Myfxbook Review

Myfxbook is a tool designed to assist traders in evaluating and analyzing their trading strategies, sharing trading performance with others, comparing accounts among different brokers, and more.

But the service does come with some drawbacks. First, it does not provide complete statistics; data gaps and discrepancies between tabular and text information may exist.

Track record verified

Myfxbook’s track record verified service allows traders to assess and analyze their trading performance. This service connects directly to trading accounts, automatically importing trading history data. Users can then use myfxbook’s site to visually examine various aspects of their performance while using myfxbook’s handy calculators.

Traders can access results in real-time or over different time frames, such as one day, week, month, six months, or an entire year. Furthermore, this site includes a customized analysis tool that allows traders to tailor the data they see.

The website claims that its system has generated profits of more than 2000 pips monthly; however, there is no evidence to back this claim up. Therefore, investors would do well to invest in a verified system that can prove their claim to them, and its website has numerous warning signs that should alert them that something may be amiss.


Autotrading is a form of trading that uses software programs to execute trades on financial markets automatically. Autotrading offers many advantages over manual trading such as speed and efficiency while eliminating emotional bias; however, it must be monitored continuously to ensure consistent results.

Myfxbook is an account monitoring service that enables traders to observe, analyze and share their trading history and copy other traders’ strategies and expert advisors. While its capabilities and functions are extensive, its user interface may be less friendly.

Myfxbook Balance displays your account’s current balance and equity, an essential feature for PAMM accounts, as it gives investors insight into the status of their investment. Myfxbook Profit shows your trading profit for comparison purposes – perfect if you want to explore various trading strategies! Myfxbook also allows users to view a list of spreads offered by multiple forex brokers on Myfxbook.

Trading platform

Myfxbook provides traders with a tool for monitoring, analyzing, and copying trading histories. It gives vital figures which can easily be read from its diagrams. Furthermore, it provides an auto trading system where traders can follow trades of any procedures which have connected their accounts to Myfxbook.

Myfxbook is a free service that enables traders to share, assess and compare their trading strategies and account performance. Myfxbook connects directly with your brokerage account and automatically imports all data; then, graphically displays your trading account statistics such as profit/loss ratio, pip count, and drawdown.

However, Myfxbook has several issues that make it less than ideal. Synchronization may take up to an hour, and data display issues have arisen as traders’ maximum drawdown figures only appear since account synchronization – one major drawback of Myfxbook.

Customer support

Myfxbook provides traders with various tools and calculators, including Fibonacci, Margin, Pivot Point, and Pip Calculators. In addition to these calculators, a selection of charts and indicators is provided on its platform; unfortunately, my book doesn’t fulfill one task: protecting its users against fraudulent brokers.

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