Turkish Airlines Business Class

Turkish Airlines’ business class provides world-class seating, food, and amenities – an excellent option when using miles or points for travel to Turkey and beyond.

Turkish business class flights typically use Boeing 777s and 787 Dreamliners with forward-facing Zodiac Aura 2015 lie-flat seats that lack privacy compared to reverse herringbone seats found elsewhere.

Inflight Entertainment

Turkish Airlines Business Class cabin features various entertainment options, such as movies, TV shows, music, and wifi service that allows passengers to stay in contact with family and friends during their flight. Furthermore, Turkish offers free wifi on some planes so passengers can connect from mobile devices directly.

Not only can the airline provide entertainment onboard, but they also offer a selection of snacks and drinks such as coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks as well as alcoholic beverages – as well as healthy options such as salads and sandwiches!

Turkish Airlines is known for providing excellent food and service during its flights. Due to the pandemic, however, some hallmarks were reduced during 2020-2021 (cold boxed meals in business class were even offered) until they have since resumed the lofty standards that existed before it.

Turkish Airlines flights provide their passengers with access to a selection of wines and alcoholic beverages, appetizers, and desserts in business class as well as regular updates of the menu, ensuring it provides passengers with an outstanding selection of food and drinks onboard their flights.

Business class seats offered by this airline are spacious and feature a lie-flat design for maximum comfort. Each power port and noise-cancelling headphones come standard. In addition, there is also access to movies, TV shows, games, and an extensive soundtrack library available on board.

The Miles&Smiles program of Air New Zealand is free to join, and members can earn miles for every flight they take with the airline. Members also gain access to various rewards – from business class upgrades to discounts at participating merchants – while using the Air New Zealand website isn’t always simple, making searching another Star Alliance carrier’s site for award space more efficient.


Turkish Airlines boasts one of the highest-rated in-flight dining experiences available today. Employing an elite team of “flying chefs,” Turkish offers delicious dishes on long-haul flights ranging from red and white meat dishes, fish options, and vegetarian fare to breakfast items and even recently added breakfast items!

Turkish Airlines allows passengers to select their meals up to 48 hours before departure online or through the Turkish app, with menus in English and Turkish. Turkish offers a comprehensive range of hot and cold dishes served on linen-topped porcelain tableware with excellent service from attentive flight attendants.

Turkish offers both alcohol- and non-alcoholic beverages to its passengers. Alongside wines and spirits, Turkish offers various coffee and tea varieties. Plus, fresh fruit juices as well as smoothies and acai bowls!

Turkish Airlines seats are known for being extremely comfortable and spacious premium seats on the market, boasting some of the highest privacy levels of any premium carrier. Recently upgraded business class seats now feature improved privacy partitions and higher definition screens; plus, there’s also an array of movies and television shows to keep passengers occupied throughout their flight journey.

Turkish Airlines’ hub lounge on the ground provides business class passengers with an ideal atmosphere in which to relax or work before taking off on their journey, with plenty of seating and an outstanding selection of food and drinks available for their enjoyment.

Turkish Airlines business class seats are spacious and comfortable. Reclining to a flat position and providing ample legroom, they feature massage functions, USB ports, and a touchscreen control panel to customize your flight experience. Plus, each seat has amenities like pillows and duvets to complete the experience!


Turkish Airlines business class passengers can access an impressive array of airport lounges. Istanbul Ataturk’s lounge stands out as being particularly impressive, featuring an intimate, quieter ambiance than that found at other terminals and offering up to 765 people seating options ranging from private suites to a wide variety of seating arrangements – not forgetting a fantastic food and drink selection.

Istanbul-Sabiha’s new lounge is impressive in itself. Though vast, offering more seating than the previous one without ever feeling overcrowded, even during busy periods. There are various seating types, including white sectional couches and Parisian cafe-style tables as well as library or tea room areas featuring backlit photographs of Turkey as well as several smaller nooks and chairs spread around its entirety.

Turkish Airlines business class passengers enjoy drinks ranging from basic wines to top-shelf spirits. At the same time, the food quality is excellent – from live cooking stations to a superb dessert buffet and complimentary glasses of champagne before their flight.

Turkish Airlines business class lounges feature another great benefit. When you are ready to board, you can do it directly from within the lounge, avoiding crowds and having to reclaim luggage once back at the main terminal.

Turkish Airlines provides two lounges at Ataturk for business class passengers: the Business Class Lounge and Miles & Smiles Lounge. The former can be found near E gates and serves domestic Turkish flights and business class passengers traveling on other Star Alliance carriers. At the same time, Miles & Smiles Elite Plus and Star Alliance Gold members may access this latter one near C gates.


Turkish Airlines is well-renowned for its delicious in-flight meals and comfortable seats, but their service goes the extra mile to make them one of the top business class options. Recognized by Skytrax World Airline Awards and being named Europe’s Leading Airline by several travel publications, their superior business class experience continues on every flight.

As soon as you board, a flight attendant will offer a welcome beverage; I chose raspberry lemonade which was both refreshing and tart to add an element of surprise. You may also order pre-departure drinks from their menu.

When we took off, the crew was friendly and attentive – always available when you needed something from them or were interested in checking out entertainment options. You can even press an on-seat button to request assistance or food or beverages!

If you prefer extra privacy during your flight, a crew member can set up your “bed” with a mattress pad, pillow, and duvet for sleep time. Our lie-flat beds are incredibly comfortable and spacious – the cabin features 28 seats in a 2-3-2 configuration, while 21 are at the back.

Each seat on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner offers a large personal touchscreen for accessing IFE system features and other amenities. Furthermore, each seat provides USB ports and power outlets so devices can remain charged during flight. Moreover, centers on this plane have an angle backward that makes long flights more comfortable – the only drawback being an unwieldy separation panel designed to block your view of fellow passengers.

Although Turkish Airlines has reduced some of its signature onboard dining during the pandemic, Turkish business class still provides meals that compare well with those found on other airlines’ top-tier offerings. Furthermore, the seats are more spacious, and entertainment is often more up-to-date than what’s seen with many different carriers. With free lounge access and enough first-class perks that you might feel like you were flying first class compared with many other pages, Turkish business class makes an excellent option for short or long-haul flights.