries. Showcasing cutting-edge electrification, smart home, and security technology innovations MATELEC provides an ideal venue to understand how these technologies will shape the future of the electrical industry.

Reina Sofia Museum and Fundacio Antoni Tapies present La practica del arte, an exhibition that presents works by Antoni Tapies drawn from various collections and museums around the world. This unique opportunity provides visitors with a look into his surrealist-modernist art throughout his career from 1943 until 2012. Works on display illuminate different themes that inspired Tapies during his long and distinguished career from 1943 through 2012.

With this immersive exhibition, you can travel through Pompeii and gain an understanding of its streets as you discover life there before Vesuvius’ tragic eruption. Discover their Customs, explore the Villa of Mysteries, or even participate in gladiatorial fights – this exhibition forms part of Madrid Artes Digitales!

Intergift is an internationally acclaimed trade fair showcasing the newest offerings from the gift and decoration industries. Held annually at FERIA DE MARID in Madrid, Intergift attracts professionals like designers, interior decorators, trendsetters, and business owners; providing an ideal opportunity for networking among industry peers while building lasting business networks.

Expo Camper & Caravan exhibition is an absolute must-attend for camping enthusiasts in the area. This event offers activities and workshops, plus the latest innovations in the caravanning industry. This is also an ideal chance to meet with suppliers directly while keeping up-to-date on developments within your sector and meeting them face-to-face.


Madrid is a vibrant city filled with culture, and temporary exhibitions are one of its main draws. Ranging from museums to independent art galleries, temporary shows can be found throughout Madrid – from immersive installations focused on photography painting, or contemporary art, as well as immersive museums that host famous exhibits like Picasso or Dal’s “El Carmen de Aragon.” They provide visitors with an excellent opportunity to view cutting-edge artistic trends that span genres – an invaluable way to keep up with modern art trends!

At this exhibition, visitors can experience what the world looked like before Vesuvius’ eruption. It recreates the streets, customs, and cuisine of Pompeii; visitors can even experience what it would have been like as a gladiator or explore the Villa of Mysteries! A must-see experience for history enthusiasts or anyone interested in immersive experiences! This show should not be missed!

Fashion enthusiasts and professionals alike should attend this exhibition, the largest commercial showcase in Southern Europe for new collections, innovative brands, and retail concepts as well as networking and business opportunities. It will take place from 9 to 11 February 2024 at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid.

The exhibition is free to attend and offers a diverse selection of styles and trends, as well as an engaging program of talks and showrooms from both established and emerging companies. Buyers and sellers can meet one another easily while gaining invaluable industry insights at this exhibition.

Salon Look is an international event dedicated to image and beauty in Spain, designed to highlight current trends and products within this sector. Held twice each year, it serves as an invaluable educational event that any member of this field should attend. Salon Look covers five areas: Image & Beauty; Trends & Innovation; Beauty & Health; Products & Equipment and Luxury Beauty.

Lightec Exhibition, hosted in Spain and featuring the latest LED technology and lighting components, attracts professionals from across the world. The organizers have designed this event as an invaluable networking and learning platform, making this a must-attend for lighting and electrical industry professionals.

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