Where I Find God

Questions will always be essential regardless of where your spiritual journey may lead you. But finding God requires an open mindset that accepts truth claims that challenge what we think or know to be true.

Here are a few strategies for starting your search:

1. Listen to Worship Music

Christian worship songs can be an invaluable aid for believers, helping to refocus our emotions on God. Not only that, but by singing the lyrics repeatedly, we form our faith through repetition. You’ll soon see how much more your spiritual life grows by choosing worship music instead of secular music!

Phil Wickham’s song “House of the Lord” is an inspiring anthem that invites listeners into God’s house, reminding them of his unwavering love and providing an easy melody that’s memorable – perfect for church services or personal devotion.

Hillsong Worship’s Forever Reign and Jeremy Camp’s Rise Up and Shine are among the more widely known Christian worship songs. Newsboys released an impressive worship album in 2016; Their music, Your Love Is Amazing, was particularly moving. Monique Terez made waves as an upstart artist when her 2017 release Your Love exhibited an engaging blend of freshness and vulnerability that stands out in an otherwise overproduced genre like pop/dance music. Israel Houghton remains a perennial favorite; one particularly effective track from his 2022 Elevation release can be heard here: Israel Houghton – “What I See” from Elevation 2022 release was particularly powerful.

2. Take a Look Around

Larry Fleet recently surprised fans by performing his hit single ‘Where I Find God,’ alongside Morgan Wallen live on tour in support of Wallen’s record Dangerous. This recording captured country music’s preference for an intimate relationship with religion – one that can be found as easily on an Evinrude on a quiet lake as in church pews.

3. Read the Book of Psalms

Reading Psalms is like talking directly with God – it allows you to express what’s on your mind, and He’ll respond directly. Additionally, this book of worship and praise magnifies His glory and worthiness.

The Book of Psalms contains 150 individual psalms, making it the longest book in the Bible. Psalms express human emotions such as lament, worship, thanksgiving, and confession – from joy to delight, horror, horror, sorrow, struggle, doubt, and hope – making up its vast collection. Psalms were used as part of Israel’s worship services throughout its history and later adopted into Christian hymnbooks as songbooks to sing through the past.

Numerous individuals wrote Psalms over many generations in Israel’s history; after Babylonian captivity ended around 537 B.C., they were collected into one book to form the Book of Psalms and thus remain part of Israelite tradition today.

As you read through the Psalms, try speaking them out loud as you go along. This will bring their poetry alive and allow you to experience what was initially sung at Jerusalem Temple; additionally, this helps you memorize them more effectively so you can say them aloud as prayers to God.

4. Look for a Christian Community/Church

Christian churches provide more than a sense of community – they also offer services and activities designed to help you find God, such as Bible studies, prayer groups, outreach programs that aid those in need, youth ministries for young adults searching for answers about spirituality or help for people looking for answers about God.

Churches may offer music and worship that resonates with younger generations, who prefer modern forms of music. Additionally, churches often emphasize community and social justice work for young people more than is typical of many denominations. All Christian churches share common ground regarding Jesus Christ’s teachings – regardless of denomination – and rely on divine truth from Scripture as their sole source.

Finding God can feel lonely at times, but taking a step back from whatever system facilitates your connection can help you rediscover who you are as an individual and find Him more efficiently in your daily life – whether that means worship music, nature walks, or serving others. When looking for him, don’t forget he is looking for you too!

5. Appreciate the Beauty of Creation

Beholding God’s creation can remind us that He cares deeply for every design detail – including us! He transforms lives just as an oyster’s shell begins as dust before becoming a precious gem (Psalm 149:4).

Nature reveals God as intelligent, powerful, and wise through its beauty; sunset colors, flower fragrances, and mountain formations leave us speechless with amazement at their designs by an all-knowing Creator who cares deeply for all his creations.

Walk outside and appreciate God’s wonderful creation! Appreciate the intricate details in plants and animals, the graceful curves of clouds, or perhaps bring your camera to capture its splendor. Explore nearby lakes or rivers if possible and spend time watching birds, splashing through water bodies, or sitting quietly by its shore – it may take time to appreciate God’s magnificent work. Still, it will pay off in spades! It may take a while before connecting with its beauty; nonetheless, it is worth your time!

6. Talk to God

Prayer is an effective way to connect with God and express your feelings. Tell him all your worries and concerns and ask for advice or guidance – they’ll listen and care about what’s important to you! Talking with him about these matters will strengthen the connection you share between you, strengthening both sides.

When communicating with him, be honest in expressing your emotions – no one will take offense at any of your thoughts or feelings, even those that are difficult. He will be there to comfort and listen.

Sometimes, when praying to Him, you may struggle for words. Don’t worry. There’s no wrong way to pray; He understands precisely what’s on your heart. He may communicate through music, nature, or people close to him who provide an outlet. Additionally, movies or books may serve as messengers that carry his message for you.

7. Pray

Prayer allows us to communicate our emotions to God. Prayer helps us express our worries, seek advice from the Almighty, and express thanks for being part of His world. Prayer can build lasting relationships between you and Him.

Prayer can help you discover your purpose and become closer to God, drawing closer as He draws nearer. However, remember that your drive won’t manifest until your motives align with His. Therefore, as you work towards it through trial and test, you may need patience, endurance, and strength from prayer for strength to endure it all.

Sometimes, it may feel impossible to locate God, but with perseverance and effort, your faith can blossom, and you will eventually experience His majesty. His presence may reveal itself in different forms – be it a burning bush, still small voice, synchronicities, or friendship – or through reading Scriptures or praying directly yourself – however often prayer will provide the most significant help on your spiritual journey.