Best IT Companies in Portland, Oregon

Portland is a great place to start if you are a software engineer or looking to break into the tech industry. It has a growing economy, excellent work-life balance, and a vibrant tech community.

Many tech companies in Oregon offer attractive perks and benefits packages. These include 401k matching, generous paid time off, life and health insurance.

CUI Global

CUI Global offers several services, including software development, management consulting, and online marketing. They also have many products that help businesses manage their data.

The company has a strong reputation for providing reliable technology solutions that allow businesses to grow and thrive. They have a strong presence in Oregon and are committed to positively impacting the local community.

They also have a solid commitment to philanthropic efforts that are locally focused and help improve the lives of their employees, customers, investors, and the community as a whole.


Exterro provides software to help companies manage e-discovery, privacy, and risk. It also has products for digital forensics investigation.

The company, founded in 2008, sells its e-discovery software to over 350 corporate legal teams. It was purchased by Vista Equity Partners last year.

Exterro is a legal governance, risk, and compliance software platform. It acquired digital forensics technology provider AccessData in December. It also hired its first general counsel, Jenny Hamilton, from HaystackID.


Founded in 2005, Puppet is an automation software solution provider. Its services and products help IT managers manage their systems, applications, and infrastructure across multiple platforms.

It enables Unix-like and Microsoft Windows system configuration by using a declarative language to describe system resources. This information is stored in files called manifests.

The manifests are compiled into a catalog and then distributed to target systems, known as agents. These agents communicate with the master to fetch instructions for system configuration applied to the target systems.


Tripwire provides cybersecurity software that reduces risk, ensures systems and data security, and automates regulatory compliance. Its products include configuration and policy management, file integrity monitoring, vulnerability management, and log intelligence.

This Portland-based company offers various services, including security, IT support, and cloud technology. They also provide network virtualization and disaster recovery solutions.

Minnesota-based HelpSystems acquired the company in February for $350 million. However, the firm has laid off a few dozen employees.

Planet Argon

Founded in 2002, Planet Argon is best known for its bespoke Ruby on Rails-based web and mobile solutions. The company is notably short on manpower but not on the latest and greatest technology and has garnered numerous accolades in the IT industry. Among their many notable achievements, the most impressive is their philanthropic streak. One of the aforementioned laudable achievements is their recent partnership with Portland State University, where a flurry of new media is about to be unleashed upon the city’s tech-savvy burgeoning alumni. The alums above have an enviable portfolio of research and development projects to boot, which, if rolled into one, will make Portland State one of the most tech-forward schools in the country.

Matrix Networks

Matrix Networks is an IT company in Portland, Oregon, that offers a range of products and services. The company provides solutions for business communications, cloud and premise-based systems, network infrastructure, and connectivity strategies.

Founded in 1984, Matrix Networks has a long history of helping clients stay up to date with modern technologies. Its services include installing and supporting key system PBXs and delivering the latest in network infrastructure and WiFi.

The company also offers Connectivity as a Service, or MCaaS, to optimize and simplify business Internet and data infrastructure. Its team also provides Endpoint Security to protect users against modern threats.

Arck Interactive

Arck Interactive is a full-stack digital product design and development agency. Founded in 2008, their team of experts develops custom web and mobile applications that help businesses solve complex business problems, automate processes and bring innovative platforms to market.

Their small team of 5 provides web design, e-commerce, and business process automation services to various transportation, education, and healthcare clients. They also offer IT strategy consulting. They built a custom website for a veteran-focused nonprofit organization, integrating forms for data collection and analytics.