Savvi Activewear Reviews

Savvi’s mission is to produce apparel that celebrates women’s diversity and empower them not only through fashion but also by giving them an opportunity to earn from it. Their inclusive yet luxurious designs aim to amplify women’s voice while offering them a means of making a living from it.

Rachel Domingo, Jen Ashby and Ken Porter founded Honey & Lace & Piphany LLC in 2019 after previously operating direct sales womenswear brands Honey & Lace & Piphany for direct sale to women consumers.

Savvi is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company

Savvi is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that designs, manufactures and distributes women’s casual and sports apparel under three lines – Luxe, Everyday Wear and Fit. Accessories and footwear are also sold through Savvi MLM companies. In addition to selling products directly, these MLM companies often also make money through recruiting other people into joining their teams – an activity known as pyramid schemes – though these schemes may be illegal.

MLMs remain popular with those seeking extra income from home. Before joining one, it’s wise to conduct your own due diligence on the company and speak with those with firsthand experience via online forums and member discussions.

Savvi is a fast-growing business that prioritizes people and collaboration over profits and competition, with the mission to help people live their best lives while feeling confident within themselves. Their clothing comes from a dependable supplier that has been manufacturing clothes for decades; this supplier has received both WRAP certification and meets BCI standards.

It offers a variety of athleisure products

Savvi offers an assortment of athleisure products suitable for every fitness level and lifestyle, such as leggings, sports bras, tops and hoodies – their fabrics are buttery soft and feature fun prints and colors! If you’re a fan of Lululemon, Fabletics or Alo brands you’ll appreciate the selection available through Savvi.

Savvi Clothing can be divided into three categories, Luxe, Fit and Everyday wear. Their Luxe line is ideal for going out, Fit line is suitable for exercising regularly while Everyday wear is perfect for everyday use with prices ranging between $40 to $100 per piece.

It offers a compensation plan

Savvi offers women an innovative opportunity to build fashion-focused businesses through sharing fashion inspiration. Their compensation plan is structured as a team structure, giving women – known as Savvi Consultants – the chance to develop their own fashion businesses through sharing fashion advice.

This MLM company is relatively new, yet has made quite an impression online. They sell leggings, sports bras, tanks, tees and hoodies. Though not considered a scam by all means, this business requires significant time and effort for success and has an expensive entry fee.

Savvi was established by Rachel Domingo and originally called Piphany before being rebranded as Savvi in 2019. Jen Ashby and Ken Porter purchased it in 2020, moving its headquarters from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Salt Lake City itself. Products are sold via Brand Partners who receive commission on sales as they recruit new team members; although their compensation plans can be fairly generous; progression from entry level positions can require recruiting numerous members in order to advance.

It offers free shipping

Savvi clothing line aims to empower and beautify women. Each week they host Fashion Friday, an interactive fashion show where real women in the community show off their favorite Savvi pieces. Additionally, the company has its own website and Apple Shop App where customers can check out what new releases have come out.

Customer reception to Savvi has largely been positive, with many complimenting its high-quality fabrics and innovative style. Unfortunately, however, there have been complaints regarding subscription costs.

Savvi offers a selection of bras designed for everyday wear and workouts, such as the Demi Bra, Tahiti Bra, Echo Bra and New Sun Bra. Their bottoms include Lauren Joggers, Ananda Capris and Cypress Leggings; also included are Street Hoodies and Uinta Sweaters as well as dresses like Audrey Dress and Amstel Dress as well as Kerri Spirit and C9 Turtleneck Ponchos from Kerri Spirit as well as scarves and beanies from C9. The company also provides accessories such as scarves and beanies as well.