The Dienger Trading Company is More Than Just a Retail Store

Raymond Lunsford and Michelle Ernst met by chance shortly after purchasing the historic old Dienger building in Boerne, Texas. Ernst completely transformed its 7,500-square-foot space into what has now become an inviting restaurant, bookstore, and boutique with retail lines popular among locals.

Visitors are transported into an elegant European bakery and cafe through the stately front doors.

The Bistro

On your first visit to Dienger Trading Co, it may feel like you have traveled back to a small town Main Street. The old-world architecture features classic European designs, classy details like chandeliers dangling above entryways, and vintage newspapers plastered onto some walls, a bakery, lounge, and coffee bar serving breakfast, lunch, and wine with an elegance reminiscent of its rich history.

The dining space is intimate and charming, making it ideal for romantic meals for two or family gatherings. Local artists’ works adorning the walls, books, home goods, and other treasures from local artists can be found throughout. Over in another room lies Raymond Lunsford of Dienger Trading Co, who has tirelessly worked to restore and transform this building into a true community hub.

If you’re in Boerne and craving authentic coffee, look no further than Dienger Trading Co’s espresso bar. Their extensive menu provides every kind of espresso beverage imaginable, delectable pastries and sandwiches such as smoked bacon quiche Lorraine croissant sandwiches, coconut pie, or cheesecake for dessert! Reviews praise their service while their prices also remain very reasonable – perfect if you want a treat while visiting! The Dienger Bistro will certainly not disappoint; when in Boerne, be sure to stop by their restaurant at Dienger Trading Co as it won’t disappoint – you won’t be sorry you did!

The Boutique

Dienger Building was once at the heart of our small town community in Boerne. Today it serves as a fantastic facility that includes bakery goods, bistro food, coffee shop services, book store sales and boutique clothing for both men and women, shoes, gifts, body products home goods – all under one roof!

Stepping through the stately front doors of this Hill Country gem may feel like entering an elegant main street of any European city. The atmosphere is charming, cozy, and welcoming; tables for two, family gatherings, or larger groups. Plus, there are books, candles, and gifts available for purchase!

Our visual brand strategy workshop in Philadelphia combined old-world typography and illustrations with contemporary design, styling, and copywriting to craft an eye-catching brand for this charming little restaurant, bookstore, boutique store, and wine bar. The outcome was classic and contemporary – as intended when this building was designed in 1884.

The Bookstore

Dienger Trading Company is more than just a historic bakery, restaurant, and bookstore; it serves as a community hub and local landmark that honors the spirit of its namesake founder Raymond Lunsford. When Michelle Ernst met Raymond by chance shortly after he purchased this building in 2014, their goal was clear – transform this one-of-a-kind retail store into an inviting destination while honoring its history.

Dienger Trading Company boasts an exquisite Bakery & Bistro as its centerpiece and features an eclectic assortment of treats and literary treasures for visitors to enjoy. After indulging in freshly baked pastries, guests can enter the Bookstore for a curated selection of best sellers and inspirational books while relaxing over coffee or an afternoon treat.

Dienger Trading Company is an imaginative reimagination of an 1884 mercantile building featuring 7,500 square feet of boutique, bookstore, and bistro space occupied by locals and tourists alike. Ernst used her retail background to reimagine this space as she designed and reimagined it using “Vintage Modern” fixtures reminiscent of how the merchandise was displayed when this building served as a mercantile in 1884.

Ernst is known for her meticulous approach to curating merchandise selection and the overall atmosphere of her boutique, creating a cozy yet welcoming retreat where customers could sit back and relax. To this end, she carefully selected lighting fixtures, antique-inspired furnishings, and fabrics, contemporary merchandise such as tabletop items (shoes), jewelry (including necklaces and bracelets), clothing for men, women, and children, as well as tabletop merchandise (tablecloths, etc.).

Dienger Trading Company hosts numerous special events throughout the year. From Hot Rod Night, where locals showcase classic American cars and enjoy music, food, and drink; to Christmas on Main, when Main Street transforms into Dickens Village; something is available for everyone at The Dienger Trading Company.

Dienger Trading Company stands as a symbol of Boerne’s rich culture and heritage. It showcases its vibrant community spirit with a warm ambiance, delectable treats, and literary treasures that draw locals together and visitors alike to experience Texas Hill Country charm.

The Cash Wrap

Boerne, Texas’ historic Dienger Building is important in local history. Built in 1884, this stately facade contains not just retail products; rather it serves as a true community hub and beloved Hill Country landmark. Inside lies restaurants, bakeries, boutique services, and unique treasures such as women’s and men’s clothing; shoes; book collections; home goods; quality jewelry pieces, and handcrafted body products that make shopping here an immersive experience.

Raymond Lunsford purchased an old mercantile building in 2014 and hired Michelle Ernst to restore it. Ernst, an expert in journalistic writing and public relations with experience in marketing, brand management, and visual merchandising, was chosen as its leader to oversee its transformation.

Ernst created an authentic experience in her 7,500-square-foot restaurant, boutique, and bookstore that pays homage to its heritage and mission. Open spaces allow shoppers to seamlessly transition between areas without feeling out of place – her merchandising style and fixtures emulate vintage modern with simplicity similar to items displayed during its construction period.

Ernst and her team carefully select which lines they will carry based on customer demographics. For instance, they consciously avoid selling too many Christmas decorations because customers already have plenty to choose from at other specialty stores and small-town festivals. Instead, the store specializes in practical merchandise like T-shirts and mugs, which consistently outsell seasonal Christmas ornaments.