Who won the toss today?

In the lines of modern bookmakers, the cricket game is represented by a huge selection of bets that include basic and additional outcomes, for example for the most prestigious tournaments and leagues there are exotic types of betting. For example, betting on who won the toss today in the ipl match. In this case, it is necessary to choose the team that will be the first to kick the ball.

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Toss is a coin flip to determine which cricket team captain will have the right to choose whether their team will bat or field at the start of the match.

The special feature of this bet is that there is no need to do any analysis, or any research on predictions. The toss is all about luck, so the bettor needs to try to guess which team is going to take the field first and will bat.

Why is the toss important?

In cricket, the attacking turn is determined simply by flipping a coin. This procedure actually has a big impact on the result of the meeting. Many experienced professional bettors are watching carefully who won the toss today ipl, but why?

The team that attacks first in the match often gets an advantage, because it conducts the first attack on a fresh field with a new ball (in cricket, they do not change balls at the slightest sign of wear, like in baseball, doing it only after 80 overs).

The batsman, for example, finds it easier to bounce the ball and run to the wicket after a bounce from a flat, unworn area of the field. Therefore, the attacking first team has more opportunities to start the run and take the initiative in the game from there.

Immediately after the draw, the referee announces the official start and then the cricket teams run the match. If it happens that a cricket match is interrupted any moment after it starts, it is considered as played and is recorded in the official statistics. If a match is stopped before the toss, then it is not considered played at all and will not be counted.

Betting on the cricket toss

So, you have already learned why it is important to know who won the toss of the ipl, and how you can make money from it. But you can’t just go to any bookmaker’s office and bet on it.

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This is especially important in cricket, where seemingly tiny external factors can change the balance in the most unexpected way.

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