Lifestyle Club

When we hear “lifestyle club,” many may picture loud, neon-lit clubs filled with scantily clad people. However, lifestyle clubs provide much more than this: they offer an informal, judgment-free space where couples can explore as much or as little of a lifestyle as they wish.

This benefit entails exchanging Lifestyle Qualified Credits for packages at the club, the value of which may depend on your tier.


Lifestyle clubs provide entertainment in various forms but typically offer on-premise sex services. Some are open only to heterosexual couples or individuals, while others maintain a nondiscriminatory orientation policy. Still, others specialize in threesomes or fetish activities while hosting events dedicated to specific interests, such as gang bangs or BDSM parties.

Many individuals may not wish to engage in sexual activity at these events and parties, yet they can still enjoy great dances and actions like those at parties and events. The atmosphere at these gatherings is welcoming; guests may discover their relationships growing stronger through these interactions; couples will likely discuss fantasies and boundaries that lead to new possibilities of sexual play.

Swingers clubs are ideal for couples and friends to connect. These clubs have rules designed to protect members, such as restricting sexually threatening behavior and having no-solicitation policies; additionally, these clubs usually implement codes of conduct and dress codes to protect all its members.

Clubs such as NSFW are designed to offer couples a safe, judgment-free space to explore various forms of sexual experience. Events and workshops, including erotic sketching and kinky game night, are hosted regularly at these clubs; additionally, a dating coach is available to assist couples in finding the ideal partner.

Lifestyle clubs are typically private and invite-only, providing an ideal way to meet swingers and find your perfect match. Decorated in themes from tropical islands to Arabian Nights and some even featuring voyeur rooms, the lounge areas often include bars that serve alcoholic beverages and snacks as well as live bands or performers performing.

Function rooms

The club offers a brightly lit studio for hire for various events, weddings included. Equipped with modern desks and chairs, it can comfortably seat 100 seated individuals or 150 standing attendees.

These suites boast a bedroom, living area, and large marble bathroom featuring twin vanity units, a bath, and a walk-in shower. Spacious yet airy with floor-to-ceiling windows and modern decor, these suites also come equipped with a flat-screen TV, iPod docking station, and CD player – so no one is ever out of sight or mind!


Lifestyle clubs provide an ideal setting to get active. Offering an array of sports activities and social events designed to foster interaction among members and their guests while creating accountability among them for improved health outcomes, lifestyle clubs are ideal venues where individuals can find support groups in person or online via Zoom.

Lifestyle clubs are an extension of classic social and entertainment clubs, offering more amenities such as bars, restaurants, entertainment, and fitness centers. You can enjoy drinks while watching a band perform live or get fit at one.

Many clubs provide various sporting activities on their concourse, from lawn bowls and tennis to rugby and soccer fields. Pool tables and snooker can also be found. You’ll likely also find bars and restaurants, many of which provide function rooms that can be hired out for events and functions; you could even use these spaces for weddings and other special occasions!


Lifestyle clubs with exceptional dining facilities will feature multiple restaurants offering delectable cuisine to cater to casual lunches or intimate dinner parties while featuring a cafe where members and guests can relax with drinks or light snacks.

Lifestyle clubs are great places to be – there’s always plenty of excitement here! Enjoy a drink from the bar area or even see some live entertainment like bands or other performances.


Lifestyle clubs typically feature cafes for members and guests to relax after working out or just for drinks and snacks. Most lifestyle club cafes also offer breakfast with beverages like Peet’s coffee or Mighty Leaf tea.

An assortment of food will be available here, from classic Australian fare to exotic cuisine. Some will feature restaurants with Italian themes, while others provide traditional diner fare and Asian fare in a bistro environment. They will also have a full bar service with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available for consumption.