Sponge and Uterine Dressing Forceps

Although one in three babies is delivered via cesarean section, there has been an increasing interest in revitalizing physician training in operative vaginal delivery as a way to lower this rate and associated complications.

Forceps consist of four essential parts: handle, lock, shank, and blade. The blade may feature fenestration or smooth surfaces and feature either a cephalic curve to accommodate head pressure or a pelvic curve for maternal pelvis alignment. Finally, their shanks may overlap (Elliot or Tucker McLane forceps) or be parallel separated for more accessible storage and portability.

Bozeman-Douglas Sponge & Uterine Dressing Forceps

Novo Surgical Rampley Sponge Forceps feature elongated jaws with small looped tips designed to grip sponges or swabs and reduce slippage risk securely. These ring-handled forceps can be helpful during various types of surgeries, including gynecological procedures in which tissue must be grasped from within the uterus, shifting gauze dressings around, or shifting gauze through other locations on gauze rolls, etc. Additionally, its partially serrated tips decrease trauma while offering strong gripping power over the material being held.

Novo Surgical Bozeman Sponge & Uterine Dressing Forceps

Novo Surgical Bozeman Sponge & Uterine Dressing Forceps are lightweight German stainless steel forceps designed to hold gauze squares, sponges, or other absorbent dressings during surgery. Their long, elongated jaws feature partially serrated surfaces to reduce slippage risks; locking mechanisms also enable double use as hemostats, allowing this versatile instrument to double as hemostatic protection during procedures. Measuring 10″ in length, they offer numerous uses during surgeries.

Maier Dressing Forceps

Gross Maier dressing forceps are often used for holding, placing, and removing various dressing materials such as cotton swabs, gauze pads, or surgical dressings. Their ring handles feature serrated hollow clamps at their tips with multiple lengths and curvatures available to meet a range of dressing needs.

These premium-grade gynecological instruments are constructed of stainless steel with an autoclave-safe stainless finish for minimal reflections and corrosion resistance, offering lasting quality with multiple sterilization methods available to them. They are built for durability and can even be sterilized using several standard processes to keep you hygienic!

These tools feature serrated jaws with fenestrations designed to grip swabs or dressings, elongated straight shafts for deep surgical access, finger rings for optimal control, and an automatic locking mechanism with a self-locking grasping action.