Ithaca Apps

The Ithaca City School District App allows students and staff to access Google Apps programs from a secure account securely and provides live newsfeed, event calendar, and document manager functionality. Available for download anywhere there’s internet connectivity, this application makes school more accessible than ever!

The Cornell and Ithaca College MapApp provides users with access to campus buildings and fraternities/sororities, navigation features, and lets you add places you frequently visit, such as grocery stores.


Ithaca boasts many businesses associated with an American university town, such as bookstores, art-house cinemas, and craft stores. There is also a range of restaurants to choose from, both chains and local eateries – vegetarian-friendly eateries like Moosewood are also plentiful.

Eatery is a mobile app designed to make food discovery on campus simpler for students. Students can use it to check menus, crowdedness levels, and BRBs of dining locations in and around Ithaca.

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Ithaca Transit

If you’re visiting Ithaca without a vehicle, there are still numerous ways to navigate around town. TCAT buses, taxis, and rideshare apps provide options. Furthermore, Ithaca’s commitment to pedestrian transportation – promoting it by supporting and encouraging walking as an option – provides another great way to cut carbon emissions, boost physical health, and support local businesses.

TCAT, Tompkins County Area Transit, offers several routes throughout Ithaca, Tompkins County, and the surrounding area. Of particular note is their #10 Ithaca Commons shuttle that runs every ten minutes during daytime hours from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm; additionally, Ithaca boasts numerous taxi companies that can quickly be booked through its app or online booking platforms.

Ithaca Transit provides regular bus service, bike sharing programs and parking, free bike repair zones and repair stations, real-time bus tracking/service alerts/trip planning features, and the option to save favorite stops to make Ithaca’s public transport more accessible.

With Ithaca Transit, getting where you need to be is made quick and simple. Designed specifically with Ithaca residents and students in mind, its user-friendly interface makes Ithaca Transit simple for everyone. Users can create favorites for locations they visit frequently to locate these places when out and about quickly.

Ithaca Bikeshare

Bikeshare is an easy, fun, and cost-saving way to navigate Ithaca. Bypass parking hassles while saving gas money – not to mention it’s excellent exercise and healthful travel! Just make sure that when using bike-share, you wear a helmet and follow proper etiquette – stopping at red lights/stop signs/crosswalks, yielding to pedestrians, especially crosswalks; staying off sidewalks/sidewalks where possible; and being aware of other vehicles, high-speed drivers!

On Thursday, Ithaca City School District Superintendent Lavelle Brown unveiled an app and website revamp that she believes will improve how her district communicates with students. The app provides live news feeds, event calendars, emergency alert systems, and documents from each of its 12 schools – making communication with students much more straightforward for all involved. Available both for Apple and Android devices alike.

Rave Guardian is another fantastic app designed for Ithaca; it transforms any smartphone into a personal safety device. Through this app, you can assign one of your trusted friends as your “guardian” and use virtual escorting to safely get around campus or off-campus locations. There’s even an optional Guardian Timer feature so they know when it’s time for check-ins with you – plus, this free service for members of the IC Community can be found here! Learn how to install it here.


Uber app can make life in Ithaca more accessible whether you visit for business or live there permanently. Use it to plan and book rides ranging from public transit, bikes/scooters/car rentals, or ridesharing rates available here. You’ll also gain insight into rideshare pricing trends in Ithaca.

According to Uber data, Uber drivers and riders are increasing in the Ithaca area. Recently launched in Tompkins County after the state legislature approved legislation permitting its introduction, Uber is expected to compete with traditional taxicabs by increasing consumer choice in for-hire transportation while decreasing congestion, pollution, and alcohol-caused vehicular deaths.

With one tap, Uber Eats simplifies food delivery from Ithaca’s best restaurants and new spots. Enter an address to see what is nearby, browse menus and store hours before placing orders – and if you join Uber One, you can enjoy free delivery on every order!

Uber offers various ride options in Ithaca to meet your transportation needs, from Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport to Ithaca Marriott Downtown on the Commons. You can request rides in advance and track their driver on a map; their app also features a calendar to plan events or trips – group travel can split costs between members.