How to Download a Video From YouTube Offline

Various methods are available to download videos from YouTube, with some being more efficient than others. One practical option is using the official YouTube app on Android or iOS.

Paste your video URL into the textbox at the top and choose your resolution – within moments, you will have an MP4 file saved locally!

How to download a video from YouTube?

YouTube allows users to download some videos for offline viewing, which can be particularly beneficial if they have limited data or are in areas with poor connectivity. However, downloading material without its owner’s consent could violate copyright laws and result in fines or imprisonment.

To download videos from YouTube, search for your desired clip and tap its Share button. When this happens, several options should appear with Download as an icon – once this step has been taken, several download options appear before clicking that icon to save.

Once your URL has been pasted into the text box that appears, select your preferred quality option from the drop-down list and click the Download button – your video will begin downloading to your computer immediately and can then be played using any media player of choice.

YouTube provides several different methods for downloading a video, though most require using third-party applications or websites offering this service; unfortunately, many have been discontinued due to spreading malware to visitors.

On iOS devices, downloading videos from YouTube requires more steps. To do so, open the YouTube app and search for the clip you wish to download before tapping “Share.” Next, choose Copy Link before opening the Documents app and tapping the Web Browser icon – finally, copy the link into the Documents app for use as a link!

Once you’ve opened a web browser and pasted in the YouTube video URL, choose your quality option before downloading. You can view the video using the Documents app on either iPad or iPhone when the video has finished downloading.

How to download a video from YouTube on iOS

From time to time, it may be helpful to watch YouTube videos offline on your iPhone, such as long flights or road trips without an Internet connection. This guide will show you how to download YouTube videos on iOS using free applications such as VidTube or Vimeo Go.

Install the free file manager app Documents by Readdle on your iPhone to act as a file browser and download videos directly from YouTube. When they have finished downloading, view them by opening Documents and tapping “My Files.” Additionally, they can be moved elsewhere, such as Camera Roll, if desired.

Step two is to open YouTube and find a video you would like to download, tap its Share button, and copy its link before opening the Documents app and tapping ‘Browse.’ When opening the browser, paste the copied link and tap Download when asked. Your video should now appear under your Downloads folder on your iPhone!

This method may not be as quick or convenient as the official YouTube app, but it’s still an effective way to download a YouTube video onto your iPhone without using third-party services and exposing yourself to viruses and malware threats.

Google has taken steps to limit third-party apps that let people download YouTube videos because it prefers people to access YouTube from its platform rather than off it. As a result, third-party apps that provide this capability don’t tend to remain on the App Store for too long.

If you prefer more permanent solutions, another method would be downloading YouTube videos with apps such as 4K Video Downloader or TubeMate on your computer and then transferring them over using iTunes or USB cable onto an iDevice. This way allows multiple videos to be shared simultaneously while not worrying about third-party apps being removed from the App Store.

How to download a video from YouTube on Android

Android users may be curious how to download YouTube videos onto their phones or tablets, which can come in handy when traveling and WiFi networks become spotty or unavailable. Plus, having downloaded videos available reduces the risk of exceeding mobile data caps!

One of the easiest ways to download YouTube videos is with one of their official apps – either the YouTube app or its newer variant, YouTube Go, for phones with lower storage capacities – both provide users with the capability of downloading videos for offline viewing at various quality levels ranging from low (144p) up to high (1080p). Furthermore, both versions allow you to schedule downloads over Wi-Fi only, which could be helpful if you are concerned about surpassing your monthly data limit.

There are also third-party apps available to you for downloading videos from YouTube, but be wary as these could violate YouTube’s terms of service and result in suspension of your account. Furthermore, be cautious of using third-party apps containing viruses or spyware – be careful!

NewPipe is an ideal way to download videos on Android quickly. The free downloader supports multiple file formats and is easy to use – no ads or in-app purchases here – open up the app and search for a video to download – once completed, you can move or extract its audio track!

Y25s, an excellent website that lets you download YouTube videos directly onto your computer, provides another viable option. Once the video has been saved to your PC, it can be transferred to Android devices for viewing.

Telegram can also be a convenient way to download YouTube videos, using one or more bots, such as @utubebot or @fbdown_bot, to download for you once a video has been saved on an Android device or transferred into third-party cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

How to download a video from YouTube on Windows

There are various methods available to Windows users for downloading videos from YouTube. One option involves using YouTube, a free program available for Windows, macOS, and Linux computers that allows users to easily download video in various formats from YouTube and audio from videos. Another way is screen recorders – software programs designed to record everything displayed on a computer’s screen, including both audio and video content – or screen recorders, which simultaneously use multiple capture methods on various PCs to capture and save them onto one file for future viewing.

On Windows computers, another way of downloading YouTube videos is using third-party programs like YTD Video Downloader or MediaHuman. Install these applications directly in your web browser and use them to download videos from YouTube onto your computer. Simply navigate to the video you wish to download on YouTube before clicking its download button; after some seconds or minutes (depending on internet speed and file size), the video should begin downloading onto your PC.

ClipGrab makes downloading YouTube videos on Windows easier by allowing users to select video quality and format before automatically downloading the file to their computer. They can do so if they prefer different resolution options from the menu on the left side of this website.

An alternative way of downloading YouTube videos on Windows is with Cisdem, a free program available from its website and which can download videos in various formats directly from YouTube and other websites. Simply copy and paste the URL for the video that you wish to download into Cisdem before playing it back using your usual video player.

TubeMate, available free on the App Store, provides another excellent method for downloading videos from YouTube on Windows. TubeMate enables users to easily download videos from multiple sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch, as well as convert video formats and resolutions, edit clips, and add subtitles – not only are you downloading them though, but TubeMate can help with editing video clips and adding subtitles as well.