Superior Asphalt Paving Repairs for Commercial Parking Lots

Potholes, cracks, or heaves in commercial parking lots create trip hazards and inconvenience for customers, making the lot unsafe to use. Superior Asphalt offers various repair solutions to address this issue, from simple cold patching to hot mix asphalt (HMA) paving and milling services. Select the best Oakland Asphalt Paving.

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Infrared Heater

An innovative new technique has emerged for cost-effective and environmentally friendly repair of asphalt damage: infrared asphalt patching. It is the ideal way of restoring uneven driving surfaces, potholes, and fissures – often taking only 20 minutes or less, depending on its size and resulting in an ultra-smooth finish that blends in seamlessly with the existing pavement.

An infrared heater is used to heat damaged asphalt areas to 350 degrees for seven to 10 minutes before being removed, and softened Asphalt is raked to remove loose fragments before the rejuvenator is mixed in to replenish light oils that have oxidized away over time. Finally, new Asphalt is added and graded appropriately using a lute before being compacted and fused back in with surrounding pavement using a vibratory roller for final compacting and fusing.

Infrared technology uses a metal ribbon-type burner to heat in-place asphalt to a workable condition for repair, eliminating the need to haul away and replace old Asphalt, thereby saving equipment, material, and labor costs. Reusing asphalt material used by crews reduces material costs further, while uniform temperature distribution produced by this invention improves gradation refinement after milling while improving rejuvenator diffusion rates for enhanced workability and performance.

HMA Ultra-Thin

HMA Ultra-Thin is a pavement preservation treatment applied to structurally sound asphalt pavements exhibiting minor surface distress. It creates a durable surface with low severity cracking, traveling, and surface oxidation; reduces vehicle damage while improving ride quality; enhances friction increaser; provides lower costs alternative than a mill and fill; helps extend limited budgets of agencies;

Thin HMA white topping (UTW) provides the ultimate preventive maintenance treatment, conserving existing pavement structures while providing superior bonding that resists raveling and delamination, seals out water, helps preserve both Asphalt and concrete pavements, creates long-lasting macrotexture surfaces using premium aggregates while polymer modified asphalt binder provides long, endless wear layers – all within one pass construction process for rapid traffic return with minimal user delays.

Departments of transportation throughout North America have long used spray paver technology to place ultrathin bonded wearing courses (UTBOs) quickly. Pace recently utilized its spray paver to put one on a dual-lane highway in Missouri, saving time, money, and the environment by eliminating the need for a tack coat distributor truck and decreasing oil usage on this project.

HCUP-8 and GT-8 asphalt mixtures used to make wear layers are designed specifically for thin lift (3/4 inch) placement, meaning that an entire road can be constructed in one operation. They feature superior load-displacement characteristics when compared with AC-10 and Novachip mixtures, giving more durability with lower life cycle costs.


Asphalt seal coating is an economical solution to protecting the pavement of your parking lot or driveway from water, sun, and oil damage. By applying a liquid layer of protection material directly over the pavement, seal coating prevents oxidation while prolonging its lifecycle and increasing the lifespan of asphalt surfaces.

An asphalt seal coating program should be utilized regularly in order to extend the lifespan of pavement and reduce maintenance costs. Sealcoating helps with crack repair and provides slip-resistance properties. Being proactive about protecting your investment by scheduling regular asphalt seal coating is one of the best ways to secure its preservation while cutting the costs of maintaining it over time.

Before seal coating, the pavement surface should be free of dirt and debris; using a water hose is ideal. Potholes should be repaired, and vehicle fluids should be wiped clean from any vehicle tires. Optimally, air and pavement temperature should remain above 55 degrees Fahrenheit during sealer application and for eight hours post-application.

Asphalt seal coating materials typically consist of bitumen-based products or acrylics combined with water, silica sand, polymer additives, and proprietary fillers and solids to produce an emulsion that can then be mixed with silica sand and proprietary fillers and solids to form a liquid formulation suitable for application by brush, spray or squeegee. Manufacturer specifications ensure proper mix and consistency with regard to your asphalt surface needs while giving off an elegant deep black finish and offering long-term protection from weathering elements.


Asphalt parking lots can take a beating from heavy vehicles and traffic, leading to cracks and potholes that will prevent customers from visiting your business until these problems have been addressed. Unfortunately, repairing broken pavement is not a simple process and will depend on its severity for repairs to be performed successfully.

Cold patching is one of the more cost-effective paving repair techniques, consisting of using cold Asphalt to fill existing potholes or low areas in your driveway or parking lot. While this won’t provide long-term security, it will get you by until more permanent solutions can be afforded.

Hot mix asphalt (HMA), also known as hot asphalt resurfacing (HAT), is an economical and long-term repair option that’s suitable for damaged parking lots and roads. HMA can fill in single potholes or build up low areas; more considerable damages, such as alligator cracking (interlaced cracks that look like snake skin), can be removed with saws before being saw-cut out and replaced by HMA as though installing an entirely new lot.

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