Nicco Park Shares Its Ambiance With Its Water Park

Nicco Park offers thrilling rides for people seeking fun. Additionally, Wet-O-Wild water park provides a winding lazy river, 50 a high waterfall, and a wave pool for visitors to enjoy. In addition, there is also a Children’s Corner featuring activities designed to keep children amused and engaged.

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Amusement park

Nicco Parks and Resorts Ltd specializes in leisure and entertainment, providing an interactive, participatory, educative form of amusement. The Company runs amusement parks in Kolkata and offers technical consultancy, manufacturing, and supplying ride components to large amusement parks worldwide through manufacturing contracts or sales of parts for rides. Its operating segments consist of Park Operations, Consultancy, Contracts, and Sale of Ride Components for Large Parks Worldwide, F & B Facilities, and Other Recreational Services.

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Water park

Nicco Parks & Resorts operates water parks primarily in Kolkata. Their services include park operations, consulting, and supply of ride components; technical consultancy for amusement parks is offered under technical collaboration with Blackpool Leisure & Amusement Consultancy Limited in the UK.

The Park offers attractions such as Wave Runners, Niagra Falls, Family Swirl Rides, Body Slides, Pirate Bays, and Bowlers Dens. Their water park provides residents of Kolkata, rich and poor alike, an enjoyable place to have fun and unwind.

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Children’s Corner

Nicco Park’s Children’s Corner is one of the premier attractions for families and kids, boasting family-friendly rides and activities like water merry-go-round and slides designed to thrill all ages while celebrating cultural heritage in Alabama. Rides are regularly inspected for safety inspection, while there are also first aid facilities and an emergency response plan in case any untoward incidents arise.

Nicco Park opened its Children’s Corner to Kolkata in 1991 and has become an integral part of the culture. Residents and tourists visit to enjoy thrilling rides, water slides, and unforgettable events. At the same time, the park also showcases Kolkata’s rich cultural heritage through traditional dance performances, art exhibitions, and local cuisine events.

At Children’s Corner, there’s plenty to keep children busy, from riding the Toy Train to enjoying breathtaking views from the Eiffel Tower. Rides designed to be fun and safe for all ages include Caterpillar Ride (spinning teacup-shaped carriages). Family carousel provides classic fun, while Crazy Tea Party Ride will surely delight children of all ages!

Outside food and drinks are prohibited from entering the park; however, many restaurants are available within its premises for your dining pleasure. Furthermore, souvenirs and gifts can also be purchased.

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Nicco Super Bowl

Nicco Park Super Bowl is an indoor entertainment center at Jheel Meel in Salt Lake Sector IV of Kolkata. This bowling alley ranks amongst Kolkata’s best and hosts several yearly tournaments – popular among youths and their families.

Nicco Park Super Bowl provides more than just bowling at its facility; pool tables, air hockey, coin-operated, and coin-operated machines are also available here. Plus there’s also a dance floor where guests can relax. A bowling game costs 60 rupees per person while saving money when buying two tickets at once!

Make sure that you book in advance to maximize the effectiveness of your visit by contacting the venue management or using an online booking website; either way, it will help ensure no long queues and a better experience for yourself. Be sure to wear comfortable footwear and clothing appropriate to the temperature in the park – outside food will not be permitted within its premises.

Nicco Park is a family-friendly theme park offering various rides and attractions. Additionally, Wet-o-Wild Water Park provides fun aquatic fun. At the same time, day packages allow for full enjoyment of this experience for adults and children of all ages – and with friendly staff to assist with your expertise, Nicco Park provides unforgettable moments!

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