NCERT MCQ Questions For Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses Part 1 With Answers

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Wanda Petronski was an impoverished Polish girl living in Boggins Heights and attending an American school. Unfortunately, Wanda often experienced taunts from her classmates, Peggy and Maddie, who teased her often.

What is the story about?

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The story of Wanda Petronski and her one hundred dresses centers around how her classmates teased her for having an unusual name and wearing poor clothing. Living on Boggins Heights and not having many close relationships, Wanda would wear a faded blue dress each day to school and always sit near the back of class.

Peggy and Maddie were her best friends. Each day they would tease Wanda about her clothes and name. Finally fed up, Wanda joked that she owned over one hundred dresses; everyone laughed in agreement, including Maddie and Peggy.

Maddie felt embarrassed that she and Wanda were similar. Both lived in poverty, wearing clothes donated by other people. Maddie worried that other children might start teasing her as well and felt helpless to tell Peggy she wasn’t being cruel to anyone.

Who is the main character?

Wanda Petronski lives in Boggins Heights and attends school wearing an unstylish faded blue dress, drawing unwanted attention from classmates who tease her over her simple clothing and unusual name. Even while being subjected to mockery from classmates, she remains silent, accepting their insults with grace before entering a drawing contest to demonstrate her talent and show that it exists within herself.

She draws a hundred dresses that show her imagination vividly. Her classmates are taken aback by this submission and realize she is an exceptional artist – they also know they had been unjust towards her in the past.

This story illustrates that people should not be judged based on appearance alone; instead, their inner talents and qualities should be evaluated. Wanda shows her inner brilliance by winning the competition with confidence. She shows it by answering Maddie’s questions through drawing. Maddie was shocked and embarrassed, yet didn’t want to hurt Wanda’s feelings, so they did nothing further to embarrass Wanda’s feelings.

Who is the author?

Eleanor Estes, an esteemed American children’s author, wrote The Hundred Dresses from her own experience as an immigrant to America and shows how people can flourish when treated with kindness and consideration. This heartwarming tale illustrates just that!

Wanda Petronski is a poor Polish girl living in Boggin’s Height who wears an unassuming faded blue dress to school each day on her muddy feet and is often teased for both her appearance and last name by classmates. One day, however, Wanda enters and wins a drawing competition, which proves she truly does own 100 dresses in her closet.

Peggy and Maddie are Wanda’s closest friends. Unfortunately, they sometimes tease her about her looks or last name without realizing the impact their words have on Wanda’s feelings. Maddie wishes she could stop the teasing but lacks the courage to do so.

Wanda’s classmates finally learn the truth when she submits one hundred gorgeous drawings of various dresses to a school competition, realizing their mistake in bullying her and that she is indeed a talented artist. However, Wanda doesn’t possess one hundred dresses in her closet but instead has them stored away inside her mind.

What is the theme of the story?

The theme of the story is being different can make you unique. Wanda Petronski was teased by her classmates due to her odd name and appearance, being poor, and wearing faded blue dresses every day; also, traveling far on foot made it hard for her feet to remain clean enough for school attendance. Peggy and Maddie enjoyed making fun of her daily. Peggy found particular enjoyment in teasing Wanda because it made them laugh; their actions brought them great pleasure!

Wanda won the drawing contest by sketching beautiful sketches of a hundred dresses she claimed she owned; Peggy and Maddie became uncomfortable and began questioning why they had mocked Wanda earlier.

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Who is the main character’s best friend?

A best friend is defined as the protagonist’s closest non-romantic associate in their story, serving either as a Satellite Character, Support Cast member, Deuteragonist, Foil, or Friendly Rival depending on their status in plot development and the type of character they represent.

Peggy and Maddie often made Wanda the target of their teases. They would ask questions such as why she wore so many dresses or how many pairs of shoes were in her closet; Maddie found this annoying but couldn’t bring herself to ask them to stop out of fear that doing so might endanger their friendship with Wanda.

Maddie became increasingly intrigued by Wanda’s claim of owning one hundred dresses. She wondered how such an expensive wardrobe existed when they were struggling financially, yet Maddie didn’t know how to ask Wanda directly, so instead, she waited for her arrival at school, seeing as how Wanda often sat beside Maddie and decided to sit by her seat while waiting.

Who wins the drawing contest?

Wanda entered an outstanding competition, where she submitted beautifully drawn sketches of 100 dresses that she claimed she owned at home. Peggy and Maddie were amazed to witness her incredible talent; Wanda herself was so overjoyed when she received her prize that she burst into tears of happiness when receiving it!

Miss Mason, the judge for this contest, applauded Wanda Petron Ski’s drawings and asked all students present to celebrate loudly for her. Jack Boggles won among boys while Wanda Petron Ski took first prize among girls.

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Why does Wanda say that she has a hundred dresses?

Wanda Petronski wears a pale blue dress when she arrives at school in Boggins Heights, a poor part of town where her name isn’t typical among other students at her school. To compensate, she claims she has one hundred dresses lined up in her closet; unfortunately, other girls suspect this claim and continue teasing her.

Maddie feels sorry for Wanda and begins to question why other girls tease her so harshly. After realizing that it may be due to Wanda’s poverty and Polish heritage, Maddie attempts to convince herself it’s wrong to mock Wanda but continues to feel bad for doing so.

Wanda won her class drawing contest and showed it to Peggy and Maddie, who agreed that it resembled them both. Maddie decides she wants to help Wanda, so she asks permission from Wanda’s house so she can go along.