Unknown Bikes Are Committed to Fixie Bikes

Unknown is dedicated to fixie bikes due to their minimalist appeal, unique riding experience, and aesthetic flexibility. Their minimalist appeal can make your bike seem like an extension of yourself.

The SC-1 fixed-gear bicycle is an elegant and durable solution that will elevate your cycling experience to new levels. Boasting a modern green tone design with flip-flop hub technology, this fixed-gear bicycle makes an excellent addition for any cyclist.


Unknown Bikes is committed to designing and producing quality bicycles that provide a thrilling riding experience. Their lightweight frames and straightforward drivetrains maximize every pedal stroke for maximum enjoyment and maximum pedal efficiency. Furthermore, this company offers various frame sizes, so you can find one suited to your body type.

The Unknown SC-1 fixie bike is an elegant and functional piece designed to take your cycling to new levels. Boasting greenstone paintwork with alloy accents and double-walled double-walled alloy rims for maximum durability and smooth riding experience, its flip-flop hub gives riders flexibility of fixed or freewheel riding – providing ample riding opportunities on any terrain!

The Singularity is an extension of the popular fixed-gear LV2 frame. Featuring modern tube set technology and updated geometry, its sleek current aero seatpost and carbon/alloy fork make this bike the ultimate race machine. Additionally, 4130 chrome steel ensures durability for an enjoyable ride experience – its light design features adjustable handlebars to suit any rider comfortably, while its powerful brakes will stop quickly and safely.


This bike features an elegant and contemporary green design for maximum style. Constructed with durable 4130 cromo steel frames and forks for long-term riding comfort, its flip-flop hub gives riders more riding options with fixed or freewheel settings available to them.

Fork length is measured from the crown of the fork to its axle along the steering/head tube axis, typically used to specify fork geometry; some manufacturers also employ less commonly used “Length-on-Axis” measurements that take rider weight into account when selecting fork sizes.

The Unknown Bike Co JDX43 fork features oversized blades to cut through the wind like a katana, offering optimal performance and durability for riders of all skill levels. Available with both an integrated or external headset.


Unknown bikes appear fast, even just sitting there. Their design maximizes every pedal stroke and brings your riding to another level. It’s ideal for fixed gear crits or just everyday riding on the street.

Unknown’s SC-1 Fixie Bike – Green is a steel bike offering durability and stylish design at an economical price. Weighing 9.4kg without pedals, its flip-flop hub allows riders to switch between fixed or freewheel drivetrains for ease of use.

This bike features a lightweight KMC Z510 chain, which efficiently transfers power with each pedal stroke, as well as reliable brakes to give you peace of mind while riding around town. Furthermore, its alloy double-walled rims offer ample grip and traction for an enjoyable yet safe experience.

Size matters when selecting a new bike; our crankset and pedals are made from 4130 chrome steel for durability and stability, paired with Kenda tires to offer optimal traction and performance, and an easily maintained flip-flop hub provides versatility and maintenance-free use. In addition, these crank arms have a square taper of 68x103mm for compatibility with most bottom brackets, while their asymmetric pedal shaft threads alternate right-handedness on each side to prevent them from coming loose during use.


Properly setting up your brakes can mean the difference between riding fast and not being able to stop in time. The key to a successful brake setup is ensuring both pads touch the rim simultaneously – otherwise, uneven wear causes friction that slows you down! Fixing this is a straightforward process – follow these four steps!

First, loosen both barrel adjusters on both brake arms by turning it counterclockwise. This will allow more room for you to move the pad closer or farther from the rim as needed – just be wary not to tighten it too much, as that could make loosening it difficult later! Next, make sure the return springs are correctly set by adjusting their screws – make small changes until you find the optimal setting; any adjustments made on one side could have direct repercussions on another; always experiment until finding what works!

With its sleek greenstone design and excellent performance, this bike not only looks good but also performs very well. Constructed of 4130 chrome steel for durability and a smooth ride, it features a flip-flop hub to allow fixed or freewheel riding options. It features double-walled alloy rims with Kenda tires to offer increased traction for a safe cycling experience. A flip-flop hub is a great way to do either fixed or freewheel.


The chainstays of a bike run parallel to its chain and connect its bottom bracket with its rear dropout. Chain stays also help align the wheel properly within its frame for smoother riding and turning action, as well as stiffening of its structure.

The Unknown SC-1 Fixie Bike in Green is an excellent option for anyone seeking a high-quality fixie that looks as great as it rides. Featuring a durable Greentone finish with alloy accents and Kenda tires, its double-walled rims offer excellent durability and provide exceptional traction; plus, there is also an accessible flip-flop hub so that you can switch between fixed or freewheel mode!

The Unknown Combat is an aluminum fixed-gear bike designed for riders who prioritize performance and value. It features an extremely light yet stiff and strong aluminum frame with an aero seatpost and carbon/alloy fork, making this an excellent option for track racing or fast urban riding – its price point makes it very reasonable as well!