Steve’s Real Food Review

Steve’s Real Food offers cost-effective raw pet food using locally sourced, grass-fed meat and poultry without antibiotics or hormones added.

Hiperbaric uses a non-thermal HPP process called Hiperbaric to ensure their food remains safe. They use no GMO ingredients and only 5% carbohydrates in each food item to reduce high-carb diet inflammation.


Steve’s Real Food has pioneered raw pet food since 2004. They aim to make feeding plain an affordable option, using local farmers with sustainable and ethical farming practices, while their freeze-dried pet food recipes include superfoods like kelp, New Zealand green mussels, and raw goat milk to provide additional vitamins.

This company utilizes natural fruits and vegetables to provide essential vitamins and antioxidants to your dog or cat, with naturally low carbohydrate content while being packed full of protein and healthy fats – perfect for transitioning your pet from grain-based diets.

Their original five diets offer complete and balanced meals for dogs and cats and feature frozen raw foods specially tailored for felines. Their Quest line of freeze-dried products provides higher levels of meat protein for more significant specialized needs.

Steve’s Real Food diets are made in the U.S.A. with assistance from veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure optimum pet safety. Their quality control procedures guarantee food is produced according to standards for human consumption.

This company boasts low overhead expenses, so most of your spending is allocated towards quality products. Many are available in stores and online from independent pet specialty retailers, and packages can be tailored specifically to meet individual requirements.

Made in the U.S.A.

Steve’s Real Food utilizes only humanely sourced, quality raw ingredients from within the United States, in a ratio that provides balanced nutrition to pets without adding chemicals or fillers – their food is produced at their facility in Aumsville, Oregon, under stringent quality control standards.

Steve’s Real Food products have been designed to meet or surpass AAFCO cat food nutrient profiles for all life stages, with carbohydrates typically falling under 2% as calculated dryly, helping reduce insulin levels, prevent weight gain, and support gut microbiome health. While not claiming non-GMO status, there are no GMO ingredients present either; also, their fish ingredients come from wild-caught sources rather than farmed, as farmed ones can often contain less healthy omega-3 fats and higher levels of pro-inflammatory omega-6 fats than wild-caught ones;

Steve’s Real Food’s freeze-dried meals provide a convenient option for pet owners who can’t offer their pets an all-raw diet, providing your pet with access to high-quality proteins and essential nutrients in an easily accessible form. They are great for travel as well as aiding conversion to raw feeding.

Human-Grade Meats

Steve’s Real Food is an all-natural pet food company offering high-quality raw pet foods for cats and dogs, using locally sourced ingredients while excluding fillers, preservatives, and synthetic vitamins. Their food adheres to a biologically appropriate raw diet model with 80:20 meat ratios in production ratios.

The company uses human-grade meats, meaning the ingredients come from animals inspected and passed by USDA’s FSIS for consumption in humans; however, this doesn’t constitute the term being legally misleading as this definition doesn’t encompass food that stays within human food chains and meets FDA guidelines regarding manufacturing, packaging, and holding practices.

Steve’s Real Food products source their meats from local US farms that use only grass-fed, antibiotic, and hormone-free beef, certified organic when possible. Once ground up and mixed with fruits, vegetables, and additives for flavor enhancement, they’re flash frozen into nuggets before being shipped back out frozen to their co-packer and warehouse for storage until ready for shipping; HPP technology kills bacteria without depriving its ingredients of nutrients or damaging the integrity of its composition.

This company does not specify whether its fish ingredients are farmed or wild caught; however, they abide by Marine Stewardship Council sustainability practices and do not reveal their omega-6:omega-3 ratio; an imbalance could lead to chronic inflammation and cause harm.

Quality Control

Steve’s Real Food is a small to medium-sized dog and cat raw pet food manufacturer specializing in USDA-inspected human-grade ingredients processed under rigorous quality control. Their foods utilize low fat-to-protein ratios without preservatives, synthetic vitamins, or fillers added during processing to maximize sustainability practices while emphasizing responsible sourcing, with most products being purchased locally and only from companies with similar ethical standards as themselves.

Hiperbaric’s high-pressure processing (HPP) process helps the company eliminate pathogens in its products. They began investigating HPP two years ago as complying with the FDA’s zero-tolerance policy for bacteria in raw pet food became necessary. They conducted extensive research and compared nutritional profiles before and after HPP food to find no noticeable degradation.

They work closely with their co-packer, who was raised working in his family’s raw pet food plant before founding his own business. Equipment is sterilized between batches, and finished goods are stored in a frozen warehouse.

Raw diets provide your pet with essential nutrition and can aid digestion, strengthen their immune system against allergies, reduce arthritis pain and obesity levels, and fight parasites in their approach. When combined with premium kibble for additional nutritional support.