Second Life Fashion

Fashion designers in Second Life devote time and talent to crafting virtual garments for our avatars to show their sense of fashion. It is only fair that their abilities and artistic capabilities be recognized with reasonable pricing so that our avatars enjoy wearing them!

At fashion shows and expos, various designers present their latest collections to tens of thousands of attendees who come out to experience something new in fashion. These events allow residents to discover a wide array of styles.


Second Life boasts a vibrant fashion ecosystem, with thousands of creators selling mesh bodies, heads, eyes, hairstyles, clothing, shoes, accessories for males and females, animations, tattoos, and nails to enhance its vibrant fashion scene. Even stores specialize in tattooing or nail art, making this virtual world truly style-driven!

Asteria, the goddess of astrology, stars, the night sky, oneiromancy, divination, magic, and sorcery, is often depicted with a crown of stars encircling her head; she may also be shown alongside Apollo and Artemis who she shares her power with.

Coeus and Phoebe gave birth to her, along with Leto. Following the Titanomachy, she received residence on Mount Olympus and quickly became close to Zeus, which led him to pursue her. To escape his grip, she transformed herself into an island.

The Asteria Cabin houses the descendants and legacies of Asteria/Delos, the Greek/Roman goddess of astrology, stars, the evening sky, oneiromancy divination, magical spells, and sorcery necromancy. Children of Asteria can see the date and time by looking at the stars/sky, which also tells their location. Furthermore, they can predict future dreams and communicate with deceased souls (necromancy). Children of Asteria possess an innate understanding and interpretation of prophecy and can foretell glimpses into their futures, using it to inform decisions and become very skilled mages. Furthermore, these children possess magical talents capable of casting various spells or creating their own while exploring sorcery paths – all traits attributed to their mother, Hecate, who also provides protection. When combined, this power makes these children especially dangerous.


After winning the Spiel des Jahres award, it’s not unusual for publishers to produce expansions to capitalize on its success and keep players interested. Next Move Games took a unique approach with Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra by offering it as a standalone game without needing a copy of its base game first in order to play.

The base game is an engaging abstract strategy puzzle with an intuitive design, simple but profound gameplay, and deep layers of strategy. Players can assemble custom tiles and patterns using this platform, scoring points based on how many tiles each placement touches on their wall. At the same time, end-of-round tallies show how many rows, columns or full-color sets have been completed in that round.

Azul is an enjoyable two- or four-player board game with complex systems that are simple enough for newcomers to grasp quickly, enabling players to develop their strategies rapidly. Each game usually lasts 20-30 minutes – perfect for weeknight entertainment!

Ample Avi is an independent designer who offers clothing and accessories tailored specifically for curvier avatars in Second Life. In addition, Ample Avi is proud of working closely with Mexican artisans and supporting traditional techniques like pottery making or basalt stone carving in Mexico through our foundation that supports local artists and preserves traditional artist techniques such as pottery making or basalt stone carving.

Bad Unicorn

Bad Unicorn is the debut book in an irreverent middle-grade fantasy trilogy that mocks familiar tropes in fantasy fiction. Packed with irreverent humor, irony, and action sequences reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons(r), computer games, malevolent sci-fi robotsTM, zombies and 1980’s arcade games, Bad Unicorn features nods to these beloved media franchises as well.

Max Spencer doesn’t think he has much to contribute to society: he’s simply trying to avoid school bullies and connect with his hyperactive gamer friend Dirk. One day, however, Max finds an old book under his bed: it turns out to be his inheritance: the Codex of Infinite Knowability–an ancient spell book capable of opening portals between three worlds!

But the Codex also draws Princess, an evil, bloodthirsty carnivorous unicorn who seeks pleasure from devouring other creatures. Not alone: several different characters, such as Good Dragons, Scare Bears, and Rezormoor Dreadbringer, find joy in killing or eating other beings for sport – such as Max Dirk Sarah and their fellow rabbits must fight Princess and her minions to prevent the Codex from falling into enemy hands.

Cosmic Dust

Fashion industry insiders have enthusiastically taken up Second Life and virtual avatars in recent times, including last week when Jonathan Simkhai’s Fall/Winter 2022 physical collection was given that extra exceptional digital edge during New York Fashion Week by being transformed into wearable wearables modeled by fashion editors and influencers in Second Life during a show held in virtual world Second Life.

Astronomers use observations and measurements of cosmic dust – from molecular clouds in the diffuse interstellar medium, circumstellar dust around young stellar objects, carbonaceous dust in our Solar System, and even carbonaceous dust from space – to better understand its complex recycling steps in the universe. Over time, astronomers amass snapshots of different states of dust accumulation, creating a movie of its dusty history.

Professor Gomez and his team are currently compiling an exhaustive catalog of dusty galaxies using Herschel data, hoping this effort will uncover new classes of galaxies that appear dust-poor on visible light images but contain vast quantities.

Second Life is home to creatives with unique styles. You’re sure to find clothing and accessories to complete your look here, with Pink Cream Pie being one of them. Their high-quality original mesh clothing ranges from casual cuteness to sexiness, all created carefully. Additionally, there are poses and animations offered that will set your avatar apart from others and gorgeous fantasy huds that bring their fantasy worlds alive!

Lilibel & Octavious

Second Life allows you to create your virtual world, offering an abundance of clothing, shoes, accessories, and avatars from which to choose. Some stores specialize in specific styles, such as shoes or hairstyles, while others sell hairstyles tailored for multiple mesh bodies or nail polish. With second life fashion, you have complete creative control!

Second Life boasts an expansive fashion ecosystem featuring thousands of creators selling clothes, skins, eyes, shapes, and hair products at all price levels and styles – from affordable everyday looks to high-fashion dresses and jewelry.

Numerous specialty stores, such as Ample Avi, provide full-figure shape designs for classic avatars and clothes, shoes, and accessories for female avatars. Monso offers casual and sexy clothing options and various accessories, including shoes and purses – great stores if you’re a female avatar looking for full-figure representation!

Ample Avi offers a selection of shape designs to fit every body type – from curvier, slimmer silhouettes to plusher fuller figures and full-figured bodies – which makes this store an excellent one for girls wanting to dress like princesses!

Some stores offer unique and fun accessories, like tipsters and Taox Tattoos. Additionally, these stores provide an assortment of appliers and bend holdables compatible with most female mesh bodies and freebie areas with gifts available to visitors. In addition, many pose and animation sets can also be found here, making it easier for you to create an eye-catching avatar look.