Oh My Olive Active Phone Belt Carrier

Festivals require quick access to your phone for taking all those memorable shots and videos, which makes this Oh My Olive Active Phone Belt carrier a must.

This bright beaded strap hooks to any case and keeps your phone within easy reach while making setup effortless and fully Instagram-worthy.


A phone necklace is an indispensable piece of equipment for those who need their smartphone close at hand and readily accessible. Depending on personal preferences and activity levels, phone necklaces can be worn as both neck- or crossbody straps; some models even feature pockets to store critical cards, cash, or other essentials; sweat- or waterproof materials provide additional benefits when outdoor activities such as hiking and biking take place.

Wrist lanyards offer another convenient solution. These shorter versions of neck or crossbody lanyards loop around your wrist for quick access to your phone – perfect for festivals where space may be at a premium, or your outfit doesn’t include pockets!

To determine the ideal length of a phone necklace, use string or flexible tape to take measurements of your desired neckline length. You can also consult online necklace length charts that display total circumference measurements in centimeters or inches for your convenience. Ultimately, finding a size suitable to you and keeping it secure when worn will ensure the most enjoyable wear experience. When considering length options, it’s also essential to think about whether your strap can feel uncomfortably tight around your neck – the length can have an enormous impact.


A phone necklace can help keep your smartphone at arm’s length when on the move. These convenient accessories come in different styles and designs to meet every taste, and some even feature built-in pockets for keys or cards. Best of all, these suitable devices require no tools or installation – perfect for outdoor activities, shopping trips, or dog walks, where the adjustable strap enables you to choose just how close to or far from your body your smartphone should sit!

Designer Eliou has created an elegant alternative to regular neck chains with this pearl phone necklace from designer Eliou. Featuring delicate pearl strands strung together and an innovative hook clip designed to clip behind your phone case for quick set-up, its hook also comes with a detachable swivel clasp for convenient detachment when not in use. Available in six vibrant colors, allowing users to mix and match beads for a look tailored to them!

Wrist lanyards offer another style of phone necklace – ideal for people who need their hands free while out and about. Available in multiple colors, with some even featuring popular characters, you can select one to fit your personality or style and even wear it alongside accessories like wallets or whistles for maximum wearability.

An advantage of wearing a phone necklace is making your phone more accessible – mainly if you live an active lifestyle and require photos and videos on the fly. A phone necklace also saves space in purses or bags when carrying multiple devices at once and can serve as a handy way to have your device while hiking or biking.

If you want a necklace with more functionality, consider investing in a medical alert necklace. These necklaces connect directly to your mobile phone and feature a large “help button,” so if there’s ever an emergency, they’re ready to respond. Some models also provide apps so family and caregivers can track your location. Plus, some water-resistant models make perfect additions for outdoor enthusiasts and shower users.


A phone necklace is an accessory designed to allow you to keep your mobile phone with you at all times, with materials that are both skin-friendly and long-term durable. Specifically designed to make outdoor activities such as hiking or working out more comfortable and safe. They feature an adjustable strap that securely holds onto your device – look for one certified by the TUV test institute, as these come with lifetime warranties that offer peace of mind.

Customize your phone necklace holder to suit your style and personal taste by adding beads that complement your dress or accessories or even incorporating a small bell that rings when someone calls! Craft your beaded phone charm in just minutes using just three basic supplies – bead needle, beads and polyester thread (thin enough for through holes but thick enough to resist breakage).

If you love bohemian styles, this phone holder will add the desired look. Plus, it makes an excellent accessory for beach days where exposure to direct sunlight may be high – wear it even with your swimsuit!

Add some sparkle and sophistication to your phone with a pearl chain from Bonbonwhims – it has a vast celebrity following and comes in multiple colors! Perfect for any girl who wants to look feminine yet sophisticated!

Medical alert necklaces are an ideal solution for anyone who requires being easily reached in an emergency. Equipped with an extensive help button in the middle, medical alert necklaces allow users to summon assistance quickly in case of an incident. Medical alert necklaces can significantly benefit people with hearing loss as they will enable them to hold the phone up against their ear while speaking directly with customer service reps.

No matter your budget and style preferences, there’s sure to be something that satisfies you. Choose from an extensive range of colors and sizes to find something suitable.


Keeping your smartphone close by you at all times can be challenging; using a necklace as an accessory to protect against accidental drops and losses is one way it can help. In addition, this accessory can carry other essentials, like keys and ID cards. There are various styles available, such as neck lanyards or wrist lanyards – making them versatile accessories!

The XOUXOU phone necklace comes in signature colors and features an adjustable and detachable lanyard strap with carabiner rope, making it compatible with both Apple iPhone and Samsung models featuring MagSafe editions. Perfect for photography or videography enthusiasts and outdoor activities or trips alike – its hands-free capability provides excellent safety.

Another popular style of phone necklace is a lanyard, designed to clip onto the back of a phone. This style makes a great alternative to the more difficult-to-detach neck lanyard; additionally, it can be worn as a bracelet, ankle thong, or shoulder strap as needed; keys or cards may even be held securely and even used when combined with a backpack!

Though phone necklaces offer many advantages, it is crucial that customers carefully consider their price before making a decision. Reading user reviews and comparing prices are both great ways to find the best value; some devices feature additional features such as water resistance or GPS trackers that may drive up their prices further.

LifeFone medical alert necklaces provide extra features like GPS tracking and mobile app connectivity that can make life easier for caregivers, as well as individuals wanting to stay in contact with family and friends. While these devices may seem cost-effective at first, the costs associated with monitoring fees could add up quickly over time.