Princess Polly Fashion Reviews

Princess Polly is an online fashion brand for teens and Gen Z specializing in online clothing shopping. Their strong presence on TikTok allows them to post haul videos and gain celebrity fans like Ariana Grande.

Contrary to some fashion brands, they do not photoshop their models – instead, clothing is produced on demand in real-time and quickly shipped out with an easy returns policy.

Product Quality

Princess Polly fashion brand features an expansive selection of dresses featuring various prints, styles, and fabrics to meet customers’ needs. Crafted with viscose/nylon blend fabrics that fit closely to the body’s natural curves while remaining light and airy to provide comfortable summer wear.

Student Beans provides quick checkout, exclusive launches, here-first notifications, and a 10% student discount through its website and app. Furthermore, their app lets users heart their favorite items and take advantage of special discounts; additionally, it enables size-specific shopping.

Princess Polly stands apart from fast fashion brands like Shein by using ethical sourcing practices and social media trends to influence clothing designs. Additionally, their production model considers actual demand in real-time only to produce what can sell (thereby eliminating waste on their end).

While based in Australia, this brand provides products to an international customer base. The brand has found great popularity with young women worldwide thanks to its high-quality products at reasonable prices and celebrity endorsement. Additionally, family ownership ensures an atmosphere conducive to continued success within this business model.

Princess Polly offers comparable product quality to other fast fashion retailers but provides a much more comprehensive selection. Their swimwear line features bikini sets, tops, bottoms, and one-pieces; while oversized denim jackets draw inspiration from fashion from the 1980s. Their styles are stylish yet flattering for all types of women.

Princess Polly’s extensive selection of trendy clothes is popular with teenagers and Gen Z shoppers, thanks to the company’s dedication to quality and affordability. Their free shipping policy and easy returns help build consumer trust. At the same time, Yotpo’s Visual UGC/Reviews solution has resulted in 498% conversion rates with 112% average order values increased since using Yotpo Insights as part of customer feedback analysis guiding future product development decisions.

Customer service

Princess Polly is an Australian fashion brand with a strong presence on TikTok and an expansive online portfolio. Their stylish yet trendy clothing collections have received many positive reviews from shoppers, while their quick shipping and simple returns policy is popular with customers. Plus, Princess Polly provides student discounts so young women can save even more during their shopping experience!

Princess Polly offers fashion pieces suitable for every special event, such as formal dresses and bikinis. Their clothes come in various sizes so you can find your ideal piece; their website also provides a size guide to assist in finding that piece. Download their app for a more effortless shopping experience: exclusive discounts, quick checkout, here-first notifications, and other handy features await.

Recently, they have made waves due to their partnership with TikTok and micro-influencers. Furthermore, the company is well known for its ethical manufacturing practices and commitment to sustainability, donating part of its proceeds to charity.

Princess Polly stands out as a leader among fashion trends for women of all ages, boasting an extensive social media following and being popular among many celebrities. Additionally, this eco-friendly brand utilizes only recycled materials in its clothing production.

Princess Polly was experiencing some customer service challenges despite its rapid expansion, specifically regarding return rates and building consumer confidence. To meet their objectives of decreasing returns rates while simultaneously building consumer trust. Yotpo’s Visual UGC and Reviews helped drive conversion and establish consumer trust; as an added benefit, they experienced an astounding 498% increase in conversion rate after adding the Yotpo-powered Reviews widget to their site!

Hello, Molly is an Australian-based retailer offering fashionable yet budget-conscious clothing to women. Although both provide similar product selections and customer service strategies, Princess Polly caters to Gen Z, while Hello Molly targets more mature audiences with feminine styles.

Returns policy

If you are unhappy with your purchase, Oh Polly allows for returns within 14 days. Just provide proof of purchase and ensure the product remains undamaged with no fake tans or makeup stains; Polly will deduct $7 from your refund as shipping fees; use their online portal to track it back!

Princess Polly is a fast fashion brand offering stylish clothing at reasonable prices. Their weekly updates showcase new styles while their wide range of sizes accommodates every body type. Princess Polly products are especially beloved among young women and teens for their youthful aesthetic and have earned praise for their fast shipment/return policy and friendly customer service.

The company has received widespread acclaim for its sustainable practices and production strategies, such as considering actual time demand only to produce what can sell and eliminating waste in its supply chain. They source their garments locally while using their factories for quality control and fair wages.

TikTok and Instagram, where the brand boasts over 2.2M followers each. Thanks to this success, the brand has achieved prominence within the US market and received celebrity endorsements such as Ariana Grande. TikTok was quickly adopted due to micro-influencer marketing practices early on and solid brand identity development; quality products featuring fun designs at competitive pricing make up part of TikTok’s growth story.


As a fast fashion retailer, Princess Polly operates within an industry known for short production cycles and competitive prices, which has propelled it to be an attractive source of trendy clothing for young women. But its commitment to ethical sourcing still hasn’t resulted in eliminating harmful dyes or cutting down water usage during its supply chain; moreover, its products have sometimes been criticized due to inconsistent quality.

Gen Z and millennial shoppers looking to stay current with current fashion trends have taken notice, making this brand famous. Their products are reasonably priced, while its customer service reputation stands out. It offers free shipping, easy returns, and 10% student discounts through Student Beans verification.

Princess Polly has earned a broad fan base due to its focus on social media promotion. The company boasts over 150 active TikTok influencers who support their products and engage their target audience. Unlike Shein and Romwe, which offer products targeted towards young female shoppers, Princess Polly caters specifically to this demographic in its mission of capturing its essence through lifestyle capture.

Princess Polly offers not only trendy clothing but also accessories and shoes. Their website features a “STYLE GUIDE,” helping customers select outfits explicitly tailored to their personality and tastes. Customers can browse by fabric type, color, or occasion – an essential feature for those seeking multiple pieces for different events.

Princess Polly offers highly competitive pricing and regularly adds new styles to its website. Payment options such as credit cards and PayPal are offered, while students receive a 5% discount for orders of $30 or more.

Princess Polly stands apart from other fast fashion brands by not photoshopping its models and providing sizes and shapes to accommodate different body types. Princess Polly specializes in wrap dresses and high-waisted jeans; there is even an online size guide on its website!