Is Jooble Real Or Fake?

Jooble is an innovative job search engine that aggregates vacancies from thousands of websites worldwide, operating in 71 countries globally and ranking as one of the top ten job websites globally. Employees work remotely while being encouraged to suggest innovative ideas.

The company recognizes their employees’ work anniversary with gifts and bonuses, holiday bonuses, and targeted financial support to needy employees.

It is a job search engine.

Jooble provides multiple functions that assist users in finding the job of their choice. As an aggregator that pulls jobs from different websites into one place, it offers information about available positions (for instance, medical workers and recruitment consultants) and salary ranges for each job. It filters that make finding what you’re looking for much more straightforward.

Jooble offers a free search feature that scours various job websites for open job postings. Filters allow you to narrow results by location, salary and work experience and subscribe to specific jobs so you’ll receive email alerts as soon as a new post comes online, and mobile applications that make searching for work more accessible than ever.

Jooble’s primary function is to connect users with the best job opportunities possible. The company does this by collecting job vacancies from over 22510 job sites in the US and only showing those relevant to user search terms. Their patented technology improves data processing to guarantee users only see relevant results.

This company boasts many employees dedicated to helping individuals discover their ideal careers. As one of the world’s most widely used job aggregators, its services can be found in 71 countries around the globe, and its employees strive to enhance them so they meet user needs continually.

While some individuals find fault with the site, others report its effectiveness and ease of use as proof that it helps find work for its users. Indeed demonstrates its strong focus on social responsibility by allowing its employees to find suitable jobs.

Jooble is a Ukrainian company founded by Roman Prokofiev and Eugene Sobakaryov and has been operating since 2006. Since its introduction, it has become one of the leading job search engines, earning widespread praise from media coverage due to its innovative technology and novel approach to finding employment.

It is a social network.

Jooble provides many functions, from news aggregation to job search. However, its primary mission is matching people with jobs, so Jooble offers various tools for employers and job seekers alike. Jooble is also committed to its employees and the community at large: it has offices both locally in Ukraine as well as globally to support its staff when needed – offering free psychological consultations as well as 50% compensation for various training courses taken.

Jooble actively assists those affected by Russian aggression. During Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, they helped evacuate civilians from cities near the frontlines. They shared an office with an NGO that assisted victims during missile strikes by providing shelter in subway stations. Furthermore, Jooble contributed money to several charitable organizations.

Jooble recognizes society as an integral stakeholder and gives back to its communities continuously, offering free psychological consultations, 50% discounts off various psychologist services, regular webinars from leading experts, financial support for professional development programs, and English language lessons to its employees. This commitment has proven its success over time.

Jooble operates with a remote-first policy and maintains offices in Ukraine, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, and the USA. They encourage their employees to work remotely by providing tools needed for doing so and have hubs where employees can meet up and share news and ideas.

It is a job board.

Jooble is an international job aggregator. Its primary functions are displaying jobs, providing information about them, and making the application process easy for job seekers and employers. Jooble also offers various other services ranging from analytics on job posts, email alerts to job seekers who match posted descriptions, and integration with applicant tracking systems – plus, it gives employers who want their posts to appear first in search results the option of paying extra to have their jobs appear first on search results pages.

Jooble boasts over 90 million monthly users globally and ranks among the top 10 job search sites. It collects and displays only available job vacancies from over 140 000 resources for candidates to easily search and apply for open positions. Jooble provides an efficient recruiting platform as it only collects and displays vacant positions that exist right now.

Jooble allows users to register an account with them by sharing their email addresses; however, you can also remain anonymous when browsing their site. Furthermore, emails may be disabled or changed whenever desired – giving access to Jooble at any time, regardless of an active account.

Jooble generally enjoys an excellent reputation. Most negative reviews come from individuals dissatisfied with the services provided – some allege their inbox has become overrun with spam, while others claim some jobs displayed are expired or closed.

Jooble is a global product-based IT company founded in 2006, operating in over 70 countries. One of the three top job aggregators, Jooble offers job listings from all around the world at no charge for access. To post jobs on Jooble, manually post them elsewhere first before paying to appear when relevant keywords are searched for on Jooble.

It is a recruitment agency.

Recruitment agencies perform various functions, from attracting and screening candidates to preparing recruitment documentation such as an application form and job description. A recruitment agency may also provide interview support by suggesting questions to ask during interviews and structuring conversations appropriately; additionally, training may be offered so new employees feel at home in their new workplaces.

A great recruitment agency should have an in-depth knowledge of its client’s needs and be able to match suitable candidates to them. A successful agency will identify both strengths and weaknesses in candidates, such as communication skills, work experience, and personality traits; industry culture and job requirements can all be understood easily while being able to negotiate terms and conditions with candidates directly.

Jooble, established in 2006, is a global job search engine offering offers from 140 000 sources worldwide. Their main product – an aggregator – provides job seekers instantaneous job offers from across 69 countries; Jooble is recognized among the top 10 websites for job searching worldwide.

Jooble differs from traditional job boards by not posting jobs directly; instead, it aggregates vacancies from other websites and displays them prominently at the top of search results. Furthermore, they offer employers the ability to promote their posts using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising models similar to other internet advertising.

Roman Prokofiev and Yevhen Sobakarov, co-founders of Jooble, met during a physics class at Lyceum before choosing the same faculty at Kyiv Polytechnic University and taking classes together. At Kyiv Polytechnic, they were classmates and lived in an adjacent dormitory, while TeamSoft, an electronic software development firm in Kherson, was their co-worker company.

As a remote-first company, Jooble believes in the ability of talented individuals worldwide to develop innovative products without an office. Employees are encouraged to work remotely, though there are corporate spaces in Kyiv, Uzhhorod, Luck, Limassol, and Warsaw for them if needed. Jooble supports employee wellbeing by offering free psychological consultations or 50% discounts on various psychologist services; additionally, it reimburses expenses related to additional training courses.