The Kit Clothing Reviews

The Kit is an eco-friendly fashion label created by Daniel Vosovic, who won second place on Project Runway and graduated both FIT and Polimoda. Their timeless wardrobe staples outlive trends to remain in your closet longer.

The Kit utilizes water conservation measures, regularly releases new prints, and offers 3XL sizes. Why can’t other brands do the same thing?


THE KIT NYC is unique among sustainable clothing brands because it offers sizes up to 3XL. Their pieces are modern and colorful while being timeless enough for all seasons, their prints bold yet sophisticated, natural fibers used, waste reduction efforts implemented and water usage reduced; all while supporting local communities. Plus their founder Daniel Vosovic was even featured as a finalist on a season of Project Runway!

THE KIT utilizes Resonance to build their brand, manufacture their clothes, manage inventory and ship them out quickly, manage customer service/returns efficiently as well as handle customer service/returns effectively. This innovative concept saves THE KIT from having to store its inventory itself while making purchasing their pieces much simpler for customers.

However, it was disappointing to find that THE KIT only offers pieces up to 3XL sizes. This limit limits its audience considerably considering Vosovic was the runner-up on Season 2 of Project Runway and holds formal education from both FIT and Polimoda.


When it comes to modern streetwear, The Kit is unparalleled. Their pieces are casual enough for Singapore kopitiams while still making an impression at fashion weeks around the globe.

Due to their unique manufacturing method, their garments are produced only upon order – meaning no unnecessary wasteful use of dyes, water, electricity and manpower resources. Furthermore, this allows them to launch new prints every week – an impressive feat in an industry notorious for taking its sweet time bringing new styles to market.

While it is wonderful that The Kit is expanding their offerings beyond size 10 thanks to their partnership with Resonance, I would still like them to provide better cut styles for those of us who wear larger sizes. Unfortunately, THE KIT continues to provide cutting-edge designs while catering exclusively to certain demographics.


GVL Clothing features the newest in modern fabrics and color combinations that are both fashionable and practical. Casual enough for a trip to Singapore’s popular kopitiams or elevated enough for runway fashion shows – there’s something perfect here for everyone.

Daniel Vosovic is an award-winning fashion designer, having obtained BFAs in Fashion Design: Women’s Wear from both FIT and Polimoda as well as receiving acceptance to the two-year CFDA Fashion Incubator program. In 2017, Daniel launched THE KIT as a sustainable alternative to fast fashion – each piece costs less than $200, uses natural fibers, and reduces waste.

Brand is dedicated to sustainability, using techniques that reduce water use and waste while still offering great style. However, they’ve missed an important opportunity with regards to extended sizing – only basic silhouettes go up to 3XL sizes now; even those styles might not always offer optimal comfort or fit.


Daniel Vosovic, founder of his eponymous fashion line and runner-up on an episode of Project Runway, established THE KIT in 2017 to bring sustainable style to a broader audience. Working alongside Resonance–who build sustainable fashion brands for companies such as Pyer Moss and Tucker NYC–THE KIT reduces inventory while using natural fibers, cutting waste production by 70% and offering an easy shopping website while managing customer service, returns and finances seamlessly.

THE KIT stands out among sustainable clothing brands by offering styles up to 3XL sizes and featuring vibrant digital prints that make for fun, joyful and sophisticated looks – an exceptional value in sustainable clothing! Perfect for both casual trips to kopitiams and front rows at runway shows alike.