Rilakkuma USA Tour

Rilakkuma and his friends Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori, and Chairoikoguma are embarking on their 20th Anniversary USA tour! These adorable bears will visit select locations to sell exclusive merchandise and host meet-and-greets – it promises to be fun!

While stop-motion series might appear to be just another enjoyable distraction, they’re actually very thoughtful and relaxing to watch.


Rilakkuma will celebrate his 20th-anniversary USA tour from Los Angeles to Chicago this summer, stopping in six locations for exclusive merchandise, meet-and-greets, photo ops, and photo opportunities at San-X’s Japanese company that produces plush, stationary clothing, and other products that include Rilakkuma like Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori; plus Chairoikoguma! Creating these adorable characters are San-X, who make plush toys and stationary clothing accessories, as well as plush products for Rilakkuma, stationary clothing accessories from Japan, and apparel from other manufacturers for fans to enjoy!

“Rilakkuma and Kaoru” is an endearing stop-motion animated series on Netflix that follows office worker Kaoru and her adorable toy roommates through delightful adventures and precious moments. It is a relaxing meditation on daily life’s delights, reminding viewers to see fancy in all things. Though its cutesy atmosphere may give an illusion of lack of substance, “Rilakkuma and Kaoru” proves otherwise; instead, it shines for its honesty; its whimsical world is juxtaposed against Kaoru’s real-world struggles: she must balance work, romance, and independence when trying to maintain her finances and independence in real-world financial struggles while trying to keep her autonomy financially and freedom while trying to maintain her finances and independence economically and independently.


Rilakkuma’s Zen is spreading coast to coast this summer as he and his buddies Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori, and Chairoikoguma visit cities on their USA Tour. These adorable bears will host events for fans while also selling exclusive merchandise explicitly designed for this tour.

These limited-edition plush toys feature USA-themed designs and come complete with their serial number; only one per customer may be purchased.

This collection also features USA Tour mugs and tumblers, apparel, caps, bags, keychains, stickers, and pins; guests who attend the meet-and-greet will receive one regular button pin free!

Merch will also be made available online after the tour has concluded for those unable to travel – check back on our website for updates! This unique opportunity provides souvenirs from your favorite city while supporting independent artists! T-shirts, stickers, wall art, and more will be printed individually using sustainable methods, with all proceeds going directly back into supporting independent artists in their communities and helping their careers! For more details, please refer to this financial page.


Rilakkuma will be making stops across the US on their 20th Anniversary USA Tour, featuring limited-edition merchandise sold in pop-up stores and hosting meet-and-greets with fans!

The tour will visit Los Angeles until June 25, San Francisco from June 30-July 2, Seattle from July 7-9, and Chicago from July 15-17, and feature exclusive tour merchandise, including Rilakkuma USA Tour Plush with star-spangled ears! Each Plush comes equipped with its serial number to ensure its exclusivity for visitors.

Fans can purchase USA Tour merchandise such as mugs, tumblers, caps, bags, stickers, pins, and pinback buttons at select stops along their tour route. Fans may even select limited-edition Rilakkuma pins! Each of the adorable characters will also give away free button pins to all guests at each location!

Fans can join fun activities like photo booths and scavenger hunts at these events, agreeing to allow SAN-X to take photographs and videos of them for promotional use. So come out and unleash your inner Rilakkuma! The cute bear and his friends are ready to spread the joy of stress-free living!

Photo Ops

Rilakkuma’s 20th Anniversary USA Tour has brought his carefree character, Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori, and Chairoikoguma, from Newark all the way across to Chicago for fans this summer with exclusive merchandise, meet and greets, photo ops, and meet and greets! Since starting its roadshow last month in Newark, it has also stopped in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle; Chicago will host Rilakkuma this coming weekend from July 15-17 when his friends Korilakkuma Korilakkuma Korilakkuma Kiiroitori and Chairoikoguma will visit Parking lot L at Woodfield Mall for photos!

Shop limited edition tour merchandise or relax with Rilakkuma at his cafe! Enjoy themed dishes like Rilakkuma Honey Mustard Burger Steak Plate, Korilakkuma Cream Pasta, and Kiiroitori Egg Burger, as well as beverages like cakes, parfaits, and sodas from their menu – the cafe is open for lunch and dinner service, with breakfast available mornings!

Once you’ve had enough to eat, take a picture with one of the stuffed bears and pose against a themed backdrop at each location. While on tour, you can also pick up a free USA Tour plush featuring star-spangled ears along with other merchandise, including mugs, tumblers, apparel bags, stickers, and pins!

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