I Must Become a Monster Manga Review

Tetsuo Takahashi is eager to explore this world of monster girls and uncover all their dark secrets. Join him as he navigates this magical land full of vampires, dull hands, and succubi!

Naoki Urasawa is one of the manga industry’s best-known artists. Madhouse produced an anime television series of this work from April 2004 until September 2005 that ran 74 episodes long.

Xiao Qiu

In I Must Become A Monster Manga, the protagonist Xiao Qiu, an emotionless monster who silently protects humanity with his power, is at the forefront. Misunderstood by all but ultimately being reborn as humanity’s silent guardian is what drives this captivating narrative full of twists and turns; ultimately it offers hope and redemption.

The narrative unfolds over seven days, with each chapter covering one day or night of that week. While this makes the plot slow-paced at times, towards the end, there are exciting plot developments and some intriguing ideas explored about nihilism, fate, morality, and perfectionism – raising questions such as: is every life equal?

Xiao Qiu is an engaging character with special powers and abilities that set him apart from other characters. He can transform into various forms and read minds; his manga also explores how he copes with loneliness.

This manga is an outstanding example of psychologically and philosophically stimulating fiction, offering deep psychological and philosophical depth. While some may find its message hard to grasp or interpret intellectually, others can understand it better by experiencing it emotionally or intuitively.

Monster by Naoki Urasawa is an engaging and complex manga that explores human nature. The work covers nihilism, individuality, fate, and morality with captivating insight into our psyches. Although its pace may sometimes seem slow, Monster offers surprising and insightful revelations of humanity’s inner workings.

Contrary to what may be found elsewhere, this manga series is unsuitable for young children as some scenes may be disturbing and violent, so reading with an adult or parent may be wise. Also, it’s a good idea to check the manga’s rating as it may contain content with a content rating of PG-13 or above – always best practice when reading something!

Humanity’s silent guardian

Johan Liebert is one of the most compelling manga villains ever, often described as the next Adolf Hitler or simply as a monster. As the main protagonist in “I must become a Monster”, his mysterious past forms the center of its plotline.

He is a charming blond with an inoffensive sweater and an unsympathetic demeanor who easily manipulates people and is consumed with ending humanity. However, he also displays genuine human qualities like loving his twin sister and laughing freely.

Johan is also an incredible observer of humanity, having observed them for centuries and being able to accurately forecast their futures and read the minds of his victims. Additionally, he has seen how Earth will eventually crumble due to human behavior.

The I Must Become A Monster manga is engaging with action and suspense. The characters in this comic book are captivating, making the experience of reading this manga one they will want to repeat repeatedly.

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Reincarnated humans appear in several manga titles featuring supernatural beings such as vampires or werewolves; however, another genre has also gained significant attention in the West: stories featuring monsters upon reincarnation. No wonder this genre has inspired so many movies, television shows, novels, and even real-life events, not to mention being responsible for some of the best horror films ever.

A world filled with monsters

When a young man is tasked with protecting humanity from monsters, he is pitted against one of the world’s most terrifying beasts. This leads him on an unpredictable and dangerous journey filled with perversity and cruelty, where his only option is either killing or being killed himself. Through this quest, he learns more about himself and the true nature of the monster facing off against him.

Shogakukan published the manga between 1994 and 2001 in their seinen magazine Big Comic Original and collected it into 18 tankobon volumes. The story centers around Kenzo Tenma, a Japanese surgeon living in Germany whose life becomes unstable after becoming involved with Johan Liebert – one of his former patients revealed as being a dangerous psychopath.

Johan is eventually shot by police and hospitalized, where he lies unconscious for some time. Tenma uses this time to track down Johan and learn more about his past, during which time Tenma forms an emotional relationship with Anna, who shares some loyalty; additionally, he gains more insight into Johan’s atrocities, such as those committed during East German regime rule and Czech eugenics experiments.

On his way home from work one day, the main character accidentally knocks over a large dog and hears in his mind a voice saying that experience points for this monster have been given back to him. At first, this news is unimportant, but once back at work, he realizes that now everything around him seems like some game with levels, skills, and statuses to maintain.

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A world of mystery

The main character is thrust into an intriguing world where they must unravel who’s behind attacks, meet new monsters that seem more human than themselves, and battle crazier sociopaths than themselves. Like 20th Century Boys, his everyday life quickly becomes filled with mysteries and adventure! This manga features similar plot elements.

One of the most striking elements of this manga is how diverse its characters are. Our protagonist meets vampires, dullahans, and succubi, among other beings not human. He befriends them and assists them through high school life’s ups and downs, adding humor and cuteness to his story!

This manga is perfect for anyone who enjoys something besides romance or shojo manga, offering something different in terms of character development and story pacing. While its characters may have distinct voices, they’re well written nonetheless, with one minor downside being how time jumps back and forth within its pages.

XxxHolic*Rou is another fantastic isekai manga that blends horror, action, and adventure elements perfectly. This manga follows three siblings as they take in an injured boy they find, sheltering him in their house as the “Goblin Slayer,” capable of killing any goblin that comes his way. The priestess believes more will follow Goblin Slayer into town in search of the hope he brings.

Monster, created and illustrated by Naoki Urasawa, has long been considered a landmark of isekai manga. Published from December 1994 until December 2001 in Shogakukan’s Big Comic Original series, Monster consisted of 162 chapters divided across 18 tankobon volumes and gained worldwide acclaim and respect as one of its authors’ groundbreaking works in this genre.