Nicco Park Opening Time and Ticket Prices

Nicco Park offers various passes that enable visitors to enjoy its rides and attractions, such as their 300-Rs pass, which gives access to 13 specific rides in the park.

Nicco Park offers visitors an ideal experience during its winter season, when temperatures are more pleasant, and rides such as its water park are fully utilized.

Opening hours

Nicco Park in Kolkata’s Salt Lake area is one of India’s premier amusement parks, featuring everything from roller coasters and water attractions to an Olympic-sized Ferris wheel and wave pool. Additionally, boating lakes can be found here, along with lush gardens where visitors can sit back and relax.

Nicco Park provides thrilling thrills and spills while also providing family-friendly attractions, including a Mirror Maze, Tilt-A-Whirl, and Toy Train. Nicco Park staff is dedicated to the safety of all visitors, with regular inspections of each ride being maintained, tested, and inspected as part of an overall maintenance program; first aid facilities and an emergency response plan are also in place at Nicco Park.

Nicco Park offers online ticket booking and various packages, including one designed for senior citizens. Prices are listed, and food is available at the park. Ideally, it is wise to purchase tickets early as the park can sometimes become very busy.

Nicco Park should be on every traveler’s itinerary in Kolkata. The amusement park provides a fun place for people of all ages to unwind, with particular attention paid by management to ensuring the safety of guests. Furthermore, Nicco Park provides an ideal learning platform about science and technology through engaging exhibitions like Science City gallery and presentation focus – perfect for children and adults.

This park is easily accessible via car and public transportation, with buses running frequently from various points around the city. Open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. with its ticket counter opening at 10:30 and rides starting between 10:45 and 11:00. Summer also offers its Wet-O-Wild water park to visit; book tickets online or at their ticket booth, with prepay cards helping reduce waiting in line while providing discounts on food and beverages!

Ticket prices

Nicco Park ticket prices differ depending on which passes are purchased and which rides will be utilized. There is a single ride pass, combo package pass, or park pass available, with 300 rupees being the cost per head to include 13 rides at the park and 1000 rupees being the entire collection of rides and attractions, including Water Park!

Cashaly makes purchasing tickets for Nicko Park online easy and affordable, while discounted coupons may also save money. Just be sure that each coupon is legitimate before redeeming them at the ticket counter; for more information, you may wish to visit Nicko Park’s official website.

Nicco Park offers more than just rides; visitors can also dine on an assortment of Indian and international cuisine, ranging from fast food to fine dining options. You will even find food stalls at its entrance selling mouthwatering local delicacies!

The park hosts yearly events and shows, such as musical concerts, theater performances, sports activities, and a 4D movie theater. It is also home to Sky Diver ride and is popular among families, though it can become quite busy at certain times of day.

Nicco Park Kolkata features 35 rides designed to entertain both children and adults. Additional attractions of Nicco Park Kolkata include its boating lake, 40-foot waterfall, and rose garden – not forgetting its vast food court and large play area for children! Plus, its famous Wet-O-Wild water park which operates seasonally.

Entry fees

Nicco Park in Kolkata is an increasingly popular theme park, providing visitors with various activities and attractions perfect for families and groups of friends alike. Open all year, ticket prices vary, and entry fees differ; here, we explore some packages Nicco Park offers and how to purchase tickets for your visit.

Nicco Park in Kolkata’s Salt Lake Sector Five area is an unforgettable, fun-filled destination featuring thrilling roller coaster rides, relaxing shows, and attractions. Additionally, it is home to a food court, bowling alley, and four-D movie theatre, making this park an indispensable stopover when visiting Kolkata. Nicco Park should be seen when in Kolkata!

This park offers a selection of rides and attractions tailored specifically for kids, such as the Water Merry-Go-Round and Toy Train. A designated Children’s Corner also features various activities designed to keep youngsters occupied and excited. Its prime location near a tranquil lake and lush vegetation adds charm and appeal.

Nicco Park features many thrilling rides and attractions. Still, one of its main highlights is an exciting MIG-21 fighter aircraft donated by Eastern Command and turned into a unique attraction at Nicco Park. Nicco Park management has taken every precaution to ensure guests’ safety by offering first aid facilities and creating an emergency response plan in case any untoward incidents arise.

The park offers several stores where you can find souvenirs and mementos to remember your trip. Additionally, online ticket booking makes life more straightforward; its user-friendly website lets you book tickets from any device anytime!

Nicco Park offers two entry packages to its visitors, the Standard Package and the Premium Package. The former grants access to all rides except water rides at around Rs 300 per person, while the latter gives access to all rides in the park, including those associated with water. For an additional Rs 100 fee per person, visitors can enjoy all available water rides as part of this option.


Nicco Park in Kolkata is an iconic amusement park providing visitors with thrilling rides. Popular among tourists and locals alike, this attraction is also known as “Disney Land of West Bengal.” Featuring rides suitable for visitors of all ages as well as water features and food parks for them to explore, Nicco Park provides entertainment that won’t break the bank!

The park is easily accessible from Kolkata by both car and public transit and is close to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport for added convenience.

Once at the park, ticket purchases can be made at the ticket counter; please be aware that rides do not begin operating until 10:45 AM to avoid clashes with other visitors. In addition to its rides, this park also features other attractions, including Magic Carpet and Tilt-a-Whirl rides; you may even enjoy taking the Toy Train around its route!

Nicco Park offers many rides and attractions during its summer season that provide enjoyable thrills at more comfortable temperatures, making this an excellent time to bring family or friends along for the ride. Plus, there is nothing quite so picturesque as being surrounded by lush vegetation near its beautiful lake!

Nicco Park offers a range of dining options, from Kolkata street food to more elaborate meals. Additionally, there are restaurants, cafes, ice cream stalls, beverage kiosks, souvenir shops, and beverage stalls in the park where visitors can purchase meals or refreshments.

The park also features bowling alleys that offer novice and experienced bowlers a memorable and exciting bowling experience, providing them with an ideal opportunity for socialization and making new acquaintances. Furthermore, there’s even a pool table to hone your skills against family or friends! It makes the park the ideal location for family outings and romantic dates.