My School Life Pretending to Be Worthless Chapter 24

3. I am a thief

In this world, souls are graded based on Eedya virtue. Park Jinsong holds an F-ranked soul with F-rank combat power – something his peers use against him by physically bullying him and criticizing his abilities; Park has no choice but to endure their contemptuous remarks about him.

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7. I am a thief

Humanity first discovered the value of Edeya as humanity began basing society around it and ranking its users according to combat power. Park Jinsong held an F-rated Edeya but was mocked by his peers due to its limited abilities – can he finally get redemption?

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8. I am a coward

Cowards are individuals who take risks to protect themselves. Instead of facing their emotions, such as sadness or affection, head-on, they run away from these emotions. This could be caused by childhood trauma preventing them from showing empathy or from years filled with bad relationships that taught them to avoid pain.

When confronted about their behavior, cowards often use drama to divert your attention away from their bad habits. When challenged about it, they may recount stories about their abusive childhood or exploitative sex in order to gain sympathy from you and convince you they don’t bear responsibility for their misdeeds.

Cowards can be defined as people who flee from strong, honest people as they know these types will call out any dishonesty they engage in. Cowards lack courage and are unwilling to face their fears head-on in order to take necessary actions that lead them closer to reaching their desired goals in life.