How to Choose the Best Multi Tool

On the trail, multi tools can be an efficient and lightweight way of carrying multiple tools without adding unnecessary weight to your pack. Unfortunately, not all multitools offer equal utility. Look into the Best info about custom multi tool.

Choose the ideal equipment for you by considering ergonomics, the number of tools available, and portability as factors when making your selection.


However, just because multitools boast numerous tools doesn’t necessarily make them useful. An ideal multitool should contain only those tools you use most often and be lightweight enough to carry in your pocket or key ring easily. Pliers and knives are essential elements in any multitool’s toolbox, while screwdrivers and scissors may still prove beneficial depending on the situation; some users even find magnetic bit holders invaluable!

The Gerber Prybrid is a versatile take on a utility knife that expands to eight tools. Utilizing standard utility knife blades that are easily replaceable and maintain their flat shape for storage convenience or pocket use. Made in America and covered by a lifetime warranty – an all-inclusive package!

Leatherman Skeletool RX provides all of the same features of its regular counterpart while adding a partially serrated blade with 420HC for strap and cord cutting, along with a carbide glass breaker, smoother, curved handle for better gripping, softer serrated blade edge for easier strap cutting, partial serration for cord cutting, partially serrated blade for cutting straps and cords, partially serrated blade for cord cutting and glass breaking capabilities and an improved smoother, curved handle – ideal for first responders and EMTs alike!

Some multitools go without pliers altogether, like the Gerber Armbar. This small knife-style multitool fits easily in your pocket without being bulky and provides all of the tools required to ride safely – including Allen wrenches and screwdrivers in various sizes.


Design-wise, it is crucial to take into account how and where the tool will be used. If it will spend most of its time in a pocket, tackle box, or tool drawer, its size must reflect this reality.

Consider how many tools you need in your multitool; more tools mean more significant weight and bulk, but quality should always come first: sharp, durable blades should feel great in your hand and be long-term, reliable tools.

As part of our multitool testing, we immersed multitools in real-life tasks relevant to most people. From digging under the dashboard of a car that wouldn’t start or assembling IKEA furniture to seeing how well these multitools performed in these scenarios, these jobs revealed flaws not immediately apparent when browsing stores or using them at home – like needle nose pliers being challenging to use due to misaligning when opening and closing them, making pliers on many tested models complex for use when opening or closing them when opening and closing them when opening or closing them; these jobs revealed flaws not immediately apparent when browsing stores or home – for example, needle nose pliers being less valuable due to misaligning issues when opening and closing them when opening and closing than when shopping from stores or when viewed in stores or being used at home.


Your multitool should fit easily in your pocket without feeling cumbersome or cumbersome, or be cumbersome to use – otherwise, it becomes wholly ineffective and wastes money! If your multitool feels unwieldy in your hand or bulky when using it, chances are it won’t get used often enough – rendering its utility meaningless for you.

There is, thankfully, a middle ground between these two extremes. Many of the best multitools offer convenient features while remaining lightweight; many are constructed of resilient yet lightweight materials like stainless steel, brushed gunmetal, or anodized black aluminum – and even come equipped with padded handles to reduce wrist strain.

Leatherman Wave+ multitool is an outstanding example of lightweight multi-tooling, featuring numerous valuable tools in a highly portable package measuring only about 3.5 inches long. Its light and small size make it easy to carry and use; additionally, its pocket clip keeps it within reach and closes at hand for use when necessary. Furthermore, this device can be made even more efficient with the addition of the Bit Driver Extender accessory for even greater utility.

Topeak Mini is another lightweight multitool worth considering for on-the-go bike repairs, featuring hex wrenches and tire-level features that enable quick fixes without needing to carry around a complete tool kit. It is ideal for cyclists who like taking their ride on open roads.


Multitools are great DIY project tools that come in handy, as they combine various functions such as pliers, wire cutters, and screwdrivers into one convenient unit – saving space in your toolbox in the process! But before purchasing one, you must understand which features should be considered when purchasing.

Make sure that the price of the multitool you are buying fits within your budget. Cheaper models may not offer sufficient quality or features necessary for everyday use; therefore, it would be prudent to spend a bit extra on a quality model, which will save both time and money over time.

Not all multitools offer just the basic set of tools; some also come equipped with additional accessories that can come in very handy, like scraper blade attachments that help remove paint and cement from surfaces – an invaluable feature when working on DIY projects such as regrouting tiles or painting your home!

The Victorinox Spirit MXBS multitool is an exceptional, pocket-sized multitool featuring 17 locking tools in its sleek, stylish design – including needle-nose and regular pliers, two wire cutters, scissors, a saw, cross driver, three flathead drivers, and an awl. Available in several finishes with its sheath for convenient carrying or attachment to belt or bag straps, the Victorinox Spirit MXBS comes equipped with INOX steel used by Swiss Army knife legend Victorinox to manufacture its iconic Swiss Army knife blade quality INOX steel used throughout its manufacturing of Swiss Army knife-grade tools such as needle-nose and regular pliers; needle-nose and regular pliers; wire cutters; scissors; saw; cross driver; three flathead drivers and an awl all come integrated into its sleek, stylish design featuring needle-nose and regular pliers, scissors; saw; cross driver; three flathead drivers and an awl to complete its do-it-all tool uses Victorinox Swiss Army knife-quality INOX steel for its manufacturing; various finishes are offered; sheath is included for easy attachment to either belt or bag strapping.

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