Nicco Park Ticket Price 2023

Nicco Park offers an ideal setting to spend winter and summer holidays with family. It features a vast food court filled with North Indian, Chinese, and South Indian fare and four bowling lanes called Nicco Super Bowl bowling alley.

Visitors can purchase tickets online or at the counter, choosing various packages according to which rides and attractions they wish to see.

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Nicco Park in Kolkata is an amusement park that attracts many tourists both within West Bengal and from out-of-state, offering many rides and attractions at reasonable prices, such as a MIG-21 fighter aircraft from Eastern Command, Eiffel Tower rides, and food courts as well as bowling alleys, 4-D movie theatres and rain dance performances. This destination draws millions of visitors every year! Nicco Park provides visitors with fun-filled entertainment services at reasonable rates – drawing guests both within the state and outside for affordable fun! This place draws crowds both within West Bengal and outside state borders, providing enjoyment services at reasonable prices – offering rides including MIG-21 fighter aircraft from Eastern Command and rides like Eiffel Tower rides and Eiffel Tower rides and attractions for affordable prices! Interests include food courts, bowling alleys, 4-D movie theatres, and rain dance performances!

The park also makes for a fantastic trip with family and friends. Open year-round, visitors can participate in various activities – Toy Train rides, Family Carousals, Cable Car rides with breathtaking views, and special events like festivals or celebrations hosted throughout the year – while visiting this stunning space is fun no matter your age!

Sky Diver, India’s highest roller coaster at 80 feet tall, stands as the park’s main draw, drawing thrill-seekers of all types to ride it in its North section. Also located here is MIG-21, an ex-military aircraft from Eastern Command that was donated as part of an exchange deal and given as a gift in 2008. For visitors seeking respite from the sun’s heat, there’s also Wet-o-Wild Waterpark within its borders, where visitors can relax under its shade.

There are also other rides at the park, including a giant Twister and twisting pirate ship rides, water shooting games, bungee jumping activities – as well as natural attractions such as rose gardens and forty-foot waterfalls – offering plenty of thrills.

This park is well known for its educational and recreational initiative, which aims to educate families through time spent together. Rides and attractions at the park come complete with explanations of the scientific principles behind them. Furthermore, visitors can visit a solar energy village to learn how to incorporate non-conventional forms of energy into everyday life. Tickets can be booked either online through its official website or at its ticket counter – please bring your receipt, as it will be checked before being allowed entry to the premises!


Nicco Park in Kolkata is an amusement park with thrilling rides, attractions, and dining options suitable for families. Bowling enthusiasts will particularly love the Nicco Super Bowl with four lanes of bowling action. One of its most beloved activities, it draws people from surrounding cities and towns alike to this delightful amusement park.

The park offers numerous exciting rides for all ages – young children and adults. The cable car provides an enjoyable aerial tour, offering safe and picturesque rides and making your time at the park unforgettable.

Nicco Park offers many fascinating attractions for both adults and their families. One such highlight is The River Cave. Travel by paddle boat down an idyllic canal into this cave filled with dark sections depicting various historical events, like dinosaurs or volcanic eruptions.

The Pirate Ship is another must-do ride at Oceania Park, sure to provide a thrilling experience. Additionally, take a spin on India’s first functioning and safe wooden roller coaster, Cyclone, or enjoy other attractions such as Haunted Houses or Oceania for some entertainment and adventure!

Nicco Park offers plenty, but what makes it truly special is its idyllic setting near a lake and lush foliage. Perfect for family outings and an easy way to escape city life’s hectic pace, Nicco Park makes the ideal retreat from daily stressors.

Nicco Park tickets can be purchased both online and in person, the latter option providing you with an email with your transaction ID that must be presented at the online redemption desk to gain entry to the park.

Are you hoping to save money when traveling? One strategy is purchasing tickets ahead of time with coupon codes providing extra discounts. Countless websites offer such incentives, so explore all possible deals before visiting.


Nicco Park is an exceptional entertainment destination that caters to everyone, offering something special for concerts, theater performances, sporting events, and much more. Visitors can also take advantage of a large water park featuring multiple rides and many attractions and dining options available here. Nicco Park was recognized by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Industries as being among the country’s premier amusement parks, boasting attractions like roller coasters, river views, and other exciting activities that visitors will remember fondly!

The park is open 365 days per year, with different rides having different hours of operation. To learn the exact timings of events at the park, visit its official website; here, you will be provided with ticket prices and details for every event offered there – be sure to read these carefully before making a reservation and keep an eye out for any restrictions or essential information that may impact your experience!

Tickets to the park can be purchased online and at its entrance, where you must provide your name, date of birth, and selected time slot for the visit. Once booked, a receipt or SMS confirmation from the park will be sent directly to your mobile phone, confirming your reservation. In addition, packages that combine the cost of admission plus additional activities may also be reserved in advance.

Are you seeking an exhilarating thrill ride this winter? Amusement parks provide just that experience in cool temperatures, making for the ideal setting to spend your day with friends and family. They’re also famous for school groups and educational institutions – this park features a solar town, a snow globe, and cyclone attractions!

Car is the preferred means of reaching Kolkata Amusement Park, although public buses and auto-rickshaws also operate regularly. Its central location is 8 kilometers away from this amusement park, so it is accessible from any corner of Kolkata. Furthermore, its large and well-lit parking lot makes the journey even simpler.


Nicco Park in West Bengal is one of the top tourist spots, boasting world-class amusement park rides and attractions for people to enjoy fun, entertainment, and fun times. Situated in Bidhannagar in Kolkata, West Bengal, with beautiful surroundings that captivate visitors from across India, visitors flock to this park every year.

Attractions at Fun Island make for a beautiful weekend or holiday activity. Family Rides, Kid’s Rides, Thrill Rides, and Shows and Attractions all await visitors of all ages and can be booked either online or at the ticket counter; entry tickets cost Rs 300 per person with packages available based on which rides or attractions visitors wish to experience. The park operates 365 days a year! Tickets may be purchased either directly online or at their ticket desk, which is open every day of the year – book online tickets or at their ticket counter based on which rides and attractions they wish to do.

Attractions at this park include Asia’s largest Styclone; also available is a cable car, the Eiffel Tower, children’s corner, and Wet-o-Wild water park, which opens each summer and features several attractions.

When planning to visit a park, it is wise to reserve tickets online in advance. You can do this on the official park website by selecting your visit date and number of tickets before paying using a debit or credit card. Once the price is complete, the website will send a confirmation code via SMS or email that can be used upon entering the park on its respective visit day.

Kolkata Park is conveniently situated close to its city center, making it easily accessible via bus or taxi. A variety of local buses ply their trade to this park from various parts of Kolkata, while you can also take an airport or train station taxi directly there; additionally, private car rental companies provide services at this park.