The Best Colleen Hoover Books

Regretting You is one of the premier Colleen Hoover books and is an engaging tale about family dynamics and second chances. A must-read for fans of heartbreaking romance with realistic characters!

Tate and Miles don’t seek romance; rather they take advantage of their mutual attraction to seduce each other into an arrangement that verges dangerously close to romantic commitment.


Colleen Hoover is an award-winning New York Times author best known for her heartrending novels about relationships and redemption. Her books span multiple genres – young adult novels and romance – often touching on sensitive issues like domestic violence, abuse, and mature themes. Hoover has become one of the most prolific authors in recent history, with 22 titles to her credit.

Slammed is Hoover’s debut novel and remains one of her finest works. It tells the tale of 18-year-old Layken, who struggles to juggle family responsibilities while struggling to survive independently. Everything changes when she meets 21-year-old poetry slam enthusiast Will; their relationship flourishes into an intense one filled with chemistry and connection, but tragedy strikes just when everything seems perfect again, and they inexplicably part ways.

Hoover’s novel stands out for its complex and raw characters, exploring family drama and how different generations deal with grief. A captivating love story with an unexpected plot twist also leaves readers craving more!

Regretting You is another heartbreaker from Hoover that will tug at the strings and pull at your emotions. It explores mother-daughter relationships as it explores resilience and second chances.

Ugly Love by Hoover has received an overwhelming 4.27 rating by 483,801 readers – making it one of her best novels and sure to bring tears of laughter and sadness.

Maybe Someday is an engaging tale with a dark edge. It follows Sydney, an experienced musician, as she meets Ridge, an influential music producer. They quickly fall for each other despite their differences and must confront secrets and lies that have surfaced between them – an unforgettable tale about music, friendship, and forbidden romance! A must-read!

It Ends With Us

It Ends With Us is one of the finest Colleen Hoover books, telling a harrowing tale of domestic abuse. Lily has witnessed her mother’s abusive relationship and longs to live her own life freely; moving to Boston, she meets Dr. Ryle Kincaid, who seems out-of-place compared to others she meets there – yet somehow becomes closer with him anyway, although his views against relationships and one night stand eventually become problematic; when his controlling behavior escalates, Lily must decide if she’s ready for more real commitment or not.

Regretting You is one of Colleen Hoover’s finest books. It is an emotionally wrenching story of family drama and long-lost love, told from two points of view, featuring resilience, loss, and forgiveness as themes. Perfect for readers seeking something more substantial than simply boy meets girl-romance tales!

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover rounds out this list as a romantic novel with an unconventional plotline. Fallon and Ben meet on November 9 each year, building an ever-stronger connection as they discover more of themselves through each encounter, yet as they unearth some uncomfortable truths from their pasts, they must overcome some challenging hurdles together.

Colleen Hoover is best known for her young adult fiction books; however, her success has led her to expand into adult romance novels and thrillers. Through this success, she has become an industry favorite who creates compelling tales with deep emotional elements.

Colleen Hoover has quickly established herself as one of the literary world’s premier authors with her immense following on social media and her books that blend erotic romance with thought-provoking drama, capturing readers’ attention in both heart-wrenching tales that leave readers breathless and thrilling thrillers that challenge readers’ limits. No matter your genre or reading preference, her books will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark and stay with readers long after.

Ugly Truth

Colleen Hoover has quickly become one of the most beloved authors in recent memory, dominating bestseller lists and garnering her an extensive fan base. Her books are known to offer compelling romances with exciting plot twists that keep readers turning the pages and reaching for her next novel even before they have finished reading her previous one!

Hoover’s books often revolve around romantic love stories; however, her most recent offering, Ugly Truth, takes an unconventional route and explores mother-daughter relations instead. Although it might not be her most traditional offering, it remains must-read material.

Layken and Will are characters who exhibit so much depth in their story. Their narrative goes far beyond boy meets girl and lives happily ever after – it entails connection, chemistry, angst, problems, courage, and strength, culminating in one exciting book from Colleen Hoover – making this novel essential reading.

Although her other novels feature unexpected plot twists, this novel remains captivating and holds a 4.42 rating on Goodreads from over 97,000 readers.

This novel is perfect for readers who enjoy something with a paranormal edge, telling the tale of a young woman with unique gifts who must find a balance between her needs and those of friends and family and showing the importance of staying true to oneself.

Kenna Rowan has recently completed her prison sentence and is ready for a fresh start, yet her past mistakes have left her questioning her ability to win back the trust of those close to her. Hoping that Ledger Ward can help restore her faith in humanity, Kenna turns to Ledger for advice, an understanding bar owner who understands exactly how difficult life has been for her.

While her recent releases may be the highest rated on this list, fans continue to love this classic tale about a one-day-a-year romance that will delight readers by its unforgettable final plot twist and have them read it repeatedly.

Reminders of Him

Colleen Hoover is a best-selling author who can often be found on TikTok or at local bookshops, drawing fans. Also known as CoHo to her legion of fans, she writes heartbreaking romances with suspenseful twists that keep readers coming back for more before finishing one book!

CoHo’s books offer much more than an easy, light read; they explore potent themes of resilience, family drama, and second chances. She has written standalone novels that will leave a lasting impression in your soul if you dive into her world – here are 8 of CoHo’s finest works!

1. All Your Perfects

CoHo’s debut novel All Your Perfects showcased her talent as an author with its depth of writing and range of characters, such as jealousy, generational trauma, and love triangles – yet was still full of hope and romance despite such dark subject matter.

2. Verity

In 2018, CoHo created this thrilling romantic thriller, Verity. The book centers around Lowen Ashleigh, an upstart writer hired to ghostwrite Verity Crawford’s remaining chapters before her death. Upon arriving at her husband Jeremy’s house to delve through Verity Crawford’s notes, she discovers more than just the manuscript – shocking secrets about herself and Jeremy surface.

3. Regretting You One of CoHo’s most beloved books, Regretting You, is an emotionally engaging yet hopeful journey of Kenna Rowan as she returns to the town where everything went wrong, hoping to reunite with her daughter Ledger Ward and rebuild a future together. Kenna must prove herself worthy of everyone’s trust while simultaneously absolving past transgressions and building new foundations for her future life.

4. All You Need Is You

All You Need Is You is an essential book about mental illness’s ramifications on those closest to us. One of the most moving and realistic accounts of addiction and recovery written by a beloved author, it should be required reading for anyone experiencing addiction or caring for those struggling with it.