Quantitative Mutual Fund Schemes

Quantitative mutual fund schemes have quickly become an intriguing option in the market, using complex mathematical models to identify and trade securities. Unfortunately, however, in certain market conditions, they can lose value.

Investors should avoid making hasty decisions when investing in funds; instead, they should continue with their SIPs to recoup their losses and recover any possible setbacks.

ICICI Prudential Quant Fund

ICICI Prudential Quant Fund is an open-ended equity scheme that invests in stocks and equity-related instruments selected via quantitative modeling. The fund seeks long-term capital appreciation while being risk-rated; hence its NAV may fluctuate short term.

Minimum Investment Amount: Rs 5000 This fund offers flexible investment plans (SIP or lump sum). Managed by Sharmila D’mello and Roshan Chutkey, its return potential exceeds the category average.

This thematic mutual fund invests in companies related to the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing sector is an essential economic driver, and this fund allows diversification into this crucial economic pillar. However, investors should remember that all thematic funds may involve sector-specific risks, which must be carefully considered before investing.

ICICI Pru Assured Savings Mutual Fund Plan is an ideal plan for investors who wish to save and grow their funds, offering guaranteed maturity benefit, life cover, yearly guaranteed additions, and being part of the ICICI Prudential Group and therefore being subject to SEBI regulation.

Information provided herein should not be taken as advice and should not be seen as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities, financial products, or other investments. Before investing in mutual funds, investors should carefully read all relevant documents, such as Scheme Information Documents. Market risks such as possible loss of principal amount are present; unit prices can increase or decrease depending on various forces that impact capital markets beyond BFL’s control.

Nippon India Quant Fund

The Nippon India Quant Fund is an open-ended mutual fund scheme that invests in equity and equity-related securities, managed using mathematical models and predetermined algorithms to reduce human bias and ensure impartial trading decisions. This fund is an ideal way for investors looking for consistent returns over the long term to diversify their mutual fund portfolios.

Ashutosh Bhargava, CEO of Nippon Life India Asset Management, oversees this fund. In his efforts to optimize this fund’s performance, Ashutosh plans to add additional factors into his model to enhance it further and expand the universe of investable stocks for this investment vehicle.

This fund is benchmarked against S&P BSE 200 TR INR index. Alpha and beta calculations are relative to this index; more significant alpha indicates additional returns compared with its benchmark, while greater beta indicates increased volatility compared with its model.

Investors looking to invest in this fund can do so through online platforms such as InvestOnline. These websites provide clear transparency regarding its performance and all necessary information for an informed investment decision. Furthermore, these tools and calculators help maximize returns.

InvestOnline has formed strategic alliances with several of the country’s premier fund houses, giving its customers access to a broad selection of funds and investment options such as equity and debt funds. Furthermore, investors have access to a secure platform for depositing and withdrawing their funds, with over 1,400 branches throughout India offering access and management. You can even use its mobile app for managing investments on the go!

ICICI Prudential Equity Quant Fund

ICICI Prudential Quant Fund is a quantitative equity fund designed to generate long-term capital appreciation by investing in stocks and equity-related instruments selected through quantitative analysis. Additionally, surplus funds may be invested in debt or money market instruments to generate income. Finally, large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap companies are covered within its portfolio.

The ICICI Prudential Equity Quant Fund has an excellent track record, consistently producing average returns over the past year. Unfortunately, its performance over the past two years has fallen below that of its benchmark index, so it is essential that investors fully understand all associated risks and rewards before making an investment decision.

Recently, quant funds have become increasingly popular with investors because they use advanced mathematical models and algorithms to make investment decisions. These non-traditional investments often compare favorably with passive funds. In contrast, some quant funds have even been dubbed “hedge fund 2.0” since they exploit market inefficiencies using computer programs and sophisticated mathematics.

Quantitative strategies allow investors to identify opportunities in volatile markets and achieve higher returns than traditional investing techniques. Quantitative investing methods are beneficial during recessions when traditional investments tend to decline in value; however, quantitative strategies may pose additional risks, so diversifying your portfolio is essential for long-term success.

ICICI Prudential Quant Fund Direct-Growth features a low expense ratio and is suitable for investors with at least a five-year investment horizon. You can establish a SIP starting with Rs1000 or make a lump sum investment; our mutual fund calculator allows you to estimate returns. Please remember that all assets are subject to market risk. Please read all documents related to your scheme carefully before investing.

ICICI Prudential Hybrid Quant Fund

ICICI Prudential Hybrid Quant Fund provides investors with all the advantages associated with equity and debt investments, providing wealth appreciation and safety against market volatility. As such, this fund is an ideal choice when seeking maximum returns; however, hybrid schemes typically must allocate at least 65% of assets towards equity-related instruments (like stocks). Balanced advantage, multi-asset, and arbitrage funds may all qualify.

ICICI Prudential AMC is one of India’s largest AMCs, with over 40 mutual funds in its portfolio. It is designed to meet the diverse needs of investors from small traders to institutional investors – this includes offering hybrid funds 2023, which meet various investment objectives.

An ICICI Prudential Hybrid Mutual Fund scheme seeks to deliver long-term capital appreciation by primarily investing in equity and equity-related instruments selected using a quantitative model. Sector allocation is focused on financial, consumer staples, construction, and communication industries and is most suitable for investors with medium to long-term investment horizons.

ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds has over 22 years of experience as an AMC in India and is well-regarded for its active management style that encourages managers to seek opportunities in the market and generate alpha for investors. Their flagship mutual fund rating, CRISIL MF Rating (CMFR), is widely respected by investors, distributors, and asset management companies; its global best practices-based CMFR ratings evaluate fund performance across multiple dimensions, including risk-adjusted returns, liquidity, and diversification.

Nippon India Hybrid Quant Fund

The Nippon India Quant Fund retail direct growth scheme is a hybrid mutual fund with a growth investment profile. The fund aims to generate capital appreciation via investments selected using quantitative models while taking advantage of price fluctuations to achieve positive returns. This fund has an aggressive Sharpe ratio and solid performance potential.

This fund offers SIP and lump sum investment options, giving investors flexibility when selecting the one that best fits their preferences and risk tolerance. Morningstar awarded it four stars, while Zacks gave it three. As part of the Aggressive Hybrid category, it boasts strong performance over its decade-long track record.

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