Steven Universe Trading Cards From Cryptozoic

Cryptozoic’s Steven Universe card-battling game joins their growing lineup of card games with its 72-card base set and chase inserts such as Crystal Gem Friends, Dazzling Diamonds, and Fusions, as well as autograph and hand-drawn sketch cards, randomly inserted.

It follows a similar format to previous Rick and Morty and Adventure Time releases.

Base Set

Cryptozoic has announced the release of trading cards featuring the popular Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, joining other GLAAD Media and Peabody Award-winning shows like Rick and Morty and Adventure Time. The 2019 set contains 72 cards that cover episodes from seasons one through five of Steven Universe. GLAAD Media Award and Peabody Award-winner Steven and his Crystal Gem alien friends live together in Beach City, where their story of acceptance and family love is told through episodes like these five seasons of the show.

This set’s checklist also features four Chase sets that explore different aspects of the show, such as “Crystal Gem Friends,” “Fusions,” and a “Greatest Hits” series; plus autographs and hand-drawn sketch cards signed by voice cast members such as Zach Callison; plus Rebecca Sugar herself created them! Additionally, autographed pieces will include hand-drawn sketches.

Those searching for extra premium elements can take advantage of the hobby box’s foil parallels and one-of-one printing plates; those looking for custom storage binders can purchase one separately. Furthermore, the set also comes with Steven Universe: Beach-A-Palooza, which gives players a card-battling experience that is more cooperative than competitive while trying to stop party crashers from attending parties.

Steven Universe Board Game was designed as an accessible board game that would appeal to fans unfamiliar with playing board games, using a unique system where cards can be drafted and stacked differently to form bands and stop Party Crashers. This approach combines card drafting and set collection mechanics with theme-relevant decisions such as character selection at each act, following episode order of the cartoon series (e.g., Smoky Quartz appears in Act 2, while Stevonnie Fusion won’t appear until Act 3). As such, this light game can be enjoyed within 30 minutes by two to six players with optional expansion of up to eight players.

Chase Sets

Cryptozoic Steven Universe marks its debut trading card release as an animated series on Cartoon Network with 2019 Cryptozoic Steven Universe, following in the footsteps of Rick and Morty and Adventure Time sets from Cryptozoic. The release features both standard and premium elements.

The main set comprises 72 cards covering episodes from Steven Universe’s first five seasons. There are also chase inserts, including Crystal Gem Friends, Dazzling Diamonds Fusions, and Greatest Hits, and signed cards by actors Zach Callison (Steven Universe) and Rebecca Sugar (creator/writer/star). Sketch cards offer artistic interpretations of key subjects from the show.

Foil parallels and one-of-one printing plates are standard components of Cryptozoic releases, with foil parallels available in every six packs for collectors to add to their collections. Custom binder holders allow collectors to organize these cards into groups. A special card called Fabricated Bubbled Gems adds to the product’s relic-esque nature, featuring fake gems embedded into its paper to mimic memorabilia cards, randomly distributed throughout all six packs.


Steven Universe is leaping from screen to cards in an exciting partnership between Cryptozoic and Cartoon Network, featuring their beloved Crystal Gems characters as CCGs. Steven, an alien-turned-half-Gem living with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl in Beach City, lives alongside them – receiving awards such as GLAAD Media and Peabody for depicting diverse characters, including non-binary gender identities in Beach City.

The 2019 Cryptozoic Steven Universe set features a 72-card base set and four chase sets; every hobby box also contains one autograph card and one sketch card for an enhanced collecting experience. Furthermore, a custom binder provides extra storage for these collectibles.

Challenge seekers can also try collecting rare cards in the set, like the Legendary Glass of Time – this card provides two Power when played and can be used to eliminate cards in your hand or discard pile. Unfortunately, however, this doesn’t replace time gems, so they will still need additional sources of Power to progress their gameplay.

Besides sketch cards of central character sketches, this set also contains cards depicting critical moments from the show, including Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven’s first appearances and essential fusions featured throughout it. Additional notable cards are “Crystal Gem Friends” and “Fusions.” “Crystal Gem Friends” cards feature Crystal Gems members and allies, while Fusions cards depict some of their most beloved unions. Each card features deco foil on the name and frame for easy identification; these cards appear in 1:3 packs.

Sketch Cards

As with Cryptozoic’s other modern animated trading card sets, such as Rick and Morty and Adventure Time, Cryptozoic’s 2019 Steven Universe set comprises an eclectic variety of cards. The 72-card base set reflects moments from episodes throughout Beach City during Steven’s first five seasons while discovering who he is. Randomly inserted autographs and sketch cards add premium elements; autographs feature actors, including Zach Callison as Steven, while sketch cards provide artistic interpretations. Foil parallels and one-of-one printing plates complete this set, with foil parallels produced separately to store all its cards properly! A custom binder can hold and store its cards safely for easy storage!

Collectors will find one autograph and one hand-drawn sketch card in every hobby box, plus additional cards such as “Crystal Gem Friends,” which highlight members and allies of the Crystal Gems gathered before Temple Door; “Fusions,” featuring some of the fusions seen on-screen – these feature deco foil on character names and card frames, appearing roughly 1:3 packs; “Greatest Hits,” which feature key moments from the series with gold borders numbered to 225.

Fabricated Bubbled Gems

Cryptozoic has long specialized in adapting modern animated series into trading cards, and 2019 Steven Universe continues this tradition with 72 cards covering episodes from seasons one through five and an autograph or hand-drawn sketch card from either its cast or creators expected in each hobby box.

Autographs typically appear one out of every 24 packs and feature both main stars of Steven Universe as well as guest actors who lend their voices – this includes Zach Callison himself (Steven Universe himself) and Rebecca Sugar, the show’s creator. Sketch cards provide naturalistic renditions of key characters; every insert set offers artistic variations – the “Crystal Gems Friends” set is regular inclusion, while “Fusions” highlights gem fusions that form its music.

The Fabricated Bubbled Gems set takes the concept of manufactured relic cards a step further, featuring cards containing fake gems embedded within them that simulate actual memorabilia items. A “Greatest Hits” card also showcases some of the show’s most beloved songs as cover art.

Product Details: Besides 24 cards sold individually in this set, a custom binder (sold separately) holds all 24 in a single pocket for easy organization and storage. A bonus insert called an “Actors’ Notes” card features written messages from show actors; additional parallels–foil and printing plates–are available; plus, several exclusives can be earned through contests and events.