Find Vu in SimCity BuildIt

Have you ever experienced deja vu, which is the feeling that something familiar has already happened before? Although often fleeting, this could indicate epilepsy if it recurs regularly and includes unconscious chewing or fumbling, racing heart, or fear as symptoms.

Researchers have many theories as to what causes deja vu. One such theory holds that our brain processes sensory input and memory recall output together; however, sometimes, they diverge and cause deja vu experiences.

Vu Tower

SimCity BuildIt now introduces Vu Tower, which can help you earn Golden Keys and expand your specialization building population. To activate it, tap on the mysterious building near your Global Trade HQ; Dr Vu will appear and instruct you on its construction. Once done, you can unleash various diabolical Disasters upon your city; these can destroy buildings while providing Golden Key rewards according to their power level and style.

Each level of Vu Tower unlocks a different Disaster type, providing increasingly more Golden Keys as you progress. Earthquake Level, three at maximum tower level, provides the greatest return for Vu items, combining simple repair costs with generous Golden Key rewards.

The Vu Tower is one of the four ways to earn Golden Keys, cargo boat shipments, and random item drops. As Mayor, this structure should not be overlooked!

Dr Vu

Dr Vu has 21 years of experience as an emergency room physician and has seen firsthand how vein disease can bring pain, discomfort, and disfigurement to its victims. Because she saw this suffering first-hand, she decided to specialize in vein care to help improve lives while halting the progression of this dreadful condition. Her practice includes diagnosing and treating vein diseases using cutting-edge methods available today.

Dr. Loan Vu is an award-winning, board-certified gastroenterologist with more than eight years of experience treating conditions affecting the gastrointestinal tract, such as the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, and biliary tract. Her specialties include endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), capsule endoscopy, Bravo pH study, hemorrhoids removal treatment, endoscopic gastroduodenoscopy, colonoscopy, and percutaneous feeding tube placement.

Dr. Vu is one of the primary villains in the game alongside Uncle Vinnie. With crazy white hair and an orange coat with yellow buttons – which features in Club War mode as his Club War outfit – Dr. Vu can be summoned by placing his lair anywhere within a city; then unleashed crime waves will ensue as Sims are recruited into becoming his minions; even regular police force may recruit him into their ranks as minions! Upgrades can further strengthen his powers; in addition to standard upgrades, he can also receive promotions with lab equipment for his evil venom vehicle!


Disasters are sudden events that cause widespread loss, destruction, and hardship for an extended area. They may have either natural or manmade origin; for example, accidents such as an oil spill and terrorist attacks fall under this category, while natural catastrophes include events occurring deep inside Earth, such as earthquakes and tsunamis or on its surface, such as flooding, cyclones, droughts wildfires and volcano eruptions are incorporated herein.

Disasters are significant disruptions that overstretch a community’s capacity to cope, forcing it to use resources it doesn’t possess to survive. They may result from hazardous events interacting with conditions of exposure and vulnerability, those caused by human activities (like deforestation), technological hazards ( like public health emergencies and nuclear disasters), and natural processes (like floods). They may occur locally or throughout time and space. Disaster is also a term describing disease outbreaks such as pandemics or epidemics.


Astronomers use various terms to refer to space rocks: asteroids, meteoroids, comets, and fireballs. At first glance, they appear similar; however, some distinct features exist. This page will briefly introduce what differentiates each object, how they relate together, and, more importantly, their impacts.

Meteors are streaks of light in the sky caused by debris from an asteroid or comet that passes through Earth’s atmosphere at high speed, burning up in friction with air molecules as it passes. When an individual meteor survives and lands on Earth’s surface, they are known as meteorites.

There are two main categories of meteors: sporadic and shower meteors. Sporadic meteors appear randomly throughout the night sky, and their frequency can depend on many factors, including time of year, weather conditions, light pollution levels, and observing conditions. Shower meteors occur when Earth passes through a stream of meteoroids left by comet tail particles – these spread out along their orbit each year until, eventually, Earth passes over one such stream yearly.

Fireball meteors, defined as any meteor that appears unusually bright during a shower, may indicate that its surface area has grown larger, which results in faster burning times and increased illumination. When meteor watching during such storms, take extra caution as fireballs could potentially be dangerous should they hit the ground.


The Simoleon is the game’s primary currency to purchase and upgrade buildings, roads, and services, pay taxes, and complete City Achievements. Sims can acquire Simoleons through employment in careers or professions[TS3:AFB], receiving salaries or stipends[TS4:GTW], running businesses, or fulfilling cargo shipments[TS4:GTW].

If you need additional Simoleons, selling items at shops and factories will earn them. In addition, purchasing raw materials from the Global Trade HQ and buying raw materials directly can also help build up your Simoleon supply; making them through regional shipments, selling to advisors, or selling through Mayor’s Pass or event tracks can also help.

Residential zones are one of the key ways to keep your city growing, as they increase population and enable Sims to build homes. They can even be upgraded for greater efficiency and unlocked new City Achievements!

As with most forms of collecting, plants, fish, ore, and gold bars can all bring in significant sums of Simoleons if managed correctly. While rare items require some luck for collection success, containing rare ones is often used by players looking to go from poverty-stricken to riches fast – even collecting frogs could yield hundreds or even millions in value; just be mindful not to sell any collectibles that don’t serve a useful purpose!

Golden Keys

The internet has given rise to an insidious phenomenon where anonymous, unsourced accusations can destroy an organization’s reputation without providing any proof. It’s nearly impossible to shed that image when such allegations become synonymous with illegal dealings.

Golden Keys, an invite-only honor society with over 2 million global members and 40 international associations, has come under attack due to allegations that money-grabbing or rorting operations mar its reputation.

Davis says the controversy isn’t having an overall detrimental effect on their society; rather it has turned away prospective new members after viewing allegations on websites such as Whirlpool and Reddit. She laments,, “It has deterred some.” “It is unfortunate,” Davis laments.

But allegations have damaged individual concierges as well. “It’s difficult to justify spending time and commitment when you have to deal with comments like these,” she laments. “It’s just so unfair.”