Steampunk Fashion Accessories

Steampunk fashion is ideal for those seeking to combine Victorian romance and retro-futurism. Brass buttons that resemble nuts and bolts should be included, along with plenty of cogs, gears, and general “industrial” paraphernalia for an impressive ensemble.

Corsets and bustle skirts are among the more iconic steampunk costumes for women, often combined with blouses featuring oversized sleeves adorned with lace wreathes atop hats round off this ensemble.


Whether you want to portray a pirate or Victorian maiden, nothing completes their look better than a well-crafted corset. Corsets slim your waist while providing a classic 1950s vibe – they come under-bust or over-bust and in various styles and fabrics, making them essential pieces in any steampunk costume and can be found at multiple retailers.

Steampunk style features a deep and earthy color palette with creams and tans as a foundation, accent pieces in burnt sienna, bronze, copper, and chocolate hues, along with brass or stainless steel metals to complete its steampunk look.

This three-piece steampunk reversible corset outfit features a brocade pattern and back lacing with 26 grommets and 12 steel bones. This outfit comes complete with a brass barbwire skull tie pin, working police copper distressed whistle, self-fabric mask, and brass barbwire skull tie pin, suitable for depicting characters such as Sherlock Holmes, Miyazaki characters or Dr Who. Available exclusively through Etsy, this outfit completes any look, while a matching Renaissance-style skirt can also be purchased to achieve an elegant Victorian aesthetic.


Gloves are an indispensable element of steampunk fashion, adding sophistication and character to any ensemble. Gloves can quickly turn an otherwise simple outfit into something truly breathtaking when worn as part of the ensemble, complementing other accessories like hats or boots with intricate metalwork designs and colors. Leather and fabric gloves may also come with variations of designs and colors for further personalization, even decorated ones!

Some leather gloves offer an intriguing feature: they can act as hands-free phones! By connecting with your smartphone, these gloves allow for hands-free communication with friends or coworkers – and make a perfect addition to steampunk costumes!

These leather gloves are an easy way to add a steampunk style to any ensemble! Crafted from high-quality, durable leather with an adjustable wrist strap for optimal wearability. Size options range from small to extra large, and you can further personalize with decorative ribbon – use it to pin the glove in place or fold under any raw edges!

Riding Jackets

Riding jackets are an integral component of steampunk fashion. Not only can they add style and class, but they also allow the wearer to create various personas or themes such as pirates, airship whalers, and Victorian explorers – these coats often sport distressed or worn designs to give the illusion that the wearer has traveled for extended periods in harsh conditions.

This velveteen coat for men features classic 18th-century frock coat style and extra-wide pirate cuffs, complete with a high neck and decorative custom buttons with antique brass liberty coin detailing and braided braiding detailing on its cuffs – making an ideal steampunk costume option. Pair this swashbuckler’s costume with steampunk apparel, such as boots and gloves, to complete its look!

When dressing in steampunk fashion, it’s essential that you stay true to yourself and don’t try to imitate others’ styles. Instead, blend elements of steampunk fashion with clothing and accessories from your styles for an individualistic style all your own. Plus, you could always add some lovely steampunk jewelry pieces!


Steampunk outfits typically consist of corsets, bustles, dresses, and gowns featuring intricate lacework or embroidery to emphasize female figure-enhancing pieces like corsets. Many are embellished with goggles or monocles as an add-on feature to emphasize this aspect of steampunk fashion influenced by 19th-century literature espoused by authors like Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or G. K. Chesterton, whose books also influenced this look.

Steampunk fashion draws heavily on Victorian styles and incorporates technology and futuristic elements for an original aesthetic. This unique combination of Victorian and industrial influences gave rise to this trend that first appeared on runways in 2010 and quickly caught on among high fashion designers.

Women’s Steampunk dresses come in short and long silhouettes and can be combined with various types of footwear. Leather-made boots make a classic addition to steampunk outfits; alternative options for footwear could include clogs or flats with retro-futuristic aesthetics featuring metal details like gears, cogs, and screws on their front panel.

Steampunk dresses can also be styled more formally with the addition of a waistcoat and cravat for a formal appearance. For an authentic detective persona, pair the cravat with a brass-barbed skull tiepin and working police copper distressed whistle; your waistcoat could even include an optional self-fabric mask to complete your ensemble!


Shoes are an integral component of steampunk fashion. From casual jeans and T-shirt ensembles to formal attire such as gowns or suits, adding shoes can create an eye-catching statement about oneself and add color and character. Steampunk boots come in various styles, from knee-high Victorian boots to tall leather ones that perfectly match a corset.

No matter if you are dressing as a pirate or simply want to add gothic style, these black steampunk boots will do the trick. Their straps feature cog details for added authenticity to this steampunk look. These worn-looking boots make it seem like you have had many adventures!

These winter biker boots are an ideal addition to any woman’s steampunk style, featuring an eye-catching skull design that complements many costumes. Their side zipper makes putting and taking off these boots easy, and their comfort makes them a great choice for attending steampunk events or special occasions.


Steampunk fans have an array of hat styles when selecting steampunk fashion clothing. Some types are made of natural materials, while others use metal, leather, or textile materials for construction. Some even boast decorative elements such as cogs, clock pieces, clock hands, sprockets, rivets, chains, or other industrial components for an incredibly distinctive appearance that sets steampunk fashion apart from different clothing styles.

Steampunk aviator’s caps make an excellent accessory for men who enjoy flying zeppelins or airships. Crafted of light brown faux suede material, this cap has an adjustable chin strap and custom-fit straps to customize its size for the wearer’s head shape. It features tie-back or open ear flaps that can be tied back as desired, brass barbwire skull tiepins accentuating its look, and a working police copper distressed whistle. Perfect for costume parties, Renaissance fairs, and casual events as well!

Steampunk gentleman’s top hats are an ideal way to transform yourself into a Victorian explorer or steamship captain, featuring gears, cogs, and other industrial designs that add the perfect finishing touch. Available in various sizes for easy fitting.


Accessories are a vital element of a steampunk look, including clocks of various shapes and sizes and clocks with brass or other metallic finishes, lace fabrics, cameo charms, or any motifs inspired by Victorian culture. Steampunk jewelry often incorporates clocks of various kinds as well.

Leather is another versatile material used in steampunk fashion and can be utilized differently depending on your desired look. Leather gloves can add a more rugged and masculine element, while pants made of this fabric can create an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

Other accessories that can help complete the steampunk look, such as Victorian lace chokers or skull necklaces, pocket watches with steampunk designs, or even sunglasses featuring these styles, are great additions for completing this style of attire.

Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy that blends elements of the Victorian era with technology and machinery, drawing influence from music, literature, and fashion. Steampunk continues to increase – new clothing lines that combine this style keep popping up. Steampunk can help express creativity while being unique – it can quickly be adopted by anyone willing to try it!