OC Great Park Field Map

Irvine city staff report that 88 acres of the Great Park have already been developed, including its festival site and areas that contain balloons, visitor centers, and other facilities.

Geological and soil maps illustrate how this breathtaking mountain range teems with life. Use these maps to plan your visit.


OC Great Park Field Map features 24 soccer fields, two sandy volleyball courts, 25 tennis courts, and four basketball courts – as well as a 5,000-seat stadium and walkable history timeline – in its facility. Furthermore, this park hosts numerous other sporting and cultural attractions.

There are 24 full-sized soccer fields, some subdivided into A and B for smaller-sided games. Blocks marked REFEREES serve as the central referee station; other blocks will feature satellite field marshal/EMT tables within smaller clusters of fields.

Parking will be at a premium on Friday night for teams playing on Fields 5-6 and 8-9 and is best in Lot 1 off Phantom Drive. Guests should pay the parking machine with a cash payment of $2.00 per day; an automatic payment machine is available onsite to pay this parking bill.


Parking at OC Great Park can become overwhelming on Friday evenings, making it challenging to locate an available field. To ease this frustration, we provide an information tent between fields 9 and 12 (pink star on the map below) where any questions about location or assistance in finding their area can be directed; feel free to drop by this tent near the center of Great Park Boulevard in Irvine for help!

Teams playing on the northern half of the field map (fields 8-13) should park in Lot 6 whenever possible – this large lot can be reached from both Marine Way and Skyhawk by making a U-turn at Ridge Valley. If it becomes full, we suggest trying one of Great Park’s other two lots, Lot 1 from Phantom Avenue or Lot 2 off Marine Way, as alternatives.