Top 5 YouTube Download MP3 Converters

Use a YouTube downloader to convert music videos from YouTube into MP3 files to enjoy them offline and save data charges when using your phone.

However, many online YouTube to MP3 converters do not work or contain dubious ads and malware-infected links; therefore, this article aims to explore four reliable solutions to safely convert YouTube videos to MP3 files quickly.

1. YTMp3

YTMp3 is an online video-to-MP3 converter that enables users to convert YouTube videos into high-quality MP3 files quickly and safely. With its user-friendly interface and fast download speeds, this converter makes downloading YouTube videos effortless – even for beginners! Furthermore, no software installation or personal information is required – thus keeping things secure for all.

Although YTMp3 offers quality conversions and fast downloads, its many ads can become frustratingly intrusive over time – potentially leading to malware infections or push notifications such as adult banners or redirects that could infiltrate a system with unknown bots and potentially unwanted programs.

The YTMp3 website boasts an enormous music library that enables users to search and stream their favorite songs. Searches can be conducted by keyword or genre/category browsing; all this at no cost and secure by multiple virus detection and malware scanning platforms.

YTMp3 stands out from similar services by not only offering users the ability to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files but also with features like supporting multiple audio formats, including OGG and WMA. Furthermore, mobile device support lets them download their favorite songs to their phones!

YTMp3 makes music download easy from YouTube videos, making it the ideal solution for those who enjoy listening to tunes on the go. Available across many websites like Apkresult, Apkguy, and Gbhouse.

YTMp3 is both user-friendly and effective; it can quickly download videos of up to an hour in minutes. Furthermore, unlike most other online music downloaders, it does not impose download limits and requires no monthly subscription fee.

While YTMp3 is a valuable tool for converting YouTube videos to MP3 files, it is essential to remember that downloading copyrighted material without authorization from its owner can be illegal and may incur heavy fines and legal ramifications. To avoid this situation, opting for another service, such as SaveToMP3, which offers high-quality music at an economical price, may be beneficial.

2. ByClick

ByClick is designed to make downloading videos from social media platforms as straightforward and effortless as possible. Simply copy and paste a URL for the video in question, and a pop-up window will appear asking whether you would like the full HD version or only audio in MP3. After making your selection, downloading begins instantly – even better, automatic downloads activate whenever a URL is pasted! It works excellently and simplifies life for those who copy/paste multiple links simultaneously!

By Click is compatible with over 40 video streaming platforms and offers high-resolution video output in 720p, 1080p, 4K, and 8K resolutions. In addition, its tool provides conversion tools and the option to select custom download locations – plus support for multiple languages! Available both on PCs and Macs!

Software is free for download but with some restrictions: you can only download up to five YouTube videos per week; with its premium plan, you can access up to 10. To subscribe, you would pay $7.99 annually, which compares well against similar alternatives on the market.

As it’s a Java-based program, the latest version must be installed and added as an exception in any security software installed if necessary. Otherwise, the program may not function correctly. It is popular among those looking to download private YouTube channels or closed Instagram accounts as it can bypass restrictions and access content otherwise inaccessible via regular browsers.

ByClick is an affordable alternative to paid video downloaders on the market, but has its issues. Some users have reported problems with saving videos and playlists, scheduler issues, and inconsistent customer support; due to these complaints, you might want to consider alternatives with more stable functionality.

3. SlimJet

Slimjet is a Chromium-based web browser that features many functional capabilities. Unlike its Chrome-based competitors, Slimjet stands out with its minimalistic design and provides ample functionality without third-party extensions being installed. Some key elements include an integrated ad blocker, a turbo-charged download manager, and comprehensive privacy protection features.

Slimjet browser can also be used to download MP3 videos from YouTube and other video streaming websites, thanks to its built-in video downloader that can save videos in various formats and resolutions. Furthermore, users who wish to watch these videos offline or on mobile devices will find this feature incredibly convenient.

Slimjet browser boasts many useful features, such as a password manager, intelligent form filler, photo enhancement/framing features, image search/translation services, and an expansive ecosystem of plugins/themes. Furthermore, multiple accounts can sync their data across devices; its lightweight nature consumes less resources than most browsers;

Slimjet browser boasts many useful features, but it’s essential to keep in mind that it does collect user information for its purposes – this may include usernames, email addresses, device data, and browsing histories – but does not share this data with third parties – which means no unnecessary personal details are collected from its users.

Slimjet browser is a free Windows software app available from its official website and can be easily downloaded for free. Although its download page may appear suspicious, this browser is safe and contains no viruses or malware. Furthermore, the website updates frequently, so users are ensured they receive the latest Slimjet browser version. Once the download has been completed, users follow on-screen instructions to complete installation; it will take only minutes to be ready for use!

4. TubeMate

TubeMate, an Android app accessible to all, enables users to quickly and efficiently download videos from YouTube and other video services for offline viewing. With an easy, intuitive user interface and support for simultaneous downloads of multiple files simultaneously. Furthermore, its fast download mechanism enables users to continue working while the downloading process runs in the background – though users may opt to change this. Again, TubeMate features its internal media player; users may choose any player available on their device should they prefer using different media players instead.

Users can create playlists of videos and audio for easy playback, with the software automatically downloading their corresponding MP3 files. This functionality is ideal for music fans who enjoy listening to their tunes while performing chores or other activities that require hands-free listening. However, be aware that this may violate some videos’ terms of service as it bypasses certain protections.

The software also offers the option to convert videos to MP3 audio for podcast fans who like listening while on the move. Furthermore, users with limited data allocations may prefer setting it up so that only specific video audio downloads occur automatically.

Importantly, this software uses up a significant portion of system resources; therefore, it should only be installed on devices with enough memory. Older devices may experience issues as downloads take up space and slow down their device; however, updates are made frequently and proven reliable.

Though designed primarily for mobile devices, YouTube Play can also run on Windows PCs using an Android emulator such as BlueStacks. Installation takes just a couple of clicks; users can launch YouTube Watch via the BlueStacks launcher and begin customizing any YouTube videos they encounter directly within YouTube Watch itself.