Trends in Men’s Fashion From the 2000s

In the 2000s, men often wore polo shirts with popped collars and trucker caps as part of their look. You can still sport these styles today but with modern modifications.

Velour tracksuits are an easy way to bring back ’00s fashion trends, and one by Juicy Couture in pink may even pair nicely with slim jeans and oversized sunglasses for the whole experience.


Fashion in the early 2000s was all about layering. While this trend may look similar to current fashion trends, mastering it takes skill. You must find an equilibrium between appearing like someone from The Simple Life and Kanye West’s next victim; experimentation is key! If you want to recreate this look, try wearing a black graphic tee, beige button-down jacket, zipper jacket, or bright flannel shirt, and add skater shoes or sweatband for an authentic 2000s outfit look.

In the 2000s, casual styles and leisurewear also saw an upsurge. Men often donned low-waisted jeans or ripped denim for casual events like going out. A denim shirt with its collar popped up as another everyday look; other popular choices were cargo shorts, classic rock t-shirts, and fitted cowboy shirts.

Tracksuits were also an increasingly popular trend of this era, with many guys choosing velour tracksuits in vibrant hues with matching jackets and pants to achieve both comfort and style. These looks were the ideal solution for men looking for effortless style.

Men’s 2000s hairstyles also had a profound effect on their fashion choices. Curtain cuts, frosted tips, and buzz cuts were popular choices among guys wanting to appear stylish yet cool.

Velour tracksuits

At the turn of the millennium, no fashion icon could go without wearing a velour tracksuit from Juicy Couture’s iconic line – from airport security guards and shopping center staffers alike to red carpet events. Celebrities sported these tactile two-pieces everywhere they could, from airport terminals and shopping malls alike!

PopSugar reports that Paris Hilton often wore hers everywhere she went (including flights!). Now this trend has come full circle, and you can adapt it yourself in various ways. A tracksuit constructed from velour fabric (usually cotton/polyester blends) offers ultra-soft comfort that’s warm yet stylish; velvet is more expensive, while this fabric is an economical alternative with similar aesthetic qualities.

Many of our favorite brands have recently reinvented this timeless silhouette. Jodhi Meares offers an exquisite rendition with dropped shoulders, ribbed trims, and monochromatic embroidery, making this piece fit seamlessly into modern wardrobes. Ganni took an approach more tailored towards comfort with 13 fragments from certified organic and pre-consumer recycled fabrics in its 13-piece collection.

Regarding the remaining pieces required for this 2000s look, black jeans and a tee should suffice. A fedora or wide-brim hat may add a dash of flair, while classic Vans or Converse All Stars will round out your look nicely – not forgetting accessories such as leather backpacks and zebra print shoulder bags to complete it all!


In the 2000s, men’s scarves saw an incredible surge as an accessory that elevated their outfits. While initially worn as protection from cold, young men used them as a statement piece that showed their personalities and style sense. Scarves come in various colors and patterns and can be tied around one’s neck like a bandana for extra flair when worn with leather jackets and jeans or just casual wear such as shorts. Scarves make a perfect way to add flair to any look!

Fashion from the 2000s may be brutal to pull off today, but with some key pieces from this era’s iconic looks, you can recreate its iconic looks. Although polo shirts with popped collars and trucker caps may no longer be trendy, many other trends from that decade remain fashionable. They can easily be added to today’s wardrobes.

In the early 2000s, hipster fashion quickly become popular. Skinny jeans, vintage-inspired flannels, and ironic tees became hallmarks of this fad-driven movement. Much of its influence could be found through music: fans were exposed to bands on MTV’s Total Request Live, which told them to them; consequently, fans would often wear merchandise associated with these bands to show their appreciation and affiliation.

This era also saw an upsurge in casual clothing and leisurewear, such as jeans. Jeans became ubiquitous, with this trend also spreading to T-shirts, jackets, and hats. Alongside jeans were many pants and skirts reminiscent of the 90s grunge style, such as bubble dresses – designed to hang in an airy shape without a bottom hem – in addition to these bubble dresses. Hoodies and crop tops became fashionable fashion statements; many times seen paired with skinny jeans and sneakers or Ugg boots.

Platform shoes

The 2000s witnessed many fashion trends come and go, yet some styles remained timeless. These fashion trends are making a comeback – perfect for modern men looking to stand out. Movements such as baggy jeans, oversized jerseys, and basketball sneakers influenced by hip-hop culture can often be seen on Jay-Z or 50 Cent rappers.

Platform shoes were a trend in the early 2000s and remain fashionable today. Perfect for casual and sexy ensembles, platform shoes pair nicely with short skirts or skinny jeans and look their best when worn with dark denim because the shoe blends in better.

An increasingly popular look involves pairing platform shoes with ripped jeans for an easy yet casual look while showing them off to the best advantage. This style works equally well on men as on women.

The 2000s witnessed a revival of 1990s styles such as mesh or handkerchief tops, box-pleated leather skirts, and sparkly shoes – perfect for going out with friends or hitting nightclubs! Additionally, more feminine fashion returned, such as ruffled dresses and babydoll tops, which work exceptionally well when combined with jeans, lace skirts, and platform heels for an elegant look.

Oversized tees

In the 2000s, an oversized tee trend became immensely popular, particularly among rappers and other men who loved to rock them with baggy jeans. This t-shirt style was often associated with basketball players or famous sports logos like baseball team logos; some featured oversized graphics depicting such icons as basketball players or baseball team logos; often featured large chains or caps or caps and sometimes visors. Pair these oversized tees with sneakers like Nike Air Force 1s, Adidas Superstars, vintage NBA, or American football jerseys for an ideal look!

As hip-hop evolved from being an exclusive form of rapping into streetwear culture, many rappers began creating clothing lines. This allowed people to accessorize their outfits more easily. Fashion trends were heavily influenced by rapper clothing lines produced during this era – this resulted in bold prints and vibrant colors being popular trends, often taking inspiration from 90s grunge styles and the revival of ripped jeans worn with gladiator sandals or headbands.

Men’s fashion during the late 2000s reflected both 1980s and 1950s influences, featuring black leather jackets, slim cut jeans, Ed Hardy T-shirts, flannel shirts and V-neck sweaters from Ed Hardy; dad hats; wayfarers or aviators; motorcycle boots as well as yoga pants and low-rise jeans were popular looks.

Justin Timberlake and NSYNC became influential forces during this decade of pop music and celebrity endorsements, sparking the development of a clear fashion look characterized by denim, chains, and lots of black: commonly referred to today as Eboy style and often associated with skater culture.