Life Style Staffing

Life Style Staffing, located in Madison, WI, and founded in 2017, saw an 18% employee count increase over last year, with 50 employees earning an average yearly salary of $228 and hourly pay ranging depending on job title and location. Compare Life Style Staffing salaries against those from similar industries for comparison purposes.

Personalized Benefits

Lifestyle staffing refers to benefits that enhance your employees’ emotional, personal, and physical well-being. Lifestyle benefits effectively show employees you care for them individually while increasing job satisfaction – both critical components for attracting and retaining talent. Lifestyle benefits also increase job satisfaction since workers who receive such incentives will likely remain with their jobs longer.

Lifestyle benefits often offered to employees include gym membership reimbursement programs, debt repayment assistance for student loans, flexible work schedules, and pet insurance policies. Some companies also provide targeted wellness programs aimed at stress management or nutrition – and sometimes even offer an incentive stipend to encourage employee training as yoga teachers or fitness trainers.

Lifestyle benefits provide employees with incentives that support professional growth and enhance job productivity, such as being promoted or becoming a manager. They may also serve as rewards for accomplishing milestones such as becoming an employee manager.

Personalized benefits effectively show potential staff members that you appreciate them as people, not simply employees. With more employees looking for extra benefits beyond healthcare and retirement packages, employers who prioritize staff wellbeing stand out as employers who care about the wellbeing of their workforce.

Studies have proven that companies offering lifestyle benefits as an effective recruitment and retention strategy are finding happier employees who are 13% more productive.

Life Style Staffing of Madison, WI, employs people at an average hourly wage of $228. Hourly rates depend upon position responsibilities, skillset, and experience level.

Inclusive Company Culture

Establishing a positive company culture is an integral component of a successful employer. A vibrant work environment attracts candidates for employment while satisfying current employees and can play an essential role in employee satisfaction and retention. Company culture can be defined as shared values and beliefs between employees, often determined by demographic factors like age, gender, race, and socioeconomic status – diverse workforces must have supportive company cultures to thrive.

There are many ways to create an inclusive workplace. One of the critical aspects is embracing diversity and supporting individuals with diverse experiences. Listening to employees and treating them with respect are also vital parts of inclusion – listening without judgment is also necessary in this respect, along with asking questions when necessary.

An inclusive company will provide employees with the support and resources necessary to flourish at work, whether that means moral support from supervisors or in-office groups or practical help such as access to technology or facilities that enable employees with disabilities. Such assistance could mean the difference between feeling valued by their employer and stigmatized or alienated.

Inclusive workplace cultures foster collaboration and teamwork among employees from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, who can work on projects together towards reaching company goals while contributing new ideas that could result in innovative solutions and increased productivity.

Adopting inclusion can save both time and money when hiring. With more inclusive work environments, employees will stay longer with one company rather than seeking new employment elsewhere, saving on recruitment and training expenses while cutting time-to-productivity times – boosting company efficiency overall.

Various strategies for cultivating an inclusive company culture include offering employees lifestyle stipends to cover everyday expenses like food, travel, pets, charitable donations, and internet/cell phone bills. This helps show employees that the company cares about them beyond just their skills and contributions to the business.

Boost Employee Motivation

Employee benefits that help employees save money, get healthy, and manage their family schedules more easily can increase team motivation. But to truly build team spirit, it’s also vital to cultivate a culture of trust and recognition for employees by allowing them to learn from one another and share expertise.

Whether 22-year-old recent college graduates living in the city with cats or 55-year-old executive families with three kids living in the suburbs, your workforce members come at different stages of life and will find other things motivating. Zoomshift co-founder Jon Hainstock recommends an approach tailored specifically for each team to assess individual needs and provide solutions.

Employees with high ambitions driven by achievement may be motivated to work harder when provided a clear pathway towards advancement and regular progress reviews. This may involve assigning these employees mentors or finding ways to deputize them, as well as training or coaching that helps improve performance and reach goals more quickly.

Another way of increasing employee motivation is creating a culture of trust and recognition through gamification and rewards is an effective strategy to improve employee motivation. Offering employees spot bonuses can help motivate the entire team – incredibly remote or home teams where employees may feel neglected as members. This tactic may also keep members feeling valued as part of the group.

Finally, your teams must have access to the resources necessary for meeting company expectations and maintaining high productivity levels. Setting ambitious goals or offering flexible workflows won’t help if your teams can’t manage the workload; hire enough support personnel so everyone feels supported equally; and encourage managers to check in frequently with their teams to see if any extra assistance may be required.


As the economy improves, lifestyle staffing has become more cost-effective for employers. Many companies offering this service provide employees with flexible budgets to reimburse expenses related to gym memberships, fitness classes, and nutritious food options – helping employers reduce health care and absenteeism costs while simultaneously providing high-quality-of-life benefits to employees.

In an attractive beach town, this business presents an incredible opportunity for new owners to expand their client base and revenues. Furthermore, the current owner has taken great confidence in this well-established enterprise, offering to finance this sale themselves as proof of confidence in its success in the future.

Life Style Staffing employees earn an hourly average hourly wage of $228, which depends on location and job title. You may select one job to view its salary hourly averages and compare them with similar companies in similar or related industries; some examples would include…