Habitat Clothes Reviews

Habitat Clothes are designed to ease you through life comfortably and stylishly, from work to play. Each garment embodies women’s unique sense of style, without trying to dictate it. Their roots lie in small batch fashion; customer feedback is integrated directly into designs for “clothes to live in.” They create clothing designed as part of your community!

Customer Service

Habitat Clothes is a clothing line created to reflect women’s individual styles. Their pieces are created for comfort and style throughout a woman’s journey in life; from career meetings to casual Friday. Focusing on grounded contemporary styling for real women while continually gathering customer feedback into designs.

Starting off as an orderly basement business, they quickly expanded. Now operating over 1200 specialty stores nationwide as well as selling their products online. Their customer service staff is exceptional and highly knowledgeable about their product offering.

Nordstrom and Amazon both offer Habitat clothing online, and both provide free shipping with buyer protection on every order placed with them.

Product Quality

Habitat Clothes offers high-quality clothing designed for casual, sophisticated or trendy styles – whether casual is what you seek or sophistication is what is desired – for each woman’s individual style and body type. Their tops and dresses feature comfortable fabrics such as cotton with natural fibers for breathability; all pieces can also be machine washed!

Their inventory features an assortment of colors and patterns to meet every woman’s style, in different sizes to meet individual body types. Furthermore, they strive to craft clothing designed specifically to be versatile with their small batch approach – each piece being individually hand crafted for optimal wearability. Finally, there’s even an accessory selection to complete any look! Additionally, there is a rewards program offering up to 7% cash back for frequent shoppers; making purchasing clothes even more economical!

Value for Money

Habitat Clothes offers fashionable clothing at an incredibly reasonable price, designed specifically to meet women’s unique styles and needs. Established by Suzanne and Rich Connelly in 1999 with the goal of designing “clothes to live in”, Habitat Clothes quickly found itself among larger brands at trade shows as customers eagerly welcomed it and provided invaluable real-time feedback that is still integrated into its designs today. Habitat’s clothing are comfortable yet versatile enough for use across your entire closet!

Return Policy

Habitat Clothes is a clothing company known for their distinctive designs and superior fabrics, creating comfortable yet fashionable apparel perfect for everyday wear. However, finding reliable online retailers offering Habitat clothing may be challenging; fortunately there are multiple sellers such as Amazon, Zappos and eBay which carry this brand. Amazon and Zappos both provide free shipping as well as buyer protection; Amazon even has a return policy should anything go amiss during your purchase experience! You can even buy Habitat clothing at Nordstrom which provides luxury department store-like service!