Places to Get Drinks and Food in Varanasi

If you’re visiting Varanasi and are looking for some good places to get drinks and food, you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are some Pubs, Restaurants, and Street Food options that will satisfy your thirst and give you a taste of the local culture.

Restaurants & Bars in Varanasi

Varanasi Restaurants & Bars have undergone several transformations to suit the changing tastes of consumers. Many restaurants have now added healthy dishes to their menus. This has also led to a change in the dining experience. Food served at Varanasi restaurants is healthy, balanced, and palatable.

Varanasi restaurants have also started incorporating modern cuisines into their menus. In addition, food festivals have become popular in the city, providing a venue for restaurants to showcase their specialties. These festivals also give these restaurants a chance to gauge the response to their food offerings.

A Jordanian chef runs the Hayat Mediterranean restaurant in Varanasi. The restaurant is situated by the peaceful Assi Ghat and serves a mix of Mediterranean and Indian food. This restaurant also welcomes backpackers, offering authentic Middle Eastern drinks like flavoured sheesha.


Whether you’re after a cold one or a tall one, Varanasi has some great pubs. Try the Prinsep Bar, which pays homage to a famous painter who drew Varanasi in the 1930s. Its ambience is perfect for an afternoon or evening of conversation, and its extensive selection of cocktails and wines isn’t too pricey.

There are many pubs in Varanasi where you can enjoy your drink in the evening, and some even have terraces, which provide a perfect outdoor experience. Many of these pubs also have live music, making for a great night out. In addition, you can enjoy Bollywood and English music.

Varanasi is also home to several nightclubs, which feature live music, free alcohol, and other entertainment. They are popular among tourists and cater to the younger crowd.


Drinking places near Varanasi: If you are looking for a delicious chai or a sweet dish, you are in luck. Varanasi is home to many delicious food joints. The city is also known for its famous jalebis, which are sweet and crunchy. They go great with rabri or kachori-sabzi. One of the best places to get these delicious treats is Madhur Jalpan. Other sweets to try while in Varanasi include Launglata, a crispy dough filled with cloves and other ingredients.

The cuisine in Varanasi is widely known for its variety and healthy value. You can find various cuisines here and order a meal that fits your budget. Some of these places offer live grills, so you can watch your food being prepared. In addition, some places even have tables where you can order your food and watch the preparation.

There are several places in Varanasi where you can drink alcohol. Most hotels and guesthouses have bars, and you can also find a few places near the Ganges River.

Street food

Varanasi is the perfect place to spend an evening with friends and family, and there are plenty of options for drinking drinks near Varanasi. Some numerous restaurants and bars extend the dining experience and provide delicious food and drink menus. If you’re interested in trying new and exciting flavours, consider visiting a restaurant or bar near Varanasi.

The food scene has also transformed with a shift in trends from heavy to healthy eating. Restaurants and bars near Varanasi are trying to keep up with this change by listing a variety of healthy dishes on their menus. This means you can enjoy a healthy yet delicious diet while having an incredible experience.

Thankfully, Varanasi is not a dry city, so there are plenty of options for drinking drinks near the holy river. If you’re planning to stay at a Varanasi hostel or hotel, consider trying a restaurant serving alcohol. Several bars and restaurants offer alcohol near the Ganges, such as the Third Floor Stock Exchange and Big Tamaash Cafe.