What is CoryxKenshin Phone Number?

CoryxKenshin, an American YouTuber, Vlogger, and Let’s Play commentator who became famous due to his cheerful personality and humorous remarks, has gained widespread admiration online for his charitable activities.

Born November 9, 1992, in Detroit City, Michigan, to Anthony K. Williams Jr, who works at Ford Motors Company, and Stephanie Williams, as well as their two younger siblings – sister Aleya and brother Anthony, he has two younger siblings himself.

CoryxKenshin’s Real Name

CoryxKenshin, real name Corey DeVante Williams, hails from Farmington Hills, Michigan, and is best known as a YouTube personality, vlogger, Let’s Play commentator, comedian, and charity fundraiser. He has become well-known due to his unique gaming approach, amusing sense of humor, and upbeat disposition, which have attracted an impressive fan base.

CoryxKenshin has quickly become one of the most beloved figures among gamers, and his success has inspired numerous content creators. With millions of subscribers across various social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, his fans regularly interact with him online. CoryxKenshin regularly keeps them informed of upcoming videos and events via his channels on both platforms.

CoryxKenshin has started an online gaming channel to share his experience and tips with fellow players. A fan of horror games, CoryxKenshin has uploaded numerous compelling videos covering this genre. Religious in nature, his videos never include swearing. Living in Michigan with both siblings.

CoryxKenshin delivered an emotional video in which he shared his father’s struggle against ectodermal dysplasia, touching millions of followers’ hearts while inspiring them to pursue their own goals despite the obstacles they face. With strong family support behind him, he has achieved success despite any challenges along his journey.

CoryxKenshin has established both a business and charitable foundation to assist people, with staff members helping him with various tasks. Furthermore, he runs his website where merchandise can be sold and keeps audiences updated about upcoming videos; moreover, he interacts frequently with his fans via his official Twitter handle.


CoryxKenshin, 29, is an established YouTuber and gamer known for his Five Nights at Freddy’s gameplay videos on YouTube. Based out of South Lyon, Michigan, with his dog Samson as companionship, he boasts over 10 million subscribers to his channel – known for being cheerful yet naturally funny; he also makes humorous commentary videos that appeal to children as well as adults alike.

Coryxkenshin is an active user on Twitter who frequently engages with his followers, posting videos about himself, his life experiences, opinions on various issues, gaming experiences, and much more. Furthermore, he maintains a YouTube channel where he streams different video game plays with friends.

Coryxkenshin does not hide his age and has an engaging sense of humor, which makes him relatable to young audiences. He often jokes about it and can cause many fans to laugh; after being part of the gaming world for some time, he is well-known in the community.

Though he’s aged, he has managed to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain an ideal body weight. While not overdoing it when it comes to exercise, he prefers light jogging and walking for body maintenance. Known for his distinctive personality and having garnered an enormous fan base on both YouTube and Twitch platforms, fans eagerly anticipate any updates to his channels, such as new game releases or videos from him, as his content creator role continues. Inspiring others interested in creating YouTube content of their own!


Coryxkenshin’s YouTube channel boasts millions of subscribers, and he is also an immensely popular gamer. His videos often include comments from his many fans. His content is hilariously entertaining; viewers frequently leave hilarious responses in response to his videos. While Coryxkenshin may make jokes that are meant to be funny instead of offensive, his comments must always remain entertaining for all involved.

He has built his popularity by producing entertaining content that makes people laugh, amassing a massive following, and earning thousands in revenue. Furthermore, he has established a merchandise line for his channel with items such as hoodies, t-shirts, and mugs available through his website.

CoryxKenshin has not only produced vlogs and gaming videos on his channel but has also produced short comedy skits. His channel provides the perfect combination of gaming and comedy; keeping up with him has never been easier! In fact, his videos have proven so popular that they have earned him sponsorship from companies such as ASTRO Gaming and Warner Bros.

CoryxKenshin has managed to remain private despite his immense fame. He does not date anyone and does not wish for any distractions from his career; moreover, his mother recently passed away, which may have affected him. At present, he’s keeping busy with his YouTube channel and social media platforms, building his studio for future projects; these studios provide him with more comfortable working conditions as well as better lighting that allows his videos to pop off the page; moreover, they’re much cheaper than traditional studios so he can focus on creating engaging videos for his viewers!


Coryxkenshin is an entertaining YouTuber who produces fun vlogs about gaming and comedy, garnering millions of subscribers to his channel. His videos focus on horror video games with Let’s Play gameplay commentary, most notably Five Nights at Freddy’s playthrough videos, which have garnered over 15 million views; however, he frequently posts indie gaming reviews with video game commentaries as well.

Cory is a well-known YouTuber and, as such, has many fans who are keen to learn about his personal life. Unfortunately, he has shared limited details regarding this aspect of his life; therefore, it remains unknown whether or not he has anyone special in his life or whether any relationships exist between the two of them.

CoryxKenshin has yet to address reports regarding his romantic life publicly; fans remain hopeful that more details will come forth about this aspect of his personal life in due time.

CoryxKenshin does not disclose his exact earnings per video; however, some estimate he makes between $5,000 and $6,000 per video due to his enormous popularity on YouTube. Over time, his earnings have seen dramatic increases thanks to such exposure.

CoryxKenshin not only earns income through YouTube but has also developed his merchandise line consisting of T-shirts, hats, apparel items, and various gaming-themed items for purchase on Amazon. Furthermore, his book entitled “CoryxKenshin’s Guide to the Galaxy” can be purchased for sale.