Dead Space Remake – Find Report on the Bridge

Dead Space remake offers gamers of all generations an engaging new take on its beloved genre. Video calls with Isaac’s crewmates, magnetic physics puzzles, and its signature audio logs and corpse dioramas from late-00s environmental storytelling all make the Dead Space remake an essential game experience.

Isaac Clarke has also been fully voiced, and new side missions add greater detail to the USG Ishimura’s backstory than was possible in its original game. For instance, Premeditated Malpractice asks you to find a report about its bridge.


Dead Space Remake is an adaptation of the horror franchise with updated graphics and gameplay, featuring updated side missions that explore the Necromorph outbreak and its survivors more deeply than was possible in its original version. One such side mission requires players to find Nicole’s Report on the Bridge of USG Ishimura; unfortunately, there is no specific marker pointing them towards this objective, making finding it challenging at times. YouTuber No Nonsense Guides provides a video tutorial showing players where precisely to locate this report.

Dead Space Remake’s Find Report on a Bridge mission requires returning to a tram and selecting a bridge as their destination. From here, they should head towards Ishimura Mining Sector, where the security terminal is at the end of the corridor, and travel through it until they reach the Main Atrium Bridge area, where the report is next to the first terminal.

This mission is vital in any survival horror game, providing more insight into the Mercer experiment and its aftermath. Furthermore, completion will enable the player to earn valuable upgrades like a Prototype Stasis Module, making surviving Ishimura’s horrors easier, so it is worth undertaking even if it’s complicated.

Finding Nicole’s Report on the Bridge of Ishimura may not be as complicated as it appears, but it will require some detective work. Once players obtain a Tissue Sample from Mercer’s Hunter Necromorph at the end of Chapter 5, they will unlock this side mission, which allows them to locate Nicole’s Report in no time!

The Ishimura Bridge is an expansive area on board the ship, and there are various areas on its bridge to search for this report. To locate it successfully, remember that the tissue sample was obtained in this location – specifically between the Mining Tram Station and the Main Atrium Bridge area where you found the Tissue Sample at the end of Chapter 5. To achieve this task, travel from the Mining Tram Station to the Main Atrium Bridge area before searching – where the Tissue Sample will appear again at the end of Chapter 5.


Dead Space Remake accurately reproduces its predecessor, yet it also offers some unexpected twists. Beyond text and audio log collections, Dead Space Remake introduces several secret Easter Eggs, such as an epic sea shanty tune you can unlock by performing specific actions in certain areas. Once opened, these rewards can help upgrade suits and weapons for better gameplay!

Dead Space Remake brings many changes to the experience, such as adding Side Missions that enhance and deepen the storyline and add extra things to do for players. One such Side Mission is Premeditated Malpractice – a five-part quest focusing on Nicole’s investigations of Dr. Mercer’s experiments aboard Ishimura; part of it involves finding reports hidden around its bridge – though this might initially seem straightforward.

One reason this mission may prove challenging for players is that it requires them to travel around the Ishimura, unearthing data and scanning tissue samples. Their quest will eventually bring them to the bridge, where Nicole meets with Captain Mathius to discuss her findings with him. Although challenging, this storyline component plays an integral part of it all, and the reward for completing this Side Mission is a Prototype Stasis Module upgrade that simplifies killing Necromorphs!

The first step on this quest is to visit the Ore Storage, accessible starting in Chapter 7. After this visit, return to Tram Maintenance and investigate. Finally, a vague objective for Bridge will be given about exactly where its report can be found – though once you know where to look, it will become easier.

To locate this report, head to the Main Atrium Bridge area from the Mining Tram Station and interact with the large terminal found upon entry – this will download your information, fulfilling this Side Mission and moving you closer to building your Prototype Stasis Module.

Time limit

Dead Space Remake has more side missions than its predecessor, including Find Report on the Bridge. This objective requires puzzle-solving skills to locate in Ishimura near Chapter 5. After you complete the Tissue Sample Quest in Chapter 5, you can gain this quest by consulting this video guide from YouTuber No-Nonsense Guides. This objective can take 1-4 hours of gameplay depending on the difficulty of the gamer completing it alone; alternatively, it can be obtained in Chapter 5 once Tissue Sample Quest has been completed successfully.

The Ishimura is a former mining ship repurposed as a space station, housing scientists and security personnel working on an experiment designed to stave off an impending ice age. Unfortunately, the boat is also home to Necromorphs–strange alien parasite-like creatures–which have caused tension within the crew to escalate quickly.

Dead Space was critically and commercially successful despite being produced on a modest budget, becoming one of the best-recognized sci-fi horror games ever to exist. Over time, its reputation has only grown stronger, inspiring an entire genre of similar sci-fi horror titles like Resident Evil or Outlast 2. Most games often recur to similar set pieces and story beats, yet Dead Space stands apart by taking these familiar elements and pushing them further into unfamiliar yet relatable territory.

Art Direction of Original Game | Isaac Clarke’s Resource Integration Gear is held together with metal ribbing and patchwork leather, an essential factor in its success. This visual style is also found throughout Isaac Clarke’s Resource Integration Gear. It shows its visual inspirations from medieval gothic architecture, such as Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and Strasbourg Cathedral.

As development proceeded, Campos-Oriola and Ducharme were often anxious that their game would be considered derivative or fail to stand apart from its influences. Therefore, they attempted to balance it according to instinct and intuition – tweaking everything from health drops and ammo drops to in-game economy issues and suit and weapon upgrades based on instinct and intuition. EA executives also closely observed their projects.


EA Motive Studios ensured the Dead Space remake remained faithful to the 2008 original by carefully replicating its atmosphere and gameplay – right down to video calls with Isaac’s girlfriend and other crewmates on board the USG Ishimura, magnetic physics puzzles where batteries must fit into battery-shaped holes; audio logs and corpse dioramas.

But the 2022 remake goes beyond simply updating its story: featuring fully voiced Isaac Clarke and expanded dialogue that further reveals survivors from the Necromorph invasion, plus additional missions that offer unique upgrades or even the Prototype Stasis Module as rewards.

Premeditated Malpractice is one such side mission in which players must locate Nicole’s report on the Ishimura bridge. Although not an insurmountably difficult challenge in itself, finding this report may prove to be difficult due to basketball-dribble waypoint navigation being ineffective at pinpointing exactly where an objective resides – plus the dark and dismal Ishimura atmosphere making it hard to see its exact location with the naked eye.

Guides Gamepressure offers a video walkthrough that can assist players in solving this problem. To complete it, they should head to the central atrium of Bridge Floor 4 and find a computer terminal with yellow glow lighting that they interact with to access and download their report, thus fulfilling the Premeditated Malpractice side quest.

The video below highlights the Ishimura Terminal on Dead Space Remake and provides a step-by-step guide for completing its Premeditated Malpractice side mission in Dead Space Remake. For assistance with other aspects of Dead Space Remake, be sure to visit Guides Gamepressure’s YouTube channel; not only can it provide walkthrough videos but it also has an extensive library of cheats available for the game! Check their guides for complete lists of cheats and hacks available for this award-winning sci-fi title!