John Hancock Travel Insurance Reviews

Understanding the importance of travel insurance before traveling and the types of plans available to help you make the best choice for your needs is essential. A good strategy is designed to protect you in an accident, medical emergency, or other emergencies. Choosing the right one can be confusing with many programs, but the following guide will help you get started.

Exclusions from coverage

There are several types of John Hancock travel insurance plans. They offer coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, and medical insurance. Depending on the type of policy you choose, you may also be able to purchase additional riders. These can help protect you from significant financial risks. The cost of a policy will vary depending on your destination and state of residence.

One of the best features of a travel insurance plan from John Hancock is its Vitality program. This program rewards healthy living, such as exercising and eating right. If you participate in the program, you can receive discounts on services and products from companies that support your health.


John Hancock is one of the world’s most popular travel insurance companies. The company offers travelers peace of mind and comprehensive coverage. In addition, it is reliable and affordable for those looking for good value.

With several plans to choose from, the company provides comprehensive coverage for families, students, and business travelers. Their user-friendly website allows visitors to compare the various plans and purchase coverage quickly.

One of the most popular features of their website is the ability to request a custom quote based on your personal and travel needs. You can also find helpful information and contact details for regional embassies and an interpreter, should you need one.


The John Hancock Travel Insurance company offers comprehensive coverage and has various plans. These plans provide protection against unforeseen medical emergencies, trip interruption, and baggage loss. They also offer a range for travel delays and cancellations.

Depending on your travel needs, you can choose from three different plans. Plans come in Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. Each has its benefits and limitations.

Bronze plans are the most affordable. They cover a wide range of expenses and meet most visa requirements. You can add on additional benefits for an additional fee.

If you’re traveling to a high-risk country, consider purchasing the Gold plan. It includes coverage for a higher maximum limit for emergency medical evacuation. Plus, you can purchase an optional rider for rental car collisions. This provides up to $50,000 in coverage for a rental car that a crash has damaged.

Plans available

John Hancock travel insurance plans offer a comprehensive set of benefits and protections. They include medical expense coverage, lost baggage insurance, and trip cancellation. A wide range of optional add-ons is also available.

In addition to its three-tiered suite of products, John Hancock also offers a CFAR (Cancel for Any Reason) rider, which allows you to get 75 percent of your policy’s premium back for canceling your trip for any reason. Adding this type of coverage to your policy can allow you to customize your plan to your individual needs.

Another feature of the John Hancock website is an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly design. In addition, it features a variety of colors and fonts, making it easy to compare different plans.

Rental-car collision coverage

There are a few options for travelers seeking a cheap travel insurance plan. John Hancock, whose mascot is the Founding above Father, is one of them. The company is a subsidiary of Manulife Financial Corporation, a leading North American financial services provider. Its offerings include travel, health, life, and car insurance. Among its high-end offerings is the Gold Plan, an umbrella-spanning policy with a few extras.

In terms of coverage, you can expect a premium of around half a grand. In addition, John Hancock’s rental-car collision coverage pays for damage caused by accidents or vandalism. As a bonus, the company provides an optional rider for supplemental coverage. This option includes a $0 deductible and is available at a mere $9 daily.

Pre-existing conditions

Depending on your travel needs, there are many different John Hancock travel insurance plans. Each plan comes with additional features, limitations, and optional add-ons. These add-ons may help you enhance your coverage and protect you from various situations.

One of the best features of a John Hancock travel insurance policy is its ability to cover medical emergencies. This includes emergency evacuation and medical treatment. There is also coverage for lost luggage and trip interruption. It even offers trip cancellation insurance if you need to cancel your trip due to illness.

Aside from the standard medical benefits, you can also purchase additional flat-rate riders. For example, air-only AD&D coverage is available for a flat rate of $19 or $27, whichever is less, no matter where you’re going.