Fate is a Fickle Mom by Tama-Bon

The Story

Fate refers to an invisible supernatural power that inexorably dictates events and courses their path, with little ability to change its course. Many Greek legends and stories illustrate this notion – Oedipus’ tale is an excellent reminder that trying to change fate ultimately proves fruitless.

One Piece’s story revolves around the notion that there’s little you can do to alter your fate; all you can do is strive to live as best you can, but even that might not always guarantee happiness.

Example: Assuming you were an A student, hard work and studying may enable you to get into your desired college or university; however, bad luck could prevent that from happening and may mean ending up elsewhere. Hence, many believe in fate as the ultimate arbiter of our destinies.

Fate Is a Fickle Mother by Tama-bon Although Tama may be the weakest member of Team Ruler, she always does her best to follow his orders and is very friendly and kind toward her friends – always helping when needed – especially during Producing The Angels when providing advice about increasing their popularity. She was particularly helpful to Peaky Angels, who advised how they could gain fame through Producing The Angels.

Tama has short black hair tied in a small ponytail tied behind her head with wispy bangs and dark brown eyes, wearing a white school uniform. Cranberry tends to scare Tama away quickly, and she suffers from low self-esteem as her mother often compares her to her more successful siblings. Tama excels at magic and can soon open holes in anything.

She is Big Mom’s 35th daughter and was engaged to Sanji before the WCI arc; however, their wedding was ultimately called off due to his infidelity. She has a third eye and can sometimes become very insecure; at other times, however, she can be aggressive or violent, though fans love her all the same.

The Characters

Fate can be a fickle mother, as evidenced by her many women with children. Morgan Le Fay has at least three sons (Gawain, Gareth, and Agravain); Medea had Jason and Crysador while Circe had Odysseus as one version had him; Scathach had a daughter that Cu banged; Boudica had daughters of their own while Raikou also has Kintoki as her son – all these characters need keeping track of. And that is just the main one; many minor characters also have their children!