Studio Ghibli Phone Case

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If you are a fan of Totoro and other characters from Studio Ghibli, these cases made of polycarbonate are perfect for you, with access to all ports for ease of use.


Studio Ghibli fans may recognize Konpeito candies from anime such as My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away as they make an appearance as star-shaped candies called Konpeito. These colorful, sweet sugar candies feature in many scenes from these movies, and you could even have one in your own home if you love Japanese cuisine – these tasty candies made of sugar, water, and edible food coloring or flavors are traditionally enjoyed during special celebrations in Japan.

Konpeito was first introduced to Japan by Portuguese traders in 1546. Its name, which comes from Portuguese “confeito,” means candy or confection. Konpeito quickly became a favorite treat among warlords like Oda Nobunaga, who enjoyed its flavor and shape; early konpeito was considered an expensive delicacy that was only available to wealthy nobles or samurai families at that time.

Modern candy makers use similar ingredients as other sweets: sugar, water, edible food coloring or flavors, and a long process involving heating in a Dora machine – sometimes taking several days – in order to craft these colorful confections that boast tiny bulges with complex textures.

konpeito candy has the unique ability to tolerate different temperatures and can last up to 30 years when stored properly in an airtight environment, making it an attractive treat during holidays and ceremonies alike. Bonbonniere boxes containing concerto are often given out during weddings or other ceremonies as thank-you gifts; in Japan, the Imperial House also presents them to their guests as standard thank-you gifts.

Ryokujuan Shimizu has long been recognized as Japan’s premiere concerto producer since opening its doors in 1847. As its name suggests, this shop specializes exclusively in this delicious confection; long lines of eager customers testify to its popularity and uniqueness. Furthermore, its museum allows visitors to create their conceit in various flavors and colors!

Christmas Totoro

Studio Ghibli fans everywhere will delight in this whimsical design, which blends Studio Ghibli with the holiday season spirit. My Neighbor Totoro characters wear Santa hats and snowflakes to celebrate this festive time of year, creating a compelling image sure to win hearts worldwide. This striking image won’t fail to bring joyous cheer!

An adorable Christmas Totoro phone case is an easy and stylish way to show your devotion to the movie! These cases come in various colors and styles to meet everyone’s taste; they are made of durable polycarbonate material with access to all ports, as well as a raised bezel to protect the screen from scratching. Scratch-proof and fadeproof finish guarantee it will keep its good looks for many years!

Miyazaki has created several distinct versions of his movie, each one with its feel and tone. The English-dubbed original is slightly darker than its Japanese LD and videocassette counterparts; Carl Macek provided voice dubbing services on all three formats; however, for his remastered LD box set version.

The film takes place in rural Japan during the latter part of the 1950s and was inspired by Miyazaki’s own experiences from his childhood. It explores both nature’s power and family bonds through this tale about magic.

Not only is the film stunning with its animation and spectacular scenery, it serves as an excellent introduction to Japanese culture. Many viewers have been inspired to visit Japan based on this movie alone; others even relocate permanently after experiencing its joys themselves. As an iconic anime film, it has also become part of mainstream society.

Totoro was initially seen as a deity; today, however, most understand that he is simply an animal spirit living in the forest. Comparable to rabbits and bears alike, Totoro can sometimes be described as a “giant furry thing.” Totoro was created solely by Miyazaki himself but inspired by various Japanese traditions.

Dummy This

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Studio Ghibli characters are among the most beloved in Japanese animation, beloved by fans around the globe for their kind nature and gentle demeanor. Totoro stands out as being especially dear and serves as its official mascot; his image can even be found adorning many phone cases!

Ghibli movies’ soundtracks have often been released as image albums or symphonic suites, featuring music composed by Yuji Noboru as its central theme and other pieces adapted from classical compositions like Dmitri Shostakovich’s 5th symphony by Dmitri Shostakovich; Hisaishi also collects variations on these themes for each film and provides different incidental melodies to complete his scores.

Akihiro Miwa provides the voice for Moro (moronojun), San’s adoptive mother; Gillian Anderson voices her in English version. Kaoru Kobayashi voices Jiko-bo (zikoFang; Jigo in English version), a monk and mercenary who befriended Ashitaka on his journey west, while Tsunehiko Kamijo voices Eboshi’s short-tempered bodyguard Gonza (Gonza). All these characters can be found in our selection of Studio Ghibli phone cases.