What Kind of Company is Insider?

Business Insider was launched as an international financial and business news website in 2007, now featuring seven international editions. Their global network allows them to rapidly serve content quickly and reliably to all their readers across continents.

“Insider” refers to anyone accessing price-sensitive information about a publicly traded company. This could include officers, directors, 10% stockholders, and employees or service providers such as auditors or lawyers.

What is Insider Intelligence?

Insider Intelligence is a research firm offering analysis, market data, and statistics related to Internet use, e-commerce, online marketing, and social media. Additionally, Insider Intelligence provides email briefings, forecasts, and other products to assist business professionals in making informed decisions regarding digital transformation. Founded in 2020 and based out of New York City.

Insider takes great pride in supporting its community, offering flexible work arrangements. Their website hosts a dedicated career page that lists current openings for full-time positions and freelance and part-time opportunities.

As part of their merger in 2020, eMarketer and Business Insider Intelligence needed a cohesive identity that communicated the value of their union. This required keeping some elements from both legacy companies’ brands — bold colors and verbal editorial style, for example — while creating a clear brand framework with guidelines for implementing and scaling the new Insider Intelligence brand.

What is Insider Trading?

Insider trading refers to any attempt by individuals with non-public information about a publicly traded company to acquire or dispose of securities by either buying or selling. Such trading could have an unforeseen influence on stock price fluctuations and allow individuals with this knowledge to profit or avoid losses they would otherwise experience; it is illegal and could bring penalties from the SEC.

SEC Rule 10b-5 defines “insider” as any officer, director, or 10% stockholder of an entity; this definition also encompasses family and close friends of such individuals who trade using knowledge gained through insider trading practices. This provision enables the SEC to take action against those who take advantage of privileged information about public companies by trading on inside knowledge about trading on them.

The SEC provides Insider trading data through their Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) system in an XML format. Layline collects directly from EDGAR to create a relational database that can be used for research. Each filing includes the reporting owner’s CIK ID and information regarding their capacity as an officer or block holder.

What is Insider Reporting?

Insider reporting refers to the act of filing insider trading information with regulators. In the US, insiders are defined as company officers, directors, and shareholders owning more than 10% of a class of stock. When an insider with material non-public information trades on it against their fiduciary duty toward their company’s shareholders. The information must be reported within two days to prevent legal repercussions; the Refinitiv data set provides reporting entities for each filing which enables researchers to study the heterogeneity of insider trading behaviors and any opportunistic behaviors of insider trading behaviors among insiders.

What is Insider TV?

TV Insider helps consumers make sense of television. It directs them toward must-see programming while helping them discover shows they may have missed. As the only website of its kind, this site solves a modern version of an age-old problem: What should you watch next?

NTVB Media owns this site located in New York City.

CBS Television Distribution distributes Entertainment Tonight as first-run syndication in the US. In some markets, it is part of a two-hour entertainment news block with other programs, including Entertainment Tonight, from which it was spun off.

Three versions of The Insider were formerly made available to broadcasters; one without references to Entertainment Tonight; two others designed to precede or follow ET with promotions of stories to appear in that ET edition and those which would also appear on The Insider; as well as airing outside of America on Big CBS Love in India, ETC in the Philippines and MBC 4 Middle East North Africa after Entertainment Tonight had ended.