The Thousand Dresses Part 2 MCQ

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Wanda’s classmates do not believe her claims that she owns more than 100 dresses at home and bully her for it, yet she eventually wins a drawing competition by submitting exquisite sketches of them all.

1. Who wrote a letter to Miss Mason?

Miss Mason was deeply affected by a letter she received from Mr. Petronski that explained why his daughter Wanda would no longer attend school due to constant bullying and ridicule over her unique name, prompting them to move away. According to him and his wife, the constant taunting of Wanda caused them too much distress that it led them to leave that town permanently.

Miss Mason’s decision not to inform Peggy and Maddie of Wanda’s letter until later indicates her high regard for them as friends, as well as her tolerance in light of how uncomfortable the girls had made Wanda feel when she teased Peggy and Maddie about Wanda’s situation.

Miss Mason’s response to Peggy and Maddie’s letter displayed her kind and generous character. She asked their former teacher to inform Peggy and Maddie they could keep all 100 dresses. Additionally, she wanted Peggy to receive her drawing of a green dress while Maddie received one for blue dresses to show that she loved both girls without being vindictive or vindictive herself.

Maddie felt her stomach drop when she learned the news; she realized she had played an indirect part in Wanda’s father withdrawing his family from their village, hurting Wanda in the process. Maddie promised that in the future, she would do everything possible to defend those being ridiculed because of their funny names or appearance, even if it meant losing Peggy as an acquaintance. After much consideration, she came to an important decision.

2. What was the content of Mr Petronski’s letter?

Mr Petronski informed Miss Mason of Wanda’s withdrawal from school and expressed concern over her mental state and lack of interest in returning. When the class read this letter, everyone was shocked and began worrying about her health, suspecting that her classmates may have perpetrated physical and psychological abuse against her.

Peggy and Maddie realized they had offended Wanda after reading her letter, and both felt bad about having done so. While they wanted to apologize, they feared Wanda wouldn’t forgive them, so they decided instead not to tease her anymore. Additionally, they were taken aback when Wanda presented each of them with one of her drawings; Peggy received one featuring green dresses, while Maddie received blue ones as presents from Wanda herself!

Wanda was a Polish girl living in a modest home with her parents and siblings. She was relatively quiet and innocent, never responding to Peggy’s misbehavior or pranks, and thus Peggy thought she was dumb; furthermore, she thought Wanda may have been from outside due to her unusual name and not wearing bright clothing like everyone else did.

She continued giving gifts to her classmates without feeling bad, including providing a unique drawing of herself as gifts for both Peggy and Maddie. Maddie saw this drawing and immediately ran to Peggy’s home, where Maddie stared directly into Peggy’s face – Peggy tried defending herself, but Maddie still wasn’t satisfied and decided to visit Boggins Heights and meet Wanda so they could explain why their feelings had been hurt by what had happened.

3. Who read Mr Petronski’s letter to the class?

Mr Petronski wrote that his daughter would no longer attend school due to being bullied because of her unique name while also noting they would soon be moving to a large city with many foreigners bearing unusual or unfamiliar surnames.

Miss Mason read the letter and felt immensely disgruntled and offended. She told the class that it wasn’t acceptable to hurt people’s feelings just because their names differed. She hopes none of them will do that again in the future.

Maddie and Peggy were stunned to hear of Wanda’s decision. They felt terrible that they had teased her; they wanted to apologize but were unable to. Maddie struggled between her loyalty to Peggy and her sense of right and wrong before finally making up her mind that something needed to be done about the situation.

Both girls realized that Wanda truly liked them despite all of the taunting they had given her, as evidenced by the sketches she dedicated to each of them; for Peggy, she drew a green dress with red trimming, while Maddie received one in blue.

Peggy first thought Wanda was inept when she never responded to their jokes and misbehavior; however, upon seeing their gesture of giving dresses as gifts to Wanda as well as creating lovely sketches, she realized otherwise.

4. Who visited Boggins Heights that evening?

On the last day of school, Miss Mason informed her class that she had received a letter from Wanda Petronski and read it aloud, reading out what Wanda wrote: that Room Number Thirteen could keep Wanda’s drawings of dresses; she also wanted to meet them to apologize for her past behavior.

Maddie and Peggy decided they wanted to meet Wanda again and planned on visiting her house at Boggins Heights to apologize for any hurtful words they said; compliment her on being bright, and acknowledge all her beautiful dresses; in addition, they would announce Wanda as the winner of their drawing contest.

Wanda’s family could no longer withstand the constant teasing from other children, so they decided to relocate her family to a big city where there would be many foreigners with unfamiliar names. Wanda was sad to leave her friends and home behind; she missed both dearly, yet she hoped she might come back someday to visit them all.

Peggy and Maddie were stunned to hear of Wanda’s decision to leave them, feeling guilty for teasing her as well as maltreating any person ever again. Both vowed to help Wanda find friends at her new place, so on their walk home after school the next day they headed towards Boggins Heights house, where they saw some old grass on the path and an odd-looking blue dress hanging on a fence; they knocked at the door without receiving an answer from anywhere inside.

5. Who hurt Wanda’s feelings?

Wanda is a Polish girl who moved to America with her family. She is kind, simple, and generous with others – always listening and never behaving poorly with anyone. Wanda was very gifted at drawing, even winning the drawing contest! Moreover, she shared two of these works with Peggy and Maddie, who were amazed to find out that Wanda had drawn their faces onto dresses!

Maddie felt she had offended Wanda by remaining silent during the teasing and wanted to apologize directly but was too afraid. So, instead, she decided to write her a letter explaining that her silence did not intend to cause her any distress.

Wanda read Maddie’s letter and was thrilled that she apologized and hadn’t hurt Maddie’s feelings; she was happy they could become friends once more.

Wanda returned to school the next day wearing an overly faded blue dress, and her father was delighted to see her back. He told her she should try being more kind towards others.

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