Neltharion’s Lair in WoW Dragonflight Season 2

Neltharion’s Lair, an iconic World of Warcraft dungeon from years past, will return in this expansion’s Highmountain as part of the Mythic+ rotation.

Earth Warder Neltharion, more commonly known as Deathwing, once made this cavern home. However, Drogba is gathering here to claim Khaz’goroth’s Hammer of Power for themselves.

1. Take the portal to Uldaman

Once WoW Dragonflight Season 2 launches, many players are excited about taking on Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr in its Mythic Dungeon pool. However, since this dungeon doesn’t appear regularly like Uldum, Nazmir, or Tiragarde Sound, it may be hard for some players to locate its entrance; Blizzard has made life easier by providing an entrance portal in Valdrakken near Lead Titan Researcher Sorotis near Obsidian Enclave on its western edge.

Since old Mythic Dungeons are being brought back into rotation, it’s becoming increasingly important for players to reach their destination quickly. Below is a quick guide on how to get Neltharions Lair from Valdrakken.

Neltharion’s Lair is a World of Warcraft dungeon first introduced during Legion expansion, accessible at Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties and located within Highmountain of Broken Isles. For optimal success, this dungeon should be at level 100.

To reach the Dungeon, players must first travel through a portal into the Badlands from Stormwind or Orgimmar and fly northeast towards them. When in the Badlands, look out for the Seat of Aspects; here, you will find another portal leading into it that leads straight into it!

Once inside a dungeon, players must kill all bosses within 33 minutes to complete it and receive fantastic loot rewards!

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2. Take the portal to Tiragarde Sound

As part of Dragonflight Season 2, Blizzard has added several Mythic+ Dungeons for players to challenge themselves with. These include Uldum, Nazmir, and Tiragarde Sound; however, one may not expect the addition of a portal in Valdrakken leading directly to Freehold instead of its seasonal doorway near the bank; rather, it teleports you now to where the dungeon can be found – setting an intriguing precedent that suggests Blizzard may convert more older Cataclysm expansion dungeons into Mythic+ versions!

Neltharions Lair was released for the Legion expansion back in 2016. This high-level dungeon recommends level 100 players as its recommended difficulty setting, though you can complete it on regular, heroic, and mythic difficulties for maximum fun!

This dungeon houses the Drogbar, the central power structure for Highmountain tribes. Players will encounter Dargrul (also known as Deathwing). As they explore this lair, they must battle against him throughout.

Some of the bosses in this dungeon can be particularly challenging on Mythic difficulties, such as Emberhusk Dominator and its Scorpions using Landslide and Molten Crash, which deal heavy frontal cone damage to Tank. Furthermore, this dungeon features many adds that may prove troublesome, such as Rockbound Trapper, who cast Bound, which stuns players for 4 seconds; Understone Demolishers create Colossal Charskin adds, which fix player with Burning Hatred; all must be killed quickly so as not to risk too much damage!

To access this dungeon, players will need to travel northeast of the Highmountain zone and head in the direction of Thunder Totem. From there, it’s only a short trip east and north until they reach its entrance marked by a skull and waterfall at the base of a mountain – this must-do for any high-level WoW player; normal, heroic, or mythic difficulty can all be completed for best results – make sure your party includes enough healers and AoE CC to survive!

3. Take the portal to Freehold

World of Warcraft Dragonflight Season 2 now features an expanded list of Mythic+ Dungeons. One such dungeon is Neltharion’s Lair, an expansion dungeon from previous expansions that have been explicitly overhauled for this cycle and can help players acquire new pieces of gear to replace old equipment they may have collected.

To enter this dungeon, take a portal from either Orgrimmar (Horde) or Stormwind (Alliance) and travel through Twilight Highlands. An exit at either Valley of Wisdom in Orgrimmar or Stormwind Keep leads you directly there; fly southeast until you reach Freehold!

This dungeon can be challenging and requires teamwork for its defeat. An entire party of level 70 players with proper gear should ensure it can be cleared quickly. Players should also remain wary of encounters as these may inflict significant damage on all members of your party.

Ularogg Cragshaper and Naraxas, two highly dangerous foes of this dungeon, pose a significant danger to your party. Ularogg Cragshaper is an ancient Drogbar who has dedicated his life to violence and deception for the Underking; Naraxas, also an ancient Drogbar worshiped for generations by her Drogbar followers, creates terrifying horrors which they use against their foes through ritualistic worship of her as the mother of Monsters.

Rokmora and Stoneclaw Grubmasters are two notable bosses in this dungeon, casting abilities like Razor Shards, which deal heavy damage to tanks in frontal cone form. Additionally, these bosses spawn Blightshard Skitter, which leaves behind Choking Dust, which deals moderate damage when players enter it.

To protect themselves from these dangers, players should ensure their tanks have enough health to withstand the Landslide and Molten Crash combo. They should use major cooldowns during Magma Wave channel to avoid anyone in their party dying from this dungeon mechanic. It may be beneficial for players to opt for the WoW NPCS carry service to complete dungeons quickly and safely; this service entails professional players logging into your account and completing it for you. You can purchase it for any desired number of runs at the desired difficulty level.

4. Take the portal to the Twilight Highlands

As more dungeons return to WoW Mythic+ rotation, players will find themselves traversing Azeroth to reach the entrances. Luckily, one portal simplifies this journey: Orgrimmar City provides access to many such dungeons through this gateway.

Orgrimmar, located on Kalimdor in Durotar, should be familiar to players who played during the Legion expansion. As it serves as the hub of Horde faction adventures, players should become intimately acquainted with it during this expansion. With multiple portals throughout its vicinity offering access to different zones and continents, Orgrimmar should become part of players’ everyday experience as they explore its many realms and adventures.

Though Orgrimmar’s main portal room can take you directly to Kalimdor’s capital, Varrock, other portals provide quicker routes. One such is leading straight into Twilight Highlands; all such outlets can be found nearby.

Lutheran Village at the bottom of Twilight Highlands will serve as your starting point to access this zone, and from there, it’s only a short stroll uphill toward its summit, where the entrance to Deathwing Drogbar Dungeon can be found. Inside is an enormous, lava-filled cavern where Deathwing worshippers worship Neltharion; from here, they intend to unleash an army of dragons that will sweep Highmountain and destroy everything they come across.

Dargrul, the chieftain of the Dregbar Drogbar, is amassing his forces within these caverns with support from Deathwing’s Pillar of Creation. If left unchecked, this army could destroy everything in its path and unleash Naraxas as she swallows what’s suitable for Azeroth. To stop this threat from rising against it, players must enter Neltharion’s Lair and face Underking, an adventure sure to prove both challenging and fun at once!