How I Become a Sitter for Obsessive Villains

The sitter entered the hallway of the 22nd Floor for further investigation, only to be met by darkness as tentacles began appearing across it.

As soon as she grabbed the milk, the baby transformed into its monstrous form and attempted to grab hold of the sitter while taunting them about being cowards. Although she managed to escape this terrifying encounter with its terrifying face-turn, she became trapped inside the apartment.

Day One

As the babysitter attempts to relax on the sofa, they hear a baby crying out for possession by an evil force. Thinking this may work, they use a talisman found in the parents’ room to attempt exorcising it, but sadly, when they do so, the baby transforms back into its evil form and moves into the dining room, where he begins drinking their milk!

After initially fleeing from the baby’s grasp, they quickly understand that they have been trapped inside a mirror version of his apartment. With every attempt the child makes to stop their progress from being blocked by him, hopelessness sets in as they realize they may never escape this place. Finally, they give in, sobbing their tears out at him while imploring him to let them go, but to no avail; there will always be new victims for him.

Day Two

Aineis may still be getting used to being in a novel, but she has no problem coming up with plans for Aineis and her siblings to spend more time together outside of family dinners. Her latest project involves encouraging them to spend quality time outside family events.

The plan seems straightforward enough, yet neither twin is cooperating – which means they only see each other at dinnertime and don’t share close bonds of friendship.

While watching over his baby sister, the yellow-clad toddler poses quite the challenge for his sitter. Although seemingly escaping his grasp, he keeps teleporting all over the apartment – leaving the sitter playing cat-and-mouse games with him. After trying to play piano to lure him over, but to no avail – mocking their cowardice further forced upon the sitter; hence, she must now try again to keep an eye on him.

Day Three

On the third day, CTU faced a new threat posed by the Cordilla virus’s release in Los Angeles. Jack attempted to break his heroin addiction with fellow field ops agent Chase Edmunds while visiting Ramon Salazar (the drug lord he infiltrated).

Even as a sitter attempts to exorcise the Baby in Yellow with the talisman from their parent’s room, it turns into a demonic force and returns home, teleporting again. So they decide to play music that might attract it and catch it before it escapes again. They discover a piano in their hallway and create an arrangement to lure it.

However, after briefly escaping from the baby’s grasp, they quickly realize they are trapped forever alongside previous sitters in an inverted version of their apartment complex. He taunts them for being cowards while promising that more victims will always come his way in Carcosa’s dimension.

Day Four

On Day Four, the babysitter visited the parent’s room to locate her charge but was surprised when the infant utilized its teleportation powers to hinder her search for him in the apartment.

At first, the Baby in Yellow appeared like it would let go, but later revealed itself as possibly part of Outer God Hastur. Carcosa took its course when this occurred, summoning their soul and all previous babysitters into it.

Aineis’ attempts to advance the plot result in her falling for Tego Literuon, but is he male? What awaits these two, and will they ever escape their cursed dimension together? Find out in Episode 11!

Day Five

After being trapped inside an apartment again, the baby began to take on his monstrous form and taunt their sitter for being such a coward. Although they managed to escape his grasp briefly, soon enough, they noticed that he kept teleporting in an attempt to block their path forward.

While searching for their baby, they discover a key at the dining table, which leads them into a storage room between parents’ and baby’s rooms. Inside, they discover that the previous babysitter died of dehydration before the baby revealed himself to be possibly linked with Outer God Hastur and took them into another dimension known as Carcosa, where their souls will forever remain with his own. Furthermore, it reveals that they are stuck inside an opposite version of the apartment complex.

Day Six

After arguing with Robin, Stephanie decides to become her vigilante, taking on the name Spoiler. Together with Robin, they join forces against a street gang selling guns.

Though she manages to disarm them, she remains unsatisfied with her success and pledges to improve in future encounters.

However, the baby continues playing cat and mouse with his sitter, using his teleportation skills to evade capture. Although eventually the sitter manages to escape the apartment complex, the baby employs his “trump card” and traps them all together in an inverted version of it forever as new sitters.

Day Seven

Stephanie Brown, daughter of C-list Batman villain Cluemaster (Clue-master), had an issue. His crimes often left clues for Stephanie to follow, leading to her adopting an identity as Spoiler and creating her own costume to combat him.

Spoiler took her new identity into the streets, joining forces with Robin to take down a street gang selling weapons. However, as their relationship becomes complicated, she questions whether being Spoiler lives up to its expectations.

Day Eight

Throughout the day, Baby decided to tease his sitter by playing a cat-and-mouse game using his teleportation abilities to prevent them from leaving. They eventually discover a key on the dining room table, which they attempt to use to escape but leads to another door leading back into their apartment complex and an even longer hallway than before!

The sitter then encountered Eckles, a man claiming to be the story’s author, that they woke up. However, they mistook him for being female but persisted with helping them escape despite this and were drawn further into Eckles’ trap – leading to them ending up permanently trapped inside another dimension known as Carcosa alongside other sitters.

Day Nine

Day9 is an avid StarCraft player and expert commentator on his internet show Day9 Daily, where he streams and analyses high-level real-time strategy games five days a week.

Though at first evading his grasp, the babysitter found themselves trapped in an endless loop with him using his teleportation skills to hinder their movement forward. Finally, Hastur’s offspring brought them all to a dimension known as Carcosa, which could only lead to eternal damnation for all involved.

On returning to their parent’s room, the sitter found a key at the dining table and decided to investigate further – only later discovering that it led them into an apartment storage area between the parents’ and baby’s apartments!

Day Ten

After seemingly escaping from Baby in Yellow’s grasp, his sitter once more engages in their cat-and-mouse game with him, using his teleportation skills to avoid capture. They find that his bedroom is locked. After further examination of this room, it was revealed that its key could only lead to an endless corridor wherein they would become permanently trapped.

Meanwhile, Aineis and Tego Literuon finally meet, but her feelings toward him quickly change when she discovers he is male! Will Aineis overcome her initial confusion to move the plot forward? Stay tuned as we provide more Manga updates from I Became a Sitter for the Obsessive Villains!