Mistral Clothing Reviews

Mistral Clothing Company boasts of offering superior products and services. Their website displays an assortment of stylish fashion pieces and accessories.

The Galibier Mistral jacket is an ideal winter riding choice, providing ample windproofing protection at an attractive price point. Featuring a high, fleece-lined collar to block wind gusts and secondary inner cuffs that seal against cold winds.

Product Description

The Mistral is a lightweight winter jacket designed to keep you cozy during cold weather rides. Featuring H2X-DRY fabric which helps wick away moisture away from the body for improved skin comfort, this piece can keep you comfortable while riding in cold conditions. However, as this jacket is neither waterproof or windproof and additional layers may be required to provide complete protection from weather elements.

It features a high collar with zipper fasteners that can be closed to provide additional warmth, as well as internal cuffs that can be worn over winter gloves for additional insulation. Furthermore, its white color reflects heat efficiently while looking great on any bike!

Mistral Clothing Company in the UK sells various fashion pieces and accessories, such as tops, shirts, jeans, knitwear, dresses, tunics and tunic dresses. In addition, the company provides hats & gloves, bags & purses, shoes & slippers shoes slippers socks tights – with over 1,000 styles, sizes & colors to choose from!

Product Features

Mistral offers a selection of clothing materials and fashion accessories, such as shirts, jeans, dresses, coats, hats, gloves and slippers. In addition, Mistral also provides delivery services.

As a family-run business, Mistral was looking to replicate its warm and personal in-store shopping experience online. To do this, they enlisted blubolt as their partner to design a custom theme on Shopify Plus that gave the team full internal control. Furthermore, integrations were established with Okendo for easy fulfilment; Klaviyo for email marketing personalisation; and CloudSearch providing seamless search/product filtering functionality.


Mountain Hardwear Mistral softshell jacket offers an ideal combination of price and performance. Although its weatherproofing may not compare with more costly options, when used alongside an effective baselayer and rain jacket it should provide adequate protection in most stormy conditions.

This miniseries from the 1980s, commonly referred to as a trash wallow, is great fun. The scenery is gorgeous and Stacy Keach makes an impression as Picasso-esque artist Mistral.

Mistral pants are similar to Air Pants but feature full-circumference zippers at both waist and leg cuffs for more secure fastening, unlike cheap snaps or loops commonly seen elsewhere. In addition, the leg cuffs also include an inner cuff to block out drafts draughts draughts; unfortunately however, these pants do not include an integrated liner but should still provide plenty of warmth without one.

Customer Service

Mistral Clothing is a London, England based fashion and accessory retailer that provides fashion items and accessories. Their offerings draw inspiration from both local landscapes as well as further away locations such as Morocco. Mistral is known for bold prints that fit customer requests perfectly while providing exactly what customers require.

This company strives to give their clients an exceptional experience by listening carefully to their needs and responding with products that are both fun and functional. Furthermore, they recognize the importance of being environmentally-friendly by using sustainable materials when producing their products, keeping prices as competitive as possible, as well as offering various styles and fabrics such as tops, shirts, jeans and knitwear for customers to choose from.